WYLD CBD dedication to quality and transparent lab reporting is refreshing. In addition, refreshing are their carbonated water and real-fruits infused gummies. Which contain only all-natural, real-fruits infused, vegan ingredients and broad array CBD without THC.

Introduction to WYLD CBD

WYLD CBD was set in 2016, and is the 3rd company from Aaron Morris and Chris Joseph. The duo also founded Wild Roots Spirits to generate vodka in 2012, also WYLD CBD for cannabis products in 2013. WYLD CBD has been leading the Oregon edible market as it was legalized. They aim to create experiences that specifically complement the life-style you’d see in the Pacific Northwest. Therefore their highs are meant to pair with coast adventure. Cave exploration, and weekends lifts.

The brand uses real fruits and flavors that represent their home in Portland, plus they work to preserve this land they live on. Rest assured risk takers, movers, and shakers will find their perfect high in a minimum of one of WYLD CBD’s products along with a distinctive taste to boot. Both founders come from the Pacific Northwest.

Lab Results

WYLD CBD posts a Certificate of Analysis (COA) directly to their web site. Every item is tested for CBD and THC content per serving. Residual solvents, pesticides, metals, and microbiology. All WYLD CBD merchandise show “As of March 2020, WYLD CBD carries two product lines — gummies and carbonated water.

WYLD CBD gummy line comes in both 250 mg and 500 mg bottles (each with 25 milligrams per piece). All gummies are vegetarian and vegetarian gluten-free diet, and come in a wide assortment of flavors (blackberry, raspberry, huckleberry, and lemon). There are packs which come with one of every flavor, in both the 250 mg and 500 mg jar sizes. Each of CBD oil present is United States Sourced Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Their WYLD CBD carbonated water comes in four different flavors — blackberry, blood orange, lemon, and raspberry. They also offer assorted packs of 4, 12, and 24 cans. Each carbonated water has 25 milligrams of United States Sourced Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD. They’re 10 calories and 2 grams of sugar every day. WYLD CBD carbonated water is best chilled.


Where are they found?

WYLD CBD is situated just outside of Portland. In Clackamas, Oregon.

Why are WYLD CBD goods THC-free?

Yes, all WYLD CBD goods have been certified THC-free and non-psychoactive. The laboratory results are available on their site.

Does WYLD CBD procedure their own CBD?

No. Their CBD is processed and expressed by a team of food scientists. Who rigorously vet every provider they work with. All the CBD utilized is a broad-spectrum CBD oil which has passed all their quality standards including consistency and supply chain transparency. It’s all derived from 100-percent plants.

Where to purchase WYLD CBD?

Products can be purchased straight from their web site and don’t forget to utilize our special Key to Cannabis discount code ‘K2C15‘in checkout to get 15% off!

WYLD CBD Product Review Results:

  • Made in the United States
  • All-natural, vegan and additive free
  • Non-psychoactive and THC free
  • Laboratory results available on the Internet
  • Consistent, top quality, real fruit-infused CBD products
  • Each has 25 milligrams United States Sourced Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD petroleum

Pros and Cons of All Products

WYLD CBD Blood Orange White Chocolates

Pros: The flavor is wonderful and the high is fantastic for getting things done. You may expect a top which uplifts and unwinds, leaving you refreshed and raring to go. These may also amplify an intimate evening, but the harmonious high is flexible enough for just about any activity.

Cons: None. This flawless edible is loved even by the very resistant to white chocolate.

WYLD CBD Raspberry Gummies

Pros: These tasty gummies deliver a mild and uplifting high with a gentle onset. The high is majorly improved whenever you encircle it with the things you like. And the flavor is delightfully sweet. That’s a solid Sunday morning hype, particularly if you’ve absolutely nothing to do.

Cons: If you attempt to hit the gym too challenging throughout the summit of this high, you may feel a tad nauseous, but otherwise it’s super solid.

WYLD CBD’s Strawberry Gummies

Pros: The lush body hype may ease pains and aches. One gummy may take the edge off your dark thoughts and worsen minor anxieties. You might expect to feel a bit more patient with your errands along with to-do lists.

Cons: Should you’re searching for a strong psychoactive effect; these aren’t likely to meet.

WYLD CBD’s Marionberry Gummies

Pros: These gummies pack a strong and calming high that may lift you out of a significant funk. Use this to zone out on a day off or get a few chores done.

Cons: You don’t need to rush this large. It’s going to implore you to slow down and odor the roses, so be sure you’ve enough time to spare or you’re in for a panic attack.

WYLD CBD’s Pomegranate Gummies

Pros: These provide a reliably mellow high, so you can pair it with something smoke able if you would like to build it larger. Alone, these WYLD CBD gummies should add a little charm to your mood, a bounce to your step, along with a soothing vibe that may lend itself to a good night’s sleep.

Cons: The onset can come with the slightest wave of nausea if you haven’t eaten anything beforehand, so plan accordingly.

WYLD CBD’s Huckleberry Gummies

Pros: They aren’t as powerfully sweet because a number of the other WYLD CBD gummies, to ensure ideal for building your very own high. Take one for a low dose or take another if you’ve nothing pressing to do beyond a long Netflix queue.

Cons: Dry eyes may detract from an otherwise upbeat, stoney high.

WYLD CBD’s Strawberry White Chocolate

Experts: These chocolates pack an uplifting and adventurous head high which will make you ready to experiment with your day.

Cons: The flavor isn’t for everyone. The super-sweet taste could make sure people feel dizzy, or leave them with a sugar headache.

WYLD CBD’s Peach 2:1 Gummies

Pros: They can offer a mild social hype and also help ease your natural awkwardness.

Cons: Major dry skin is a very common side effect and dependent upon your tolerance, it may take a few gummies to feel a noticeable high because everyone contains 2.5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD.

WYLD CBD’s Peach White Chocolates

Pros: The large is balanced and ache-busting in character. So 1 or 2 of those should help soothe the entire body. This hype is best for spacing out, so don’t even expect to be able to focus or hold a conversation.

Cons: These take forever to hit if they hit at all, and the flavor is far from worth it to lots of people. It’s horrible for social actions, so save these for some alone time

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