CBD Dab Wax Review shows you how to use Dab Wax and how exactly it is beneficial for you or even if its worth it or not?

Organabus CBD is an American CBD firm with a concentrate on generating quality vapor liquids, however their offerings are rather lackluster in all aspects. The business offers poor insight in their motivations for conducting company or where is their hemp stems from. This firm is quite comfortable with regards to 3rd party testing, offering a few older samples, but makes little effort to keep these updated or linked to certain batches of their products. This provider suggests its goods are organic many times across their web site, however, we are skeptical about these claims. This firm does very little to back up any one of the claims made on their site, they’ve no certifications, testing, or just about any info on what part of their formulas are organic, and also to what extent. 

Overall, the goods from this business are average in quality. We enjoy biscuits and their pet bath bombs, but found most of their goods to be fairly underwhelming. Organabus does not provide any info regarding what the firm represents, nor do they provide an indication of the betterment to the hemp community. They preach organic ingredients, and also included a reference to being organic, at the business name, but provide no proof or further info on this whatsoever. 

With regards to where Organabus resources its hemp, no location is provided. It is likely the business is simply ordering their CBD extracts in large quantities from another manufacturer to make their goods and therefore have no idea where their hemp stems from or what the quality is like. Organabus product catalog consists of 14 unique items, and once taking flavour formulations into account, brings the overall total of goods offered purchase at around 70. This is an unbelievable number of choices for a CBD business. Their products also cover nearly all categories of CBD goods, including bath bombs, E liquids, tinctures, and pets products. 

They even offer some special offerings like their nasal inhalers. Even though the company offers some distinctive products to their lineup, this organization is doing very little at drive the business forward with their very own innovation. In reality, the most advanced products to their lineup, the nasal inhalers, are in fact quite poorly formulated products rather than something we’d recommend. As we have already mentioned, this business supplies virtually no info on the standard of the merchandise they carry. There are no laboratory tests supplied on their own or independent labs, no info on hemp source, and in several cases, no info on the ingredients used to make their merchandise. Purchasing from this provider depends on trusting the firm has done these checks in the backend, something we are not ready to do for some of their internal goods such as their tinctures or nasal inhalers.

Organabus routinely receives weak overall ratings due to its lack of accountability, bad customer support and low-power goods. This wax is unfortunately no different. With so many other CBD brands on the market, we believe your money is better spent on a brand that puts a little more caution into its products and customer relations.

If you want ask us about our honest opinion regarding Organabus CBD Wax, then we would ask you to not purchase its products. Why we say this, you ask? Because, its products contain low potency and hits lesser when compared to other brands such as farmacy bliss or kannaway. Moreover, this product also lacks variety in terms of different CBD products that they carry. If were asked to just rate it on the basis of value for money, then we would rate it quite low, because you never get the value that you’re for, in organabus cbd wax.


This wax comes at a price of around $0.17 per CBD milligram which is high for this product category. You should normally plan to pay more than $0.10 per milligram for a drug with greater product price consistency than this.

Organabus CBD Potency

Waxes are not the most potent in the realm of concentrates. With crystals you will get up to 99 per cent of potency. In a 1 g jar, the Organabus wax comprises 32 per cent CBD by weight. As a focus, though, a little goes a long way — it is not just for the heart’s low.

Hemp Source:

Organabus doesn’t list a source of hemp on its website but says that its hemp comes from sustainable commercial hemp. We searched around on their Facebook page, where the company listed sourcing their hemp from Europe but there is no country stated. 

We also demanded third-party laboratory testing since Organabus does not publicly post this material, but the laboratory tests just indicate cannabinoid potency, and it is THC-free. There’s no way to say the consistency of the hemp source or the end product without full laboratory tests.


Organabus does not provide a summary of the drug or guidance for how to use it. Waxes are designed to be either smoked on a dab rig or a vaporizer.

Product Variations:

The CBD wax is contained only in the 1 g bottle. There are no extra varieties or larger sizes eligible for order. That’s fairly standard for such a product. We would like to see waxes with stronger CBD or terpene tastes. 


Waxes are not the most potent in the realm of concentrates. With crystals you will get up to 99 per cent of potency. In a 1 g jar, the Organabus wax comprises 32 per cent CBD by weight. As a focus, though, a little goes a long way — it is not just for the heart’s low.

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Organabus CBD Product Variants:

  • $49.99


Organabus CBD Dab Wax: 1 g

  • Total CBD: 300 mg
  • Potency : 323.44 mg/g
  • Cost per mg CBD: $0.17
  • Extract Type : N/A

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  • Table of Contents
    • Overview: CBD Dab Wax
    • About The Company: Organabus
    • Who Should Consider Using CBD Dab Wax?
    • Price/Value
    • CBD Potency
    • Hemp Source
    • Formula/Ingredients
    • Purpose/Uses
    • Product Options & Flavors
    • Organabus’ Shipping & Return Policy
    • Final Verdict: Cheap Quality Doesn’t Justify Upfront Costs

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Organabus CBD Dab Wax Review

Concentrates will come in the form of oils like the famous Rick Simpson resin, crystals, break, budder, crumble, and wax — all relating to the concentrate textures. The high-potency extracts from the cannabis plant are CBD wax or generally referred to as ‘dabs’ 

Rest assured, while incredibly potent concentrate is quite free. You need the appropriate equipment to ingest such items. It might be an daunting idea, but once you ‘re acquainted with the dabbing method, it’s simple to see why focus is quickly becoming a common alternative.

A factor in the prevalence of dabbing is its potential to offer instant relaxation, especially for those with extreme symptoms of chronic pain, serious anxiety and sleep disorders. 

Does that represent what you want in your CBD product? If so, proceed to read our analysis of Dab Wax’s Organabus CBD to assess whether this concentrate is correct for you.

Overview: Organabus CBD Dab Wax

Concentrates are not the only appropriate CBD solution for beginners. It’s an incredibly powerful source of CBD, as the name suggests. You are getting 300 mg of CBD in this 1 g tub. 

It may be challenging to dose wax each time correctly for good outcomes and beginners may find themselves overdoing it because of its strong potency. 

Dab waxes need special equipment to achieve the maximum performance. Beginners may not want to spend straight off the bat in dab rigs or modified vaporizers. Waxes are smoking materials, and for those under the age of 18 or those prone to smoke inhalation, it is not suitable.

Here’s an idea of how to set up a dab device. This is an optimized wax bong. The glass bowl is heated by a fire, where the wax is vaporized upon touching. 

Smoking concentrate is ideal for those looking for immediate relief to relieve severe symptoms. 

This is advised that you smoke lower doses and build your way up because it is possible to unintentionally consume more than is necessary. You can never take back what you’ve burned but, if necessary, you can always smoke more.

Pros & Cons

0% THCProvides immediate effectsAn economical method of ingestionLimited third-party test resultsRequires additional equipment to ingestMeasuring consistent dosage can be difficult

Key Features & Benefits

1. THC-Free

This concentrates will not give you the high psychoactive associated with the use of cannabis. This wax is THC-free according to the third-party lab results we asked for. 

Although Cannabis can have medicinal effects, there are factors that should be prevented for others, including sensitivities to Cannabis, substance tests or its legal status.

2. Provides Fast-Acting Effects

The results of focus smoking are almost immediate. As you inhale CBD it is ingested into the lung alveoli where it reaches the bloodstream. On the other side, consuming CBD does have a different mechanism. The liver and intestine will break down up to 40 per cent of the active ingredient before it reaches the bloodstream. The results are long term, although the initiation will take about 30 minutes and an hour everywhere.

About The Company: Organabus CBD

Organabus is best known for its vapor liquid selection but it also offers capsules, gummies and concentrate CBD. The company has its offices in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has been in operation since 2010. 

The brand ‘s tagline is “Organic CBD Made From Industrial Grown Hemp.” There’s no mention of its hemp source anywhere on the website other than this. Organabus claims it imports its hemp from Europe after some searching on its Facebook account.

If we assess the hemp procurement and quality control of Organabus, it’s not moving in. The company doesn’t appear to be concerned about delivering the responses we are searching for when it comes to consistency of the drug. We also reached out to the customer support department for full third-party sample verification on several occasions but it always returns as unavailable or unanswered. 

We don’t suggest any of the Organabus items because of this. The CBD industry is notorious for this lack of transparency and we feel that your money and time is better spent in helping companies change that.


2.33 / 5

Buy from Organabus

Who Should Consider Using Organabus CBD Dab Wax?

Although vaping CBD e-liquids will have quick-acting effects, often a kick isn’t enough to help you find pain relief. For this case it is worth considering the dab waxes. 

Whether you want the option of vaporizing the CBD and want to save counter room from a dab rig system, certain vaporizers also locate wax adapters and make the move. 

Since waxes are meant for smoking, this is not suitable for children or those who have lung inflammation.


The Organabus CBD Dab Wax is $49.99 for a 300 mg CBD 1 g bottle. 

Breaking the prices down, this amount out to about $0.17 per mg CBD. When you are trying to purchase a retailer greater than 1 g, it lacks the opportunity for bulk pricing. 

Price Breakdown of CBD Dab Wax on Organabus

Product NameTotal PriceTotal CBD ContentCost per mg CBD
CBD Dab Wax — 1 g$49.99300 mg$0.17

Organabus CBD Potency

The Organabus’ CBD Dab Wax has strength of 32 per cent according to the Certification of Review. It is common for wax concentrates due to the natural esters and fats which contribute to the product’s durability and texture. 

Learn About CBD BioCare

When you are searching for something better, we encourage you to look through CBD crystals. Crystals typically have a 99 per cent CBD concentration. Crystals are even more flexible — to improve their CBD quality, it can be burned, consumed, and applied to the topical formulations.

Potency Breakdown of Organabus CBD Dab Wax

ProductTotal CBDTotal VolumeCBD Potency (mg/g)Potency Level
CBD Dab Wax — 1 g300 mg1 g300 mg/gHigh

Organabus CBD Hemp Source

Organabus claims to use organic CBD from industrially grown hemp — however, it doesn’t disclose the location of its hemp source or provide organic certifications on the website.

We did a little snooping on Organabus’ Facebook page where consumers were still concerned about the company’s hemp procurement and certifications from third parties. 

Organabus claims it imports its hemp from farmers in Europe (but it doesn’t state where in Europe), and when required, they can privately post the Certification of Review. 

They just sent back the cannabinoid potency and description when we reached out to the team about the test tests. The wax is safe from THC (as advertised) and includes CBD of 32 per cent. There’s no way to tell whether such hemp seeds are sustainable or clear of toxins, like heavy metals , chemicals, or herbicides, without full third-party monitoring.


What we learn about this product is that there is 32 percent CBD in the oil, so it is THC safe. 

Organabus does not provide any information about the process of extraction used for this focus. We find this problematic because waxes and other concentrates are typically made from a solvent and if the manufacturer did a sloppy job, the harmful residues could remain in the end product


Organabus hopes that its clients realize what they want as they visit the website. You can find no product specifications or installation directions for either of the products. 

Dab waxes are pretty straight on. Such concentrates are for vaping, so to do that, you should use a dab system or a patented vaporizer.

Product Options & Flavors

What you see is what you get with Organabus’ CBD Dab Wax. There is only one size — 1 g with 32% CBD — and only the one natural flavor option. We’ve seen other companies offer smoking concentrates in a variety of terpene flavors, which make dabbing a more enjoyable experience.

Organabus’ Shipping & Return Policy

Organabus travels worldwide and is charging a flat delivery rate of $5 throughout the United States. 

I did not locate a return policy on the Organabus page, so we submitted customer support via e-mail. I was told by the customer care rep that Organabus will not allow refunds but would swap case by case.

Full verdict: Low price Prices upfront are not warranted 

Despite of their lack of clarity, we cannot endorse the wax of Organabus. We’re looking to hold brands accountable for their claims and the quality of their products in this highly unregulated CBD industry. 

There are lots of other companies out there with good quality CBD waxes at a decent price, with the product and processing responses we are searching for. 

While the firm can submit check reports from third parties as needed, this is restricted to the profile and efficacy of cannabinoids. There is no way to check whether it is clean of toxins or that the hemp source is as organic without any tests undertaken after that.

We suggest the CBD Wax by Mere CBD Trade for those looking for alternatives. The business provides complete check reports from third sources, comprehensive product details and affordable pricing. 

Over the last decade or so, CBD has stopped being anything small and confounding. Instead of pretending to be any however, there will still be the one specific approach inside any activity which seems to be frustrating. 

Secretive, secret activity today citizens use CBD every day. 

CBD dabs are the most confusing, slightly off-putting method of imbibing CBD; it almost looks like a scientific experiment to those who don’t understand it, rather than a way of imbibing CBD.

CBD dabs may look like an old, deviously constructed contraction, but it’s an amazingly easy way to imbibe CBD. 

A variety of various forms of dabs may be used from CBD powder, CBD crystals, and CBD smash. Users heat their dabs on what’s called a water pipe, allowing them to inhale the dab after cooling enough. 

And what is THC and THC wax dabs and are they worth it?

What Are CBD Dabs?

A CBD dab itself is an incredibly pure CBD concentrate. It was tempered carefully and prepared to be almost entirely CBD, and nothing else. Although most CBD items contain certain additives, such as CBD oil or other terpenes, CBD dabs are entirely purified CBD, rendering them simple to vaporise. 

You place these on your water pipe and inhale them deeply to use CBD dabs. The secret of heating it up to blazing red hot with a water pipe is. Instead you let it cool off a little and then place your CBD rub on top. 

The water within the tubing is then immediately vaporized and cooled, resulting in a pure CBD encounter.

The interesting thing about CBD dabs is their sheer variety of different types. While the most common type is undoubtedly CBD wax, there are so many other types available. The main differences between all the different types are the degree to which they are heated and cooled.

CBD shatter wax, for example, is produced using a rapid refrigeration process. It gives it the feel and look of a mark, allowing it to break until physically damaged. The various textures and types of CBD dab all provide slightly different flavors, feelings, and effects that allow you to truly customize your dab experience. 

You just have to choose which type of CBD dab you prefer and buy it at your local dispensary. 

Dabbing CBD has also been considered the safest way to achieve the CBD’s benefits as easily and effectively as possible. It makes you almost instantly experience the impact.

But what are the effects of CBD dabs? Is there any risk that it could get you high?

By any chance are you facing inflammatory problems? This guide may help you with that!

What Are the Effects of CBD Dabs?

Given the worries of others, CBD dabs won’t make you going anyway. It is because there is nil THC in CBD dabs and is the main opioid responsible for the psychotropic impact of cannabis. 

The CBD dabs have just almost the same results as normal CBDs. It can be pretty difficult to seek to understand all the impacts of dabs though. This is because CBD can affect various bodily functions in all sorts. 

CBD has the capability of interacting with the endocannabinoid system , particularly the CB2 receptor. CBD is thought to facilitate an intriguing myriad of changes in the human body.

CBD, for example, is well known to serve as a potent anti-inflammatory agent. It allows the body to turn off its reaction to the inflammation. 

CBD is also used as an antioxidant and has a myriad of potential uses. Some claim it delays the progression of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. This is illustrated by Peres F.F in studies like this one. In the Pharmacology Bulletin of Frontiers. Far more research is needed, however, to determine its impact on our bodies. 

The biggest explanation for the success of CBD dabs is because of how simple it is to use. But how pure that is, too.

Instead than being packed with all manner of various terpenes, herbs, and other additives, CBD dabs produce 99 per cent CBD and very little else. 

If you’ve ever seen somebody use a water pipe and take a drink, understanding it still appears nearly difficult. 

It’s extremely easy to do though. This only requires a tiny amount of time and know-how to do it properly. 

Just how is it that you draw a dab? What are the steps needed to enjoy a full CBD dab experience?

How Do You Take a Dab?

You need to take your pipe torch, usually a regular blowtorch, and target the flame right on the nail to start with. The nail is the outcropping piece of metal that will finally rest on the dab; you want to heat the dab up before it begins to glow red hot. 

Turn the torch off and wait about 20 seconds for the perfect performance as soon as it becomes red hot. This should cause much of the heat to subside. And it’s getting it to the right temperature so it doesn’t overheat the dab.

Once it is the right temperature, take your dabber and get ready. You need to place the CBD dab right on the nail and begin inhaling very slowly. As soon as the dabber touches the nail, it will instantly vaporize. This gives you the chance to inhale slowly through the pipe, at which point the waiting water will cool the smoke. From there, you just need to keep inhaling until you feel the need to exhale.

Dabbing CBD may seem complicated and otherworldly. Still, it is really is not that difficult from shisha pipes or even a regular water bong.

While trying to enjoy your very first CBD dab, you might start wondering what’s going on in a CBD dab actually. So, how do concentrate CBDs be made? 

CBD concentrate is the proper name for all the various types of commonly available CBD dabs. All condensed CBDs continue the same way. Hemp passes through a number of various actions of heating, cooling, and refining, until it transforms into specific forms of CBD concentrate. 

And there are other CBD focus types, such as paper, dabs and crumble. But exactly how are they made?

How Are CBD Concentrates Made?

The CBD needs to be removed, to begin with. The most common process is the separation of CO2. It uses superheated carbon dioxide to remove the CBD from the hemp plant and the other necessary cannabinoids. 

These are also other extraction processes, including a variety of diverse solvents such as ethanol or butane. Even, the process of supercritical CO2 extraction is by far the most popular and the fastest.

Once the cannabis plant extracts the CBD, it needs to go through a secondary process called winterization. This approach is what helps to clean the final drug, helping to eliminate all signs of certain terpenes or cannabinoids which are often removed through the extraction procedure. Most commonly this happens using an ethanol solution, kind of like making wine brandy. 

The resulting paste is a raw concentrate of CBD which can then be molded into anything else you wish. You may create various forms, utilizing crystallization and slow cooling.

You need to facilitate their crystallization and cooling to create CBD wax, which gives you the characteristic waxy texture. You need to cool it too rapidly for CBD fracturing, and encourage it to settle after intense stirring. You can truly break it into tiny shards with this type, like glass. 

Another common form of CBD concentrate is live CBD resin that comes from frozen buds. This freezing process maintains a variety of other terpenes and cannabinoids that help to improve its aroma and flavour.

Another common variety is CBD budder, which is rendered by heating it under vast temperatures and during the extraction process. It’s similar to CBD powder, but it’s even suppler, almost like natural oil. 

CBD crumble which is much finer than CBD wax and has less CBD crystals, is the last standard focus.

Final Thoughts on Organabus CBD Dab Wax

In the CBD universe, CBD dabs are a little odd – they reflect not just creativity and novelty but also a departure from the standard. You then obtain a usually very waxy and very odd looking CBD dab and inhale it from a water bowl, instead of getting standard CBD oil or a CBD tablet. 

Even those who are very entrenched and familiar with the world of cannabis find CBD dabs a bit off-putting, which only means there are a large number of people missing out there.

Not only are CBD dabs incredibly user friendly, they do deliver one of the cleanest and best-tasting ways to consume any CBD. It appears to take certain advanced tools to experience most CBD dabs, including a water pipe and a handy blow torch. 

You can also make some CBD budder for a rustic and strong CBD tasting experience and enjoy it on toast.

For those who have never tried it, CBD dabs are worth it but they can tend to be a little complicated. If you’re trying to play with a new form of CBD imbibing and want to try this magical trying contraption, then you’ll certainly find some CBD dabs close you and check them out.

Unaware of CBD Benefits? Here is a chart explaining it all.

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