Specific factors could make or break a CBD brand, such as how a company sources their hemp, or if the labelling matches what’s within the goods. In this article we’ll be measuring the excellence of PRoZE brand by four main criteria:

  • The caliber of their production Procedure
  • The value of their products
  • The quality of their ingredients
  • The efficacy of their products

Background of PRoZE

PRoZE Performance Nutrition, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, was shaped by nutritional formulator Sanjeev Javia and Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jim Silliman in January 2019 and found in Sept 2019. Dr. Silliman is the co-founder and former president of the prestigious Steadman Hawkins Sports Medicine Clinic and is concerned with the clinical research of reduction of drug therapies using genetics and nutrition. He didn’t create PRoZE till later.

Javia has over 20 years of experience in natural supplements and has worked with World Series Champions Curt Schilling & Randy Johnson, Super Bowl Champions Tom Brady & Kurt Warner, Stanley Cup Champions Mike Modano & Dan Hinote, and PGA Champions Tom Pernice Jr. & Phil Mickelson. Javia started his career as the Executive Vice President at XELR8, Inc, developing several products with the firm, which served professional and Olympic athletes. He was then asked to build the Nutrition Science Center for the Steadman Hawkins Clinic, that has served professional sports teams such as the Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies.

Javia Wellness Group and PRoZE

Javia founded Javia Wellness Group (JWG) from the year 2011, in which he formulates and designs nutritional and exercise supplements for professional and Olympic athletes and groups. Because he used essential oils frequently within his formulations, Javia was familiar with hemp oil before it became well-known for CBD.  After researching CBD, Javia began formulating his own CBD goods and got excellent feedback from high profile individuals.

Finally, these products turned into the lineup at PRoZE. Customers can find PRoZE products on-line and at exceptionally reliable organizations such as the Vincere Cancer Center in Scottsdale, StretchLab locations, and Whisper Rock Golf Club.

What Makes PRoZE Distinctive?

Before building his brand, Javia asked himself why the world requires another CBD brand.

He also came up with three reasons:

  • Synergistic formulations: a lot of brands are using CBD as the sole figure in their formulations; Javia has designed what he calls synergistic formulations, which stems from his belief that “innovation is in the combination.” Each PRoZE product is included of curated ingredients that work together toward an end goal.
  • Performance: Javia wanted to not only produce therapeutic formulations but additionally ones who improved performance. Not just survive, but thrive, he said. The PRoZE goods are specifically designed to encourage the body’s own functions and accelerates health.
  • Education: Javia believes individuals will love his engaging and fun approach to education. Looking at the PRoZE website’s in-depth Science, section along with the eye popping packaging of the products, it is easy to see that the brand has gone full throttle on both the enjoyable and education.

Where Does PRoZE Get Their Hemp?

PRoZE gets their hemp out of Farms in Colorado which are licensed by the State Department of Agriculture. Several tests are performed during cultivation by Agriscience Laboratories and PhytaTech Metric Solutions, including testing for heavy metals, pesticides, mold and yeast, microbes, and cannabinoid potency. The hemp is grown without pesticides or herbicides, and many of the additional ingredients in the PRoZE product lineup are organic.

What Extraction Strategy Does PRoZE Work?

PRoZE only extracts hemp oil from the trichomes and flower of the hemp plant. The trichomes, that are small appendages that look like hair on the plant, and flower contains the highest concentration of CBD, terpenes, and others chemicals. The company uses organic ethanol to extract its hemp oil, a safe method that preserves cannabinoids and other critical chemicals in the hemp plant better compared to other solvents.

Does PRoZE Use Third-Party Testing?

Yes, PRoZE conducts third party testing on each batch of their merchandise multiple times. The company uses Agriscience Laboratories, which can be ISO-1702 5 licensed, as their primary lab. PRoZE also uses other third party laboratories to confirm results, including Botanacor, Atlantic Test Labs, and Think20 Labs. The majority of the third party lab reports that consumers can see, that are available on PRoZE product pages, only show the cannabinoid potency of the goods. Batch numbers for a merchandise can be found in the bottom of a product.

PRoZE Certifications

The maker for PRoZE merchandise has 17 certificates, including: a FDA registered facility that’s GMP and OTC certified, cruelty free certified, and toxic free certified.

PRoZE Website

The PRoZE web site has a special and contemporary feel. Visitors can check out the store, find out on the science behind the brand’s goods. Or read the blog and meet the athletes that encourage the brand. The shopping experience is simple and straightforward, just as it should be. The brand has also created videos featuring founder Sanjeev Javia. Who talks about the formula of every product and what it is best for.

PRoZE Customer Services

They a responsive, friendly, and informative client support

PRoZE Scientific Research

PRoZE has studies now in process because of their NERVE, NODZZZ, and YIPEEZ products. These are aviator studies the brand hopes to take into broader, fuller studies.

Future of PRoZE

Looking ahead, PRoZE would like to research products to the digestion because of new research that has come out. The brand also works with numerous doctors on their medical advisory board, like Dr. Richard Hawkins, who is a co-founder of the Steadman Hawkins clinic, and would like to leverage their work to invent new products.

PRoZE Pros & Cons

Here are the pros for PRoZE:

  • High level, identifying formulations
  • Organic ethanol extraction
  • Third-party testing
  • Participating in scientific research

Cons for PRoZE:

  • Small product line
  • COAs typically only show cannabinoid effectiveness



The concentration in SHIELD is 900mg of CBD from broad-spectrum hemp extract (30mg/serving) while NODZZZ contains 250mg of CBD additionally from broad-spectrum (8.3mg/serving). In accord with the batch report, the SHIELD product had 970mg of CBD, as well as trace amounts of small cannabinoids and THC. For the NODZZZ batch report, 261mg of CBD were detected, along with CBG and extremely trace amounts of THC.

While THC appeared on the batch reports, PRoZE has the third-party labs test down to hundredths of a percentage, which is more specific than most brands. As for the sum of CBD, SHIELD has a moderate concentration that needs to be useful for most CBD consumers. NODZZZ, and on the other hand, has a low concentration of CBD.

Per the brand’s philosophy, CBD doesn’t need to be the workhorse in every formulation, which is the reason PRoZE has combined it with other ingredients like valerian root, GABA, and melatonin. Usually, we like to see more CBD, but the synergy between the ingredients is meant to be where the results lie.


SHIELD costs $90, which comes out to $0.10/oz., whilst NODZZZ is $55 and $0.22/milligrams. While these rates are greater than other goods, most brands don’t offer this level of formulation. To get a CBD tincture with numerous additional, high-quality ingredients, SHIELD is very cost-efficient. Whilst it has fewer milligrams of CBD compared to SHIELD, NODZZZ a lot more synergistic ingredients and costs less. Taking all this into account, we believe these PRoZE goods are appropriately priced.


The packaging is a place where PRoZE stands out from the audience. Right away, PRoZE ditches rectangular boxes and employs a diamond-like design. The colors are enjoyable and pop from the white and black backdrop. SHIELD itself is a standard tincture with a tamper-evident cap, while NODZZZ has a spray spout lid with a plastic cap to prevent unintentional sprays. They also contain all the necessary consumer information, like supplement facts, ingredients list, FDA disclaimer, a batch number, and expiration date.


SHIELD’s ingredients are meant to help support the immunity system, improve anti-oxidant concentrations, and encourage emotional balance. The components in NODZZZ are all meant to assist with encouraging relaxation, calm, and preparing the body to achieve restful sleep.


SHIELD is advertised to get mint and lime flavor, and NODZZZ is designed to taste like cinnamon and honey. We detected a candy mint taste in SHIELD, but most of us could not pick up on the lime flavor. We enjoyed the flavor of SHIELD, especially because the mint wasn’t overbearing. NODZZZ tastes strongly of cinnamon, however, the honey does come through to a degree, adding a subtle sweetness to reduce into the spice.


SHIELD assisted us in feeling at peace usually and seemed to provide a slight energy boost. Since SHIELD plans to provide improved immunity, including potentially reducing inflammation, it’s hard to judge its effectiveness. PRoZE says it might act as a daily multivitamin, so we find that its best use is as a daily nutritional supplement for overall health and wellbeing. Nevertheless, NODZZZ has a purpose that we measure, and boy did it work.

After taking around eight to eight sprays (six sprays is a serving size) at least an hour and a half before bed (the label says 10-fifteen minutes), we were ready for bed. Not only did NODZZZ prepare us to sleep, but however it also helped them remain asleep and wake up feeling more energized and refreshed.



NERVE contains 275mg of CBD from broad-spectrum hemp infusion in 1.69 ounces of product (162.7mg/oz.). In accordance with the third-party certification of investigation for our particular product, like the CBD oils, this soothing lotion also has a minuscule amount of THC in it. The concentration of CBD in NERVE is a bit better than the average CBD topical.  In general, we were satisfied with this concentration, particularly when considering the added ingredients.


NERVE retails for $70, which clocks in at $0.255/milligrams. Though this is expensive from the viewpoint of price per oz., clients are paying for the identifying, high-quality formulation in NERVE more than a very simple CBD topical. Additionally, when considering that NERVE is specifically made to help improve performance in the athletic level, a premium price is reasonable.


Like most PRoZE’s products, NERVE additionally sports identifying packaging. The pump bottle of spray comes in a diamond-shaped box emblazoned with a tie-dye PRoZE emblem. In addition, to prevent any accidents, PRoZE provides a plastic cap that fits within the pump. Customers can discover an ingredients list, a batch number, along with an expiration date on the bottle.


These ingredients are meant to achieve a fourfold goal:

  • Relief of muscle soreness
  • Ease nerve and joint distress
  • Relax muscle tissue
  • Improve the health of the skin
  • Texture and Scent

The NERVE soothing cream rubs on smooth, absorbs rapidly, and doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy nor hands feeling sticky after application. In around a minute, the cooling sensation of menthol will kick. Immediately upon pumping out the cream, the scent of menthol is noticeable.


NERVE is among the most noticeably effective CBD topical creams we’ve reviewed. As a number of our team members put it, we can almost feel it going through our skin and into our muscles. The cooling sensation is extreme but not overbearing or uneasy. We rubbed it into sore muscles caused by exercise and found that it significantly relieved the discomfort. Consequently, we saw faster retrieval times.


PRoZE is among the very notable brands we have reviewed to date. The uniquely formulated products by master formulator Sanjeev Javia and compliments from professional athletes set PRoZE apart. We had been impressed by the results we all experienced and blown away by the level of thought and innovation which was placed into each item. PRoZE has also demonstrated their devotion to quality with accountable hemp farming, clean extraction methods, and extensive 3rd party testing through cultivation to the final product. After personally testing the brand’s products and thoroughly assessing their operation, we’re proud to recommend PRoZE Performance Nutrition.

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