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Each has their own reasons for liking cannabis strains. Some people search for the best, most THC-rich strains they can find, while others choose weaker strains that are more focused on CBD and hybrid effects.

The most daring of us, on the other hand, seek out psychedelic strains. The long-lasting, trippy, and eventually mind-expanding qualities of psychedelic cannabis may be difficult to find, but they are well worth the effort. Finding them, on the other hand, can feel nearly impossible.

To assist you in your quest, we’ve assembled a list of the top five psychedelic cannabis strains.

psychedelic weed strains

What Are Psychedelic Effects, Exactly?

Everyone is familiar with psychedelic effects, which can be present in cannabis as well as other, more active drugs. But do they truly comprehend it?

Psychedelic drugs are a broad category that includes a wide variety of different substances. LSD, psilocybin (magic mushrooms), and mescaline are examples of true psychedelic drugs. In general, it refers to the association of the 2A serotonin receptor with the brain to trigger a non-ordinary state of consciousness.

Although precise meanings vary from person to person, psychedelic reactions are generally consistent. If it’s due to physical distortion or continuum imaginations, you should expect some sort of altered conscious state.

This is when the physical surroundings abruptly move or change in front of your eyes, usually distorting and accompanied by colours and lights. The drug in question will activate receptors in your brain, causing you to feel all of these emotions at the same time.

You might get an idea of what to expect if you’ve ever enjoyed classical psychedelic music or art from the 1960s and 1970s.

However, when it comes to cannabis, things are a little different. These reactions are not properly triggered by cannabinoids. To mimic the sensation of psychedelia, it takes a special combination of various cannabinoids, high THC concentrations, and terpenes.

As compared to substances like LSD, it is a true feeling, but it is profoundly different. Psychedelic cannabis strains are usually high in THC and are the product of a long line of carefully chosen breeding programmes.

As a result, expect to see several hybrids and strong indicas on this list.

#1 Amnesia Haze

Although psychedelic effects are common in the cannabis community, they had to begin elsewhere. Even though it appears that psychedelic effects have always been common, they didn’t exist prior to Amnesia Haze.

This strain has been grown and bred for decades, yielding a diverse range of tasty and psychedelic strains with a variety of names and results.

This strain has been around for a long time, but it has only grown stronger. The more time it’s been around, the more THC growers it’s attracted. So much so that Amnesia Haze is now more than twice as powerful as it was decades ago.

Expect an unusual flash after smoking some of this bud, which will fill you with incredible euphoria and a huge rush of fun energy.

It’s because of this energy that it has a trance vibe. You won’t see any odd colours, but you’ll feel as if your whole worldview has shifted and changed without your knowledge.

It manages to avoid being too daunting while still providing plenty of the beautiful psychedelic effect.

#2 Headband

If you asked a lot of people what their ideal picture of a stoner from the 1970s was, they’d probably say hippies with headbands. Stoners require headbands as a matter of course, owing to their connection with the use of psychedelic drugs. This feeling is exemplified by the Headband strain, which provides a plethora of psychedelic effects.

It’s made from OG Kush mixed with Sour Diesel, another classic strain. This hybrid strain is nearly balanced, mixing sativa and indica flavours and effects. It has a ridiculously high THC content, typically about 27%. It also contains a plethora of psychedelic experiences.

Furthermore, Headband’s high is a very gradual thing, taking root very slowly and almost stealthily. As a result, the psychedelic effects of Headband take a long time to sink in. In reality, some people believe their Headband hasn’t worked at all. As a result, they take more and end up with much more than they can manage.

Thankfully, the strong psychedelic effects are nicely balanced by the sativa components of its parentage, making it more manageable. Visual distortions can be seen at the edges of your vision. It isn’t frightening, so there’s no need to be concerned about anxiety or panic.

Instead, it’s just a fantastic visual rush that keeps going and going as long as you give it enough time to get started.

#3 LSD

Since you’re searching for psychedelic effects from cannabis, it’s only natural to choose strains named after the most well-known psychedelic drugs.

The LSD strain is a near-perfectly balanced hybrid that provides all of the desired psychedelic effects. Just by looking at these thick, vibrantly coloured buds, you can get a good idea of what delights await you.

They have a strong skunky flavour, as well as a lot of spiciness and earthiness, giving them an all-around great flavour and aroma.

LSD, assuming you’re still talking about the cannabis strain, isn’t hallucinogenic. It contains a high concentration of THC that will inevitably activate your brain to the point where it will respond psychedelically.

LSD is known for causing bursts of imagination and intense cortical activity, allowing you to create beautiful works of art. Of course, you should just sit and relax while enjoying the transcendent high that this strain offers.

Though LSD is a balanced strain, it does lean toward the indica end of the spectrum at the end of the strong. The indica-like symptoms of sleepiness and heavy headedness contrast with the psychedelic effects, which is irritating. If you aren’t expecting it, this can trigger some discomfort, as feeling tired and awake at the same time is a strange experience to say the least.

However, since LSD is extremely rare, some people love it primarily for that sensation. Although this may be frightening to others, it is the primary explanation that so many people smoke it in the first place.

You should expect a bright and intense psychedelic experience if you know exactly what to expect when you smoke your LSD.

#4 Durban Poison

Almost every cannabis strain on this list contains substantially more THC than you would expect. This is because psychedelic symptoms are usually only experienced if the bud contains a high concentration of THC.

Durban Poison is a strain that defies this universal rule, with a THC content of only about 9%, considering its low THC content, is remarkably effective at inducing psychedelic effects.

It is a pure sativa strain imported from South Africa with a delicious taste that makes it worthwhile on its own. The strange thing about this strain’s flavour is that it tastes like what psychedelic effects feel like. It tastes like licorice and also like sour cherries. It’s a little disorienting and spicy, but it’s still a lot of fun.

The high is instant and blissful, providing all of the smiley, euphoric stimuli that a sativa-dominant strain can have. When you consider how much THC it takes to get a good high, the lower THC content is barely noticeable. You can quickly smoke a good amount of this strain without your mind exploding in front of your eyes.

However, if you consume a significant amount of it, you can soon experience its psychedelic effects. Expect plenty of transcendent visual hallucinations, with colours and shifting visuals occupying the field of vision. Auditory hallucinations are often recorded by some users, which some people find terrifying.

Durban Poison, on the other hand, is a fundamentally uplifting and cheerful strain, offering plenty of beneficial mood boosts. Smoke as much as you want of this bud to get some really awesome psychedelic effects that seem to last forever.

#5 Lemon Power Haze

The Haze strains are well-known for their psychedelic effects; in fact, most people believe that only Haze strains can cause such effects. Lemon Power Haze aims to resurrect the Haze family’s shattered legacy by inducing strong, almost immediate cerebral results.

While this strain is a sativa-leaning hybrid, its results are in a class by themselves. There is a great deal of good happiness and euphoria, as well as an uplifted feeling.

When you smoke just the right amount of Lemon Power Haze, you can’t help but feel like everything is going to be fine. It has an energising quality to it, as well as providing a fantastic mental boost to get you moving.

You can smoke Lemon Power Haze when on the go, as long as you keep track of how much you’re smoking. However, after a few hours of smoking a fair amount, the symptoms become evident, and you know you’re in for a good time.

The indica feelings begin to appear, bringing an intense, almost sonorous wave of relaxation and peace to your entire body. This is often accompanied by psychedelic trippiness, such as visual stimulation and delusional fantasies.

Expect this pressure to seize control of your mental consciousness and obliterate it completely. However, it isn’t uncomfortable or unpleasant. This lemon-flavored treat will absolutely blow your mind, owing to the perplexing mix of emotions it causes.

It’s enough to make anyone dizzy. Relaxed and happy, yet mentally stimulated and psychedelic at the same time. Lemon Power Haze, more than any other strain on this list, has the potential to confuse and delight you at the same time.

Conclusions on the Top 5 Cannabis Strains with Psychedelic Effects

Finding psychedelic cannabis strains can be difficult, owing to the fact that most cannabis users aren’t looking for it these days. In today’s cannabis scene, patients are searching for more proactive, life-affirming strains that they can use during the day and still go to work with.

However, for those of us who grew up with cannabis, there’s nothing quite like a healthy psychedelic strain.

Psychedelic effects are what you want, whether you want to receive blasts from the past in the form of sensory memory flashbacks or simply want to see the colour on your walls change and morph.

Look for these strains in dispensaries and see if you can get a taste of the classic psychedelic experience. It’s almost too much to manage if you’re not used to it. However, if you know what to expect, it is completely incredible.

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