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It is common to panic if you enjoy marijuana but are told that it is time for a company drug test, since failing the test could naturally mean termination of jobs. You have to undergo a Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrogram if your immunoassay has a reading over 50ng/ml for marijuana, and if the reading is above 15ng/ml, you have officially failed the examination.

Companies such as Stinger Detox “clean up” with so much on the line, and millions of Americans who use marijuana every day, by providing items capable of helping you pass the drug test. In principle, you should be able to get through the drug test with your job intact once you eat the food (and obey the “T” instructions), but how successful is it?

Who is Detox from Stinger?

It is very interesting, and more than a little mysterious, the absence of an About Us page on the company website. In reality, I found it difficult to learn a great deal about the company, which is always a red flag. In other words, to ensure you don’t walk into a scam, consumer feedback and common sense become important.

Stinger detox ‘the buzz’ deep system cleanser

The Top Products of Stinger Detox

There are quite a large number of products in the business, so I’m only going to look at three of the most common.

Mouthwash for stinger detox

Instant Detox stringer 5X Extra Power

This product could theoretically save your skin if you have an upcoming drug test and no time to go through a traditional detox program. It is one of the most effective items available on the website, and costs $55.95 per bottle. The directions say 60-90 minutes prior to your test to use it, but I suggest giving it 120 minutes because you need ample time to urinate. You must refill the bottle with water twice and drink it once you have drunk the whopping 237 mL of liquid.

Steer clear of dairy products, especially milk, for best results, and try to eat healthy and drink plenty of water a day (or two) before using Stinger Instant Detox. There is also a variant of Standard Power, which you use in the same way. However, you need two standard bottles if you weigh over 230 pounds. And finally, it is always a concern to add artificial flavors for taste improvement. Why do we need a detox drink to taste good?

7-Day Stinger 5X Extra Strength Permatox Liquid

5x 7-day extra-strength stinger permatox liquid

The concept behind this object, and its equivalent of regular power, is to help your body cleanse itself within a week. Stinger believes that all the structures of the body will be permanently cleansed by this permatox oil, which is an incredibly bold assertion. It costs $49.95 for an 8-ounce bottle, and you can take one tablespoon before breakfast and another one at night before your final meal of the day.

Do this for seven days, and the results should be felt (though be sure to steer clear of dairy products 20 minutes before use). This product is not licensed by the FDA, like all of Stinger’s range.

Stinger Whole Body Cleanser Detox 1 Hr. The Liquid

This is the most common entire-body cleanser from Stinger, and it is intended to eliminate toxins from all of your major systems. Start detoxing 48 hours prior to use by adding vegetables to your diet, staying clear of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other contaminants, and consuming plenty of water for the best results.

Use it 60-90 minutes prior to your test and fill the bottle four times with water and drink it (you will need to consume two bottles if you weigh over 230 pounds). Ingredients include both natural and artificial flavours, guar gum, citric acid, creatine monohydrate, potassium sorbate, vitamin B2 and a special ‘Stinger Mineral Cleaning Mix.’ Currently, an 8-ounce bottle costs $ 21.95.

Drink with stinger detox

Are the products of Stinger Detox efficient? What are Customers Saying?

It seems as if Stinger Detox has more negative mentions online than positive ones, although there are mixed feedback. As a moderate smoker, I wanted the immediate detox of extra strength to work much more efficiently than it did. I bought and failed an at-home urine test 90 minutes after using the detox product. Around an hour later (after urinating a lot more), I tried a second test and just about squeezed it out. Therefore, it is best to disregard the instructions for 60-90 minutes and try to use them 120-150 minutes before the exam.

The extra strong permatox blend is highly ineffective and the money it costs is not worth it. Even if you drink a gallon of water a day and stay clear of contaminants, after a week, you’re not going to pass a test if you’re more than a moderate smoker.

The ingredients are regular detox fare and I continue to wonder why businesses are adding creatine to items that are supposedly ‘fast acting’. Creatine does not take effect for 48 hours, so for a ‘1-hour’ detox drink it is completely useless. To mimic the effects of B2, you should use a multivitamin and there is no soluble fiber in the goods, which is a must for any detox drink to function. Finally, the so-called Stinger Mineral Cleaning Blend might be just about anything, and there is no telling what’s inside because it’s not FDA approved or lab checked.

Detox Highlights from Stinger

Simple to use.

Relatively low-cost.

Perhaps it works if you are a mild user of cannabis.

It potentially operates within two hours of intake.

A large variety of items from Detox.

It works for cigarette smokers very well.

Downsides of Stinger Detox

Totally useless for users of long-term or heavy marijuana.

The detox product for 7-days does not work at all.

The ingredient list doesn’t inspire confidence.

The Mineral Cleansing Blend from Stinger sounds like a questionable marketing trick.

There is very little information available online about the company.

How to purchase Detox Products from Stinger

Complete detox by stinger

There is an impressive list of items on the official Stinger Detox website, including SuperMAXX Detox Accelerator, Folli-Kleen Hair Cleanser, Mouthwash, and Whole-Body Cleanser in caplet form (if you do not want the liquid version to be eaten). The items are also available widely on Amazon.

I noticed that the website’s product reviews do not ‘match’ with those that I find on Amazon. There is a 5-star review for almost every item on the website, but some of these items have an average of under three stars on Amazon. Although we don’t expect businesses to post a large number of negative reviews, for the sake of fairness, it would be good to post a few. It is deceptive in the extreme to only accept positive feedback.

Stinger Detox Final Thoughts

To be honest, from the outset, I was less than impressed with Stinger Detox, particularly since I was unable to find any company information on its website. For instance, when was it established? And by whom? These are basic information one would expect to reveal to any respectable organization. Also, after purchasing the items, you only learn the ingredients because that data is not available on the website.

Overall, as either a cleanser or a way of passing the drug test, Stinger Detox is not recommended. If you are a marijuana user and need to get clean, a much better choice is carefully managed dilution. It’s just as much to do with the amount of water you drink as what’s within the bottle if you are a moderate or light smoker and Stinger’s products function.

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