My overall rating of the Penguin CBD products was very good. And that I’d a fantastic customer experience/buying expertise from start to finish.

Penguin CBD Review

Penguin has limited products, however their four offerings are the mainstays of CBD products, so that’s good. I always try to research businesses to see what others are saying, and because Penguin is so fresh, I wasn’t really expecting more info to be available. I was amazed and ran across two articles from very reputable cannabis/hemp news sites that spoke about the excellence of their products when compared with other CBD formulations. I was excited to attempt Penguin.

Whilst it was nice to see laboratory reports from the very reputable ProVerde Labs, I was hoping to be capable to directly link from a QR code on the label to the directly corresponding laboratory report. It appears like Penguin has little batches, so it’s easy once you get into the site to discover the laboratory report for your merchandise. It’d have been nice to encounter something more directly linking the two. The product line is small, but nice, and Penguin offers a few fantastic flavours, especially the gummies. Definitely next time. The pricing is a little high, but still very reasonable, which range from $45 to $105 for complete spectrum products, or $0.15 to $0.31 each mg/CBD. 

The price is in the C class, pricey grade above $0.15 milligrams /CBD. I purchased softgel capsules, gummiesoils and lotion. I really liked the ease of the site and the info provided with every product. My products were shipped rapidly and the packaging was good. I enjoy functions of subscription and saving of discounts for regular customers. 

Read it all in our Penguin CBD Review below

Thorough lab testing by third party labsTransparent labeling of ingredients10% first time purchase discount15% subscribe and save featureFull product refunds within 30 days of purchase for any reasonLab testing is done, but not featured prominently on labels or on the websiteUnclear direct traceability from product to lab testFAQ page could use more informationNo educational material on the website


Consumption Method

Tinctures & Drops, Creams & Topicals, Gummies & Edibles, Capsules

Hemp Source


CBD Strength

250 mg – 1000 mg, Oils & Tinctures: 8.3-33.3 mg/ml; Gummies & Edibles: 10 mg per gummy; Creams & Topicals: 2.1-8.4 mg/ml; Capsules: 10 mg per capsule

Offers Tastes


Price Per Mg CBD

$0.1 – $0.22

Military Veteran Discount


Extract Types

Broad Spectrum, Isolate

Money Back Guarantee


Price Range

$45 – $105



CBD Extract Method


Worldwide Shipping


Rate Penguin CBD


Table of Contents

  • Manufacturing Process
  • Lab Testing
  • Range of Products
  • Oil
  • Buying Experience
  • Products Reviewed
  • Gummies
  • Capsules

About Penguin CBD. 

Penguin CBD was founded in 2019 until offer accessible, high excellent CBD products at an affordable price. The business site talks about the transparent procedure, particularly assessing 3rd party lab results right on the site. The Penguin group is described as being composed of experts from several industries and regions of experience, including their hemp farmers and laboratory technicians. 

Hemp for the products is grown in Oregon by the USDA. Licensed hemp farm. Which implies that Penguin hemp is certified as natural because it’s grown according to United States Department of Agriculture hemp farming regulations. Including adopting USDA advocated organic farming practices and certifying the berry as organic. Penguin undergoes an annual USDA inspection. Penguin’s web site states they use zero pesticides during cultivation, meaning an all natural crop untainted by harmful chemicals. Penguin states that they’re devoted to staying eco conscious by using sustainable farming practices. The business wants its clients to feel comfortable, secure and satisfied through the full experience, from the purchase to the last drop of CBD. Sustainable agriculture appears to be somewhat significant to Penguin. The business discusses sustainable sourcing with a concentration on natural plants and farming practices

I ordered multiple products: CBD gummies, CBD capsules, CBD cream and 3 kinds of CBD oil. The labels and packaging are simply designed and are extremely straightforward. For instance, the CBD cream label is quite easy to read. CBD Cream, Mint & Lavender Broad Spectrum, 4 oz jar, 250mg CBD. The company’s address in NY Is listed as are the components and FDA disclaimer. CapsulesI Purchased the 10mg CBD wide spectrum capsules. There are 30 capsules in a jar and instructions for use are 1 to 2 capsules daily. The label instructs users to wait for a hour and gradually dose until the desired result. 

It can make no promises regarding treatment of any particular conditions and can be advertised as a supplement. Ingredients are clearly labeled as 10mg CBD, coconut MCT oil, gelatin, glycerol and purified water. The CBD gummies are the only product that advertises zero THC content on the label. There are 30 gummies from the jar with 10mg of CBD per gummy. A one gummy serving size is recommended and every gummy supplies 14 calories. The first of 3 oils arranged was a natural broad array CBD oil with one thousand mg at a 30 ml bottle that arrived packaged in a blue box. 

The container holds30 servings per jar with 33.3mg of CBD each serving. Other components include MCT oil, natural taste and terpenes. Interestingly, there’s a disclaimer regarding the daily value of CBD hasn’t been established. This isn’t something you see on each product from each CBD business. The subsequent solution, which arrived at a green box, it was a jar oil that also contained one thousand Mg CBD together with mint flavoring. This product was invented with broad spectrum CBD. The next product was packaged in a yellow box. It consisted of the exact same kind of oil with one thousand mg of broad array oil CBD dissolved in a citrus flavored base. 

Regarding pricing, the gummies were priced at $45 for 30 gummies, as are the capsules. The four ounce jar of cream was $55 and every bottle of 1, 000 mg oil was priced at $105. I ordered the 3 tastes mentioned, but they also have strawberry and cookies and cream tastes. These oils also come in 250 mg and 600 mg potency. The web site is very simple to use. Consumers can shop for goods easily. Clicking on every product offers a wealth of details about that product: what kind of CBD is used, the manufacturing process, the distinction between CBD isolate and complete spectrum, a description of the oil, a shelf life of approximately twelve months, storage suggestions, amount Of CBD per serving, components, suggestions for use, 3rd party lab info, and return policy. I liked the way the product info is organized, you’ve everything right there with the product.

The company site made ordering easy plus they provide not only free shipping inside the US, but additionally a 30 day money-back warranty on all products as well. They offer a good subscription and save 15% off and 10% off for first time buyers. 

Manufacturing Process. 

The majority of the Penguin site is directly to the point without a great deal of detail given. It’s merely the facts, and their manufacturing procedure is also described in this way. Penguin employs the CO2 extraction method, widely utilized in the market, to extract CBD from hemp. The company site discusses this procedure under the FAQ section, saying That Penguin uses the most advanced isolation processes in the CBD sector to extract materials utilized in formulating its products. 

The extraction process takes place in the Penguin labs with state of the art technology which preserves the organic compounds made by the hemp plant. Penguin preserves the valuable terpenes. In reality, most of their product line is formulated with broad spectrum CBD infusion. They do utilize CBD isolate in some products, and the firm claims to filter all traces of THC. Nevertheless, not all of labels specifically say that a certain merchandise is THC free. Of all of the products I purchased, only the CBD gummies were printed together with the 0 percent THCclaim. From the laboratory, all Penguin products are bottled, packaged and delivered fresh to customers. 

All products have the conventional FDA disclaimer on the label, saying that the products aren’t meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Penguin describes their distilling process as a very low fuss, preservative free process, designed to keep natural pure phytochemicals from plants utilized in creating all their final products. 

Laboratory Testing-Penguin CBD Review

Not one of the Penguin labels speak about laboratory tests and there aren’t any QR codes on any one Of the bottles, QR codes are utilized by many CBD organizations to help consumers find information. I visited their site to try to find a lab test information. 

I went to the site top menu, but lab tests weren’t recorded. Next, I visited the FAQ section and was amazed to see that lab testing wasn’t listed there either. I scrolled down, and found it in the bottom of the site, as pictured below. Clicking on that link took me to the page where they say all their testing is done by Pro Verde laboratories, an extremely reputable, independent 3rd party lab used extensively in the business. ProVerde Laboratories is based in Massachusetts and Maine and is well known for testing CBD content, CBD purity as well as testing for contaminants such as mold, pesticides and even heavy metals which could be discovered in inferior CBD solutions. ProVerde additionally tests for things such as homogeneity, stability, and shelf life. The reports are listed by product type right on the site. The petroleum report is recorded first, followed by lotions, gummies and capsules.

For instance, here’s the laboratory report for the gummy product. The date of the test is quite Clear and the QR code on the laboratory test does connect to the ProVerde site so I was able to tell it was a valid lab test. The report tests for each the right things. It shows no THC and a concentration of 9.73 mg/gummy for CBD for product that’s labeled as containing 10mg of CBD per gummy. The rest of the laboratory report is quite regular And comprehensive for a ProVerde laboratory report. The image of a gummy jar does fit the product that I purchased. 

The picture of the item is a little odd. I’m assuming it’s a gummy worm which was altered for testing. I don’t have any way of tracing my product straight from the label to the laboratory test that was a concern. On my gum pot, or some of the goods for that matter, there’s no QR code or lot number at follow each batch and fit it to a certain lab test. On the capsules I purchased, there’s a number on the bottom of the bottle however it doesn’t fit anything on the lab tests for capsules. Customers needs to go to the site, scroll to the bottom, locate lab reports, and click that. 

There was one lab report per product, so, that one laboratory report had to pay all gummy products. This situation may arise because Penguin is fresh so only one batch might have been processed and tested. I didn’t wish to make that assumption to be sure, I called the customer services. The person I spoke with was pleasant, but I couldn’t answer my question and simply referred me back to the lab reports on the site. She did say that the QR code on the laboratory report leads to the identical test posted on the ProVerde website that was true. 

This tells me that the laboratory report is valid and endorsed by ProVerde. Nevertheless, as a consumer, I wished to see a lot number on the label which could directly corresponds to a lot number on the laboratory file, but that did not happen. 

Range of Products-Penguin CBD Review

 Penguin CBD provides four main types of goods: gummies, capsules, oils and lotions.

Here’s a product summary. 


The capsules contain 10mg of CBD per capsule, they’re offered at a container of 30 capsules which were made with broad range naturally flavored CBD. These capsules are simple to swallow, as advertised. The CBD is dissolved in MCT oil for much better absorption. 

CBD capsules (300mg CBD per bottle)30 count10 mg CBD/capsule$45$0.15

CBD Gummies. 

The gummies contain 10mg CBD/capsule and are offered in a bottle of 30. The gummies are ready from CBD isolate. These sticky worms are a rainbow coloured, fruity and flavorful. The tangy worms have a coating of sour and sweet sugar for a taste pleasure.

CBD gummies (300mg CBD per bottle)30 count10 mg CBD/gummy$45$0.15



CBD Amount Range

8.3 mg/ml – 33.3 mg/ml

Price Range

$45 – $105

Price Per Mg CBD

$0.1 – $0.18

THC Concentration

< 0%

CBD Per Serving

8.3 mg – 33.3 mg

Time to Impact


Offers Tastes


Additional Information

Non-GMO, Organic, Pesticide Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, CO2

Extract Types

Broad Spectrum

Overal Bottle Volume Range

From 30 ml

Penguin CBD provides 3 concentrations of CBD formulated in broad spectrum hemp oil: 250 mg, 600 mg, and one million milligrams.

They provide five tastes, too: natural, citrus, mint, strawberry and cookies and cream. The bottles are one ounce bottles (30 ml), each with a dropper for easy measuring. 

Oil30 ml250 mg$45$0.18
Oil30 ml600 mg$75$0.26
Oil30 ml 1000 mg$105$0.31

Penguin provides 3 concentrations of CBD formulated in broad spectrum hemp oil: 250 mg, 600 mg, and one million milligrams. They provide five tastes, too: natural, citrus, mint, strawberry and cookies and cream. The bottles are one ounce bottles (30 ml), each with a dropper for easy measuring. 

Penguin CBD Bundles 

The organization doesn’t offer any package products on their site.

Purchasing Experience-Penguin CBD Review

I purchased my merchandise on-line. The web site was rather easy, simple and easy to navigate. Every product had detailed information listed on the product page. It had been nice to get the description along with all the other pertinent info in one place without needing to click around to get unique pieces of the puzzle so to speak. The overall buying process was quite easy and easy for this Penguin CBD Review. Every product ships free in the United States. 

My merchandise box arrived rapidly, within the 3-5 business days. It had been nicely packaged and contained a receipt as well as the goods. The unboxing was great and that I got everything that I expected. 

The company’s return policy is straightforward to understand. Penguin provides a 30 day money-back guarantee on all goods should you’re not completely happy. 

Products Reviewed-Penguin CBD Review

As mentioned, I purchased the following for this Penguin CBD Review: 

CBD lotion 

For the lotion, I purchased the 250mg CBD lavender mint lotion. As a test, I applied a little bit to my own arm. The lavender had a really nice fragrance. Though this lotion is full of terpenes, it doesn’t odor grassy like other goods available available available on the marketplace. The lotion really absorbed quickly, too. 


I purchased the 10mg CBD gummies. When the jar arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the gummies were bright multicolored gummy worms which had an excellent taste. I discovered from the ingredients list the product is flavored with natural white grape juice concentrate, which contributes to the excellent flavour of those gummies. 


I also purchased the 10mg softgel capsules. They’re easy to swallow and don’t have any aftertaste like some CBD softgels do. The suggested dose is one to two softgels daily. The package explains that these are broad spectrum, meaning they also contain other cannabinoids in addition to CBD as well as terpenes and flavonoids. 

Each 3 flavours of the 1,000 mg strength oil 

The last product I purchased for my Penguin CBD Review was the petroleum in 3 flavours. I’ve used a number of oils and these were really nice with great tastes. The natural petroleum was quite nice without the typical grassy flavour which CBD complete spectrum oils may occasionally have. The company proposes using one dropperful. The citrus and mint flavours helped to decrease the earthiness of the broad variety tincture. The oil appears to be quite pure, such as the label says. The only addition is MCT (medium chain triglyceride) coconut oil that’s certified as organic. The organization doesn’t join a food allergy warning label to the jar for those people who’re very very sensitive to coconut though. 

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