Vertly’s Brand reputation 

 Vertly is a young company that’s establishing its reputation. Nevertheless, what we know about them so far appears to be good. 

 While some CBD brands have received FDA warning letters trusted Source for misleading promotion practices, Vertly hasn’t. They also don’t have any pending lawsuits related to their products, as some other CBD brands do. 

 Quality and transparency 

 Vertly is mostly transparent about its manufacturing process as well as ingredients. 

 Hemp and extraction method 

 Vertly utilizes organic, Colorado-grown hemp, and a supercritical CO2 (CO2) extraction procedure. This type of extraction utilizes CO2 to get CBD out of the hemp plant. Since it doesn’t use chemicals, it doesn’t leave behind any potentially harmful residue. Nevertheless, it may also result in a smaller volume of terpenes from the final product. 

 Manufacturing procedures 

 Vertly’s small-batch goods are made in a laboratory in San Rafael, California. 

 All CBD manufacturers must follow the FDA’s current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs)Trusted Source. Nevertheless, some brands go the extra measure to get third-party certified to show that they’re indeed compliant. Currently, Vertly doesn’t appear to have this accreditation. 

 Ingredients and testing 

 You’ll find a whole list of ingredients via a tab on each item page. 

 The business also supplies certificates of analysis, or COAs, to show their goods have been tested by CW Analytical, an ISO 17025-compliant cannabis testing center. 

 Nevertheless, the available test reports, which signify the final products, only consist of info regarding the product’s effectiveness and cannabinoid profile. 

 They do test the hemp extract utilized to make their goods for pesticides, residual solvents, and heavy metals, but these results are only available upon request. Vertly could improve transparency by making this info more accessible. 

 Product range and pricing 

 Vertly’s small product line reflects their focus on artisan and handmade manufacturing procedures. They provide half a dozen topicals, which vary from lip balm to bath salts. 

 All Vertly’s goods contain full-spectrum hemp infusion, which could be a drawback for all those trying to avoid THC altogether. Nevertheless, since they’re topicals, the chance of THC showing up on a drug test is slim. 

 Vertly’s goods are relatively affordable compared with some other CBD skincare brands and change in price from $22 to $110. 

 Vertly Client support 

 Vertly has mostly positive reviews from clients on their web site and those of third-party vendors like Credo and Nordstrom. 

 Nevertheless, they have an inclination to get fewer reviews than other CBD skincare businesses. Additionally, the company isn’t listed on the Better Business Bureau or Trustpilot. 

 They don’t allow yields, but you can swap an unopened item for store credit. In case your merchandise arrives damaged, then they’ll send a replacement. 


 Infused Bath Salts 

 Vertly’s lavender, lemon, and clary sage-scented salts are one of few CBD bathroom products available available available on the market. They’re a fantastic self-care present, whether for yourself or a buddy. 

 Additionally to CBD, these bath salts contain other natural anti-inflammatories like arnica blossom, Dead Sea salts, as well as magnesium. 

 Relief Lotion 

 This all-over restorative lotion can help alleviate aching muscles and joints. It comes in a 2.9-oz. pump bottle for easy application. Customers say it works quickly. 

 With lavender and citrus essential oils, it’s got a gentle flower scent. You’ll feel a cooling sensation whenever you apply it. Other beneficial ingredients comprise shea butter and magnesium. 

 The CBD content isn’t clearly listed on the product page, but the certificate of analysis suggests that the test batch contained approximately 156 mg per bottle. 

 Vertly Lip Butter 

 This lip balm is packed with three kinds of butter — shea, kokum, and hot chocolate — to nourish and moisturize your lips. It also contains coconut and jojoba oils, the two of which have antibacterial properties. 

 The balm comes in 2 tastes! Rose or peppermint. Both may be located at a pole or a pot format. The absolute balm may be used as a primer or just for everyday hydration. You might also get a red-tinted stick for a little bit of color. 

 Vertly doesn’t list the merchandise dimensions and their corresponding CBD content obviously on their site. Additionally, the certificates of an investigation show differing amounts of CBD for the increased pole along with the peppermint stick. Which makes it hard to know exactly how much you’re getting. 

 Cooling Workout Recovery Body Spray 

 Formulated with peppermint and aloe vera, this spray might help you cool down following a fantastic workout. In addition, it contains methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), a common nutritional supplement that may help ease joint pain and inflammation. 

 It’s not apparent from the packaging or description of the merchandise how much CBD is contained in the 2-oz. Bottle of spray, but the certificate of analysis indicates it’s around 130 mg. 

 To use, Vertly suggests employing 2 to four pumps of the spray to the affected area. 

 Glowing Skin Face Serum 

 This plant-based face serum includes a base of jojoba oil, which is known to possess moisturizing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Other strong herbal ingredients contain nettles, calendula, horsetail, and Gotu Kola. 

 Customers say that even though it’s an oil, it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, plus they really notice the distinction in their skin. 

 Soothing Florals Hydrating Face Mist 

 Chock-full of botanicals, including calendula flower, rosewater, jasmine, and lavender, this fragrant spray will hydrate and nourish your skin. Users rave about how refreshing it seems. 

 It comes in a recyclable glass bottle. To use, Vertly proposes spraying 1 or 2 pumps on your face after washing it or spending time in the sun. 

 Vertly Brand Review 

 Vertly is the brainchild of a husband and wife team in Northern California with backgrounds in both wellness and herbalism–and, unsurprisingly, given their location, the cannabis industry. 

 A combination of interests naturally led the couple down the path to cannabidiol once hemp became legal in 2018, and the two take a special concentrate on how a herbal compound may be mixed into natural skincare solutions. 

 At Vertly, those products come in a little and focused line, which includes CBD oil-infused bath salts, cannabidiol “relief” lotion for achy muscles, and CBD oil lip balm, with prices running from $22 to $48. The inventory is made by the couple in small batches at their Northern California processing facility, with the products rounded out by an ensemble of remarkably all-natural herbs and oils, a notable nod to the duo’s background knowledge in plant-based alchemy.

 Still, we’d like a few more specifics on the background of the cannabidiol itself. Every product page pronounces that the CBD oil utilized in each item is tested for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and the presence of terpenes, which is all great to hear—but regrettably, we’re left taking their word for it, as no official results of those tests are posted.

 Bottom line: Vertly appears to have the goods; we’d just like to see more of the receipts. The company succeeds where many struggles: offering a truly plant-based CBD oil skincare line, which meets our quality badge standards and falls in line with Vertly’s overall philosophy of an all-natural inventory. Still, the company doesn’t post the all-important results to the third-party lab test it claims its products undergo, which makes it difficult for us to award a safety badge to the company.

 The way to use

 Vertly’s topical products are designed to be applied directly to your skin. Don’t try to ingest them. Follow the directions on the package label.

 Bear in mind that the sprays and mists don’t need to be rubbed in after applying, unlike the lotion or serum.

 Vertly doesn’t provide dosage recommendations, which could make it difficult to know how much to use. Topical products can be especially difficult to dose.

 With the exception of the bath salts, you shouldn’t need to use a lot of any of those products. Start with a small amount, particularly if the product is one you haven’t tried before or if you’re new to CBD. Once you see how you feel, you could work your way up to more if needed.

 Safety and adverse effects

 in accordance with research from 2017Trusted Source, CBD is usually considered safe. Nevertheless, some users might experience adverse effects. These are usually mild and may include:

 • changes in appetite

 • changes in weight

 • diarrhea

 • fatigue

 It’s important to speak with your physician before trying CBD, particularly if you’re currently on any medication. CBD may interfere with a few medications.


 Vertly is a CBD skincare company that was established in 2017. They offer a modest line of small-batch products made in Northern California. While they could improve some aspects of transparency, they’ve a usually positive reputation among their current clients. They offer COAs on-line that show every product’s potency and cannabinoid profile.

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