Less embarrassing compared to twerking, far more painless compared to waxing, and considerably more uplifting than doing taxes. Twax is in reality the growing movement of adding a cannabis concentrate to a joint, blunt, or bowl packaged with cannabis flower. With the capacity to supercharge an regular joint, here is all you need to know about twax.

What Is Twax?

Coined by a user on Massroots, twaxing entails using wax, oil, hash, kief, or any other form of cannabis concentrate to supply increased potency to a joint or blunt. The concentrates could be applied to the inside of the joint, among the cannabis flower, or to the outside and round the tip. You gain a potent boost to your high and your combined burns slower due to the concentrate’s thicker consistency. Concentrates will of course still meltdown, but in a significantly slower speed than the flower will burn.

Cannabis concentrates have accumulated significant popularity because they can provide concentrations of THC in excess of 70 percent. That far outshines cannabis flower. In comparison, many breeds can only reach 5–25 percent THC. Furthermore, because you only require a small amount to get incredibly high, a joint is the perfect candidate to which concentrates could be added. One well-twax joint may have you riding intense waves of euphoria.

What Tools Will You Want?

Cannabis concentrates, in the majority of cases, are incredibly sticky. As such, when applying wax or shatter to the joint, you’ll need to prevent it from adhering to everything else while doing so. Having the following to hand will make life considerably much much more comfy!

  • Dabbing tool, for moving your concentrate from point A to B
  • All of the essential components to make a joint: filter, paper, weed, etc..
  • BHO mat to prevent wax from sticking to your worktop
  • A lighter; in case the wax needs to be heated so it is malleable
  • Isopropyl alcohol to clean off any wax residue later

How To Twax A Joint Or Blunt

Applying wax or kief to the interior of a combined is considered the best starting point for twaxing initiates.

  1. Lay the rolling paper out level with your cannabis flower spread evenly down the center.
  2. Using your chosen concentrate (we’ll assume it is wax), transfer the wax from its container and then put a few “crumbs” along the duration of the joint. The wax will sit at the top of the flower, becoming surrounded when the joint is rolled.
  3. It is imperative to make sure the wax sits at the center and doesn’t come into contact with the newspaper when rolled. Otherwise, your joint will probably burn unevenly.

Double Hit Twax

You may also substitute wax for kief using the exact same principle. Nevertheless, for a double hit, before rolling the joint, add a few kief to the somewhat heated wax. The joint will then have cannabis blossom, a thin layer of wax, and a layer of kief in addition to this. Sublime.

Joint Outside

An essential tool for applying concentrates to the exterior of a joint is a steady hand. Ensure you prepare your masterpiece prior to getting large, or you might wind up coated in tacky and hard-to-remove goo, wasting precious cannabis concentrate.


Spiralling shatter around a joint is a fan-favourite. Shatter is preferred because it may be tacky while still keeping its shape. Nevertheless, we’ll also cover a marginally simpler choice for twaxing the exterior of your joint.

  1. Begin by heating your shatter in order that it’s malleable. Rubbing the concentrate between your fingertips ought to be sufficient. Depending upon the stability of your shatter, you may need to use a milder.
  2. Take one end of the stink and begin spiralling it around the exterior of your own joint. The easiest technique is to hold the stink at the top and rotate the joint with your other hand. Work all the way to the bottom, pulling the stink so it spirals around the joint.


If spiralling the stink around the exterior proves too tricky, try this instead. Spread the heated shatter across the tip of your joint just like a cobweb. You’ll feel the hit as soon as you light up.

Double Hit

The 2nd, more straightforward method, involves using a lighter to warm the stink first. When the concentrate is a little more runny, roll the whole top 50% of the joint from the stink. Again, as a double hit, you may also add kief in order that it adheres to the sexy shatter.

Regardless of how you choose to twax your joint, adding concentrates to cannabis blossom makes for an incredibly potent high. It’s also given way to some incredibly creative joints. Experiment with twaxing both the outside and inside of your joint to see what you may create.

How To Twax A Bowl

The principle isn’t too dissimilar to twaxing a joint. Splitting the process into two methods, you’ve concentrates on top of a packed bowl, or wrapped around massive buds before entering the bowl. Again, the former is considered the beginner option, whilst the latter will need some precision.

Top Of The Bowl

For option A, concentrate on top of a packed bowl, simply do as it says. Wax is the preferred concentrate as it could possibly be broken into little lumps and distributed evenly. Around The Flowers. This is very comparable to wrap shatter around a joint. Instead this time, you would like to wrap the stink around a bud. Once sufficiently wrapped, they may be set in a bowl and smoked like normal. Given the precision and intricacy required for wrap shatter around buds, this method is considered the expert mode, of twaxing.

Twaxing Versus Dabbing

Which is better, and what do folks prefer? The sincere answer is neither method is superior. Instead, every one provides exceptional attributes. Dabbing uses considerably higher temperatures and lacks any plant substance, so the vapour is generally lighter and cleaner, than the smoke from twaxing.

Twaxing, and on the other hand, convenes cannabis concentrates, roll paper and marijuana, so more components are inhaled when smoked. Expect much thicker smoke and a generally hazier experience. Concentrates may also drip when implemented around the joint, so be cautious as sexy shatter burns. Irrespective of whether you would rather twaxing or dabbing, both are certain to get you very, very significant!

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