What is tarantula blunt? Check out everything you need to know in this complete guide.

The first thing that possibly comes to mind when you think about smoking cannabis https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis is: “Where is my bong?” Often people forget about a good ole, a classic joint. You remember, the one wrapped in paper, smoked on a Friday night out in the bushes with your friends.

Some may get bored with a piece of rolling paper, stuffed with some buds, or mixed with tobacco. But finally, someone got a little crafty somewhere along the road and made smoking a joint an activity to remember. Low and behold-the joint of tarantulas!

Tarantula blunt

Joint smoking is taken to the next stage by the tarantula joint and will be sure to give you the extra thrill you’ve been looking for from a doobie. A blend of buds, oils, concentrates, and kief are tarantula joints. Outcome: a doobie who looks a lot like… a tarantula. Since at the end of the joint is rolled in kief, it gets a brown, hairy tinge, giving it a fuzzy look like an arachnid.

If I have to say, these joints are very powerful because they are filled with all kinds of good stuff. You will be able to find some pre-rolled tarantula joints for sale, typically not too expensive, if you are lucky enough to live in a state where marijuana is legal, since you are buying a single joint. But you can make your own tarantula joint at home with ample expertise and craft.

What’s in a joint with a tarantula, and how do I make one?

So a tarantula joint is not, as you know, your usual, ordinary, everyday doobie. It’s the joint cream de la creme, a loaded baked potato with all the fixins ‘. It begins with a regular joint paper, and you add your preferred bud inside the joint paper. Match it to your mood or whatever experience you’re looking for; in the later measures, it will be improved.

You need to apply some concentrate after you’ve ground up your bud and put it in the joint. It can be something like a budder, honey oil, butane hash oil, resin, dabs, wax… there are endless possibilities. This is what will give extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your average joint. You will get about an additional 40 to 80 percent extra THC by adding the concentrate. Make it as strong as you like, to fit your tastes.

Go ahead and roll it up like you would every other joint until you have your focus added in with your bud. And the fun part is coming now. Next, you’re going to roll the joint out of the CO2 oil. This will still give it some extra zing, as well as prepare for the final, and most awaited point, the outside of the joint. And that step is… rolling the kief’s oiled joint!

This is what really makes the joint of the tarantula a tarantula joint. For an added punch, the Kief will give it even more THC, as well as the characteristic spider-like look that can not be misunderstood or missed.

Where can I get a joint for a tarantula?

You’re probably able to ditch the bong by now and take a ride down memory lane with a classic paper joint (with a new twist, that is). One of these furry, THC-packed joints has two ways to get your hands on it.

Second, you should literally purchase one. You may have some trouble locating these, depending on the state you live in, but at least on the West Coast, where cannabis is usually legal for recreational use, you can find them individually packaged and sold at your local dispensary.

They’re not that crazy expensive, but they’re also not necessarily the cheapest joints on the street, generally ranging from around $18 a pop to $20. But you have to bear in mind, because the tarantula joint consists of a lot of parts, you really get a bang for your buck (which are expensive to begin with).

However, if you have the ability and experience, you can roll a tarantula joint right in the comfort of your own home. As long as you know the correct rolling techniques so that when you smoke, your joint will not fall apart on you and you have the right ingredients (such as oil, concentrate, kief, etc.), you will have a furry little buddy ready to be rolled and enjoyed in no time at all! So even if you don’t live in a state where you can just go and buy a tarantula joint in a dispensary, or even if you do and they just don’t sell them, you can still do it yourself!

How’s a Tarantula joint going to make me feel?

It is guaranteed to get you, well, very high due to all the THC in a tarantula joint. For a rainy day, a tarantula joint is better set aside-those days when you can lounge around all day without having any major duties to perform. This is some powerful material, after all!

The form of high you incur will rely heavily on the strains and strengths of your buds and focus, but you will probably feel super mellow and stoned, but euphoric at the same time, with an average THC content of about 80 percent. In a tired, but euphoric ecstasy, many individuals who smoke joints as high in THC as tarantula joints frequently collapse on the couch. No matter the situation, you’ll most likely feel very good, but just be in a safe position so you can be prepared for what it’s like to make you feel!

Moreover, you will probably find a reasonably rapid dissipation of all pain, as elevated THC and CBD content such as that found in tarantula joints appears to drown out muscle aches, strain, stress, and nerve pain! So it’s perfect if you are looking for natural pain relief, as inflammation and pain can be greatly enhanced by the high amount of cannabinoids.

Side Effects from Tarantula joint

Owing to the several components (some of which are concentrated), side effects are not rare, since the tarantula joint has the ability to be super powerful and potent. With the potential to scale up to 80 to 90 percent THC, whether you have never smoked cannabis before, or are new to the game, the tarantula joint is not a starting spot.

Popular side effects of tarantula joints vary depending on the strain you use to make your joint with cannabis, concentrate, CO2 oil, and kief. Very frequently, however, people experience dry mouth (cottonmouth), red eyes, dizziness, intense sedation, exhaustion, loss of balance, thought/judgment impairment, and a possible rise in anxiety.

When smoking a tarantula joint, people with current mental health problems or anxiety should exercise caution as the high THC levels can produce too much of a psychoactive high for them and potentially cause panic. It is also important to alert individuals suffering from schizophrenia, as it may possibly trigger delusional thought or behavior.

Although, overall, the risk of extreme side effects can be significantly mitigated as long as you smoke it safely and remain hydrated.

Joint Take-Home by Tarantula

The tarantula joint is a unique joint, true to its name… it really looks like a tarantula’s leg. The tarantula joint delivers an ultra-strong dose of THC and CBD with its many components, sure to cause a rather euphoric, but at the same time mellow elevation, which has the ability to help significantly alleviate pain and inflammation.

With it being able to be purchased in the store and made at home with the correct know-how, a tarantula joint is never out of control! Only as long as you have all the key components that are often used in a tarantula joint, and the kief will give it the trademark, fuzzy exterior coating, of course.

So, what are you thinking? Are you courageous enough to overcome your fear of spiders and try this unforgettable and captivating joint? What are you waiting for, if so? Today, try making your very own tarantula joint!

We hope you enjoyed this review and found it to be enjoyable, educational, and informative, and would like to remind you that the safe use of cannabis is up to the user, and if used inappropriately, side effects are more likely to occur.

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