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With a tantalisingly fruity taste, Pitbull strain is a solid strain. Imagine pineapple and oranges in the tropics. The smoke provides a lovely indica high that makes you feel euphoric and comfortable, ready for the world to take on.

The Pitbull strain could be the one for you if you’re looking for a solid and unrelenting indica big. There is a lot to love about this strain, but not a lot of individuals know all the information about it.

Here, we want to let our readers know what they should expect and give them an idea of what to look for in the dispensary. We’ve got lots of strain feedback, and we’re researching the Pitbull strains today. This Indica provides a wonderful profile of fruit flavour and some incredible sedative effects.

Could Pitbull strains be your dream strain? Let’s explore it.

pitbull strains

What’s the Pressure of Pitbull?

The Pitbull breed, with just 20 percent sativa genetics, is an Indica-dominant hybrid. Back in the 2000s, Stoney Girl Gardens bred this strain by crossing P91 and Sugar Plum. Pitbull can be traced back to an Afghani landrace strain on the P91 side, giving good genetics to this strain.

Pitbulls have become somewhat notorious for their tenacity and power as a breed of dog; many even assume that they are mean. Pitbull cannabis is not aggressive at all, nor is it going to make you feel aggrieved. It does, however, deliver persistent effects and a strong high. The Pitbull strain would have you calming down to sleep as it runs its course, unlike aggression, however.

Pitbull produces crazy amounts of relaxation as a predominantly Indica strain. The sativa touch often gives a high head, but most of the effects are physical-focused. You will notice a euphoric feeling of elation shortly after smoking, with a grin plastered on your forehead.

It’s a nice strain to use for your mates, because Pitbull is going to give you a heavy dose of giggles. By the way, as a result of pitbull strain, some people experience some hallucinogenic effects; if you take too much, you may experience visual and auditory distortions.

The cerebral elevation gives way to complete relaxation of the body and a numbing effect that leaves you sitting on the sofa. Make sure you smoke up safely somewhere, because you’re not going to get up for some time. The numbing effects of Pitbull strain ensure that any discomfort melts away, whilst any fears are squashed by the euphoria. Ultimately, the high is going to leave you satisfied and comfortable.

You’ll fall asleep at the very end of the top. There is no way to combat it; the Indica side of Pitbull is strong, making you too sleepy to fight it. The good news is that you will be happy to fall asleep, with no care in the world.

Aroma Flavoring

Initially, a common marijuana fragrance is the smell of the Pitbull strain. On closer inspection, however, it’s a lot more complicated and enjoyable. With a focus on tropical fruits such as pineapple, the main scents are fruity. There are also plenty of citrus aromas in true cannabis fashion.

Any residual floral components, with a lavender touch, may also be detectable by anyone with a keen nose. The fragrance of lavender comes from the terpene linalool, a known soporific aroma. A reasonable amount of linalool is likely to be present in the Pitbull strain, contributing to its high sedation and the hints of flowers in its fragrance.

The Flavour

The taste has a lot of pineapple components, much like the smell. This is the key flavour, along with a strong citrus taste that, even after you exhale, lingers on the tongue. Pitbull is a pleasure to smoke with these fruity, tropical flavours, making you ready to go back for more.

Pitbull also has a lot of earthy tones, perhaps due to its Northern Lights, the grandparent strain. In the cannabis world, the earthy, herbal tastes root Pitbull more firmly, reminding experienced pot consumers of classic landrace strains such as Afghani. Interestingly, Afghani is reportedly the Pitbull strain’s great-grandparent.

Rather than harsh, the smoke is very smooth, and so you can really enjoy the fruity flavours that shine through.


The Pitbull strains are very ordinary looking, by all accounts. It grows short and bushy as an Indica plant, with some heaviness to the buds. Pitbull nugs, with some orange pistils peeking through, are mottled green in colour. In appearance, it’s not especially remarkable, but the buds are unusually high, giving it a little advantage over some other plants.

On account of its tropical scent, rather than its presence, you are more likely to remember Pitbull.

Info on Pitbull Strains Grow

The way it grows is one of the most tenacious characteristics of the Pitbull strain. Cultivators claim it can withstand a wide range of conditions, making it an easy strain for cultivation for newbies to develop. The breeders, Stoney Girl Gardens, have not, however, defined what kind of habitat is best for Pitbull marijuana cultivation.

Pitbull blooms between 6-7 weeks when grown indoors, providing up to 20 ounces of available buds per square metre. You may be rewarded with 24 ounces-or more!-per plant outdoors. By mid-September, these buds will be ready.

You will need some Pitbull seeds to start growing this strain. They keep their cards close to their chests at Stoney Girl Gardens, and they don’t sell these seeds online. In a few brick and mortar shops, you can purchase them, but finding some clippings and developing a clone is your best bet.

That’s another reason why it’s easy to develop Pitbull; beginning with a clipping, you can bypass the dangerous phases of germination and transplanting.

Best Evaluation THC Material

Pitbull has a relatively high THC content, 19 percent being the average. Without overwhelming you, that’s enough to get you decently high, while cannabis novices should exercise some caution.

Some Pitbull samples, however, have been measured at 25% THC, which is much higher. As a result, at any time, you need to be careful how much Pitbull you use. Go low and slow, and only use more if you need to; otherwise, as a result of too much THC, you run the risk of having adverse side effects.

Best Test CBD Content

Pitbull has hardly any CBD to speak of, like most high-THC strains. The average is between 0.2-0.5 percent CBD, but 1 percent was included in some samples. This is almost the limit, and so you can’t anticipate many of the effects caused by CBD that some people are searching for in cannabis.

Nonetheless, due to its numbing high and good indica genetics, Pitbull strain has many medical applications

Pitbull Strains Medical Benefits

It seeps into the brain as the Pitbull high starts, causing a large wave of euphoria. The deep joy will stop you from being concerned about it or depressed about it. For those suffering from mood disorders like stress, depression, and anxiety, Pitbull is successful. You’ll be unable to think about anything but the good in life while high on Pitbull.

The main medical advantages of Pitbull strain, however, are linked to the body. Namely, Pitbull’s numbing body will melt away all the pain you experience. Pitbull is also used by sufferers of chronic pain as a way to combat persistent aches. Pitbull will be on hand to help, if the discomfort comes from inflammation with a condition such as arthritis, or whether you suffer from a condition such as neuropathy or fibromyalgia.

In reality, using the Pitbull strain, some patients with inflammatory conditions such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis have found solace.

Unsurprisingly, to cure insomnia, Pitbull is also used. Since the Indica effects bring you to sleep at the end of the high, when you’re struggling to drift off, it’s the ideal strain to support you. Pitbull also, of course, battles both pain and tension, two ailments that can stop you from falling asleep. So, Pitbull may be the perfect strain to have on hand to help you get the rest you need, no matter what the cause of your sleepless nights.

Some users also claim, by the way, that Pitbull is able to fight nausea. Having Pitbull on hand may be a way to help you feel better easily and efficiently, whether you suffer from nausea as a result of medical procedures, PMS, or an underlying disorder.

The Potential Pitbull Strains Side Effects

The stereotypical marijuana side effects of dry mouth and dry eyes may be triggered by Pitbull. We recommend having a big bottle of water on hand because you will be glued to the couch by the couch-lock effects, but the pressure will make you super thirsty and leave you wanting a drink. You don’t want to get dehydrated, so the safest thing is to be prepared.

The two most common side effects people encounter with this strain include dry mouth and dry eyes. Some users still mention feeling dizzy and nervous, however. This mostly results from a poor tolerance to THC or the use of too much marijuana at once. Know, some Pitbull strains have a high level of THC, and so it may cause paranoia and excessive dizziness by using a lot of this strain. You should be fine as long as you stay within your boundaries.

Strangely, after using this strain, some female users report feeling tingly. This is not necessarily unpleasant, but it is not an outcome that is desired either. Be mindful that sometimes marijuana can trigger odd consequences like this, so you should always go slowly.

The Pitbull Strains Final Thoughts

A classic instance of an Indica-leaning hybrid is the Pitbull strain. It causes wonderful effects of indica, causing you to feel sleepy and comfortable. It has just enough sativa genetics, however, to cause a high euphoric head and make you feel forever pleased. Pitbull is the ideal strain for your tension to melt away and encourage you to really wind down.

To forget about the pressures of work and drift off to sleep peacefully, use Pitbull in the evening. You are going to wake up feeling well-rested and prepared to take on the planet.

Another appeal of Pitbull is that it tastes incredible, with delicious notes of tropical fruit. The tantalising citrus and pineapple flavours wrapped in smooth smoke can be enjoyed. Plus, Pitbull is easy to grow, so it can be cultivated by anyone.

Have you ever tried Pitbull? We would love to listen to your opinions. In the below, let us know!

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