The Paraguayan Congress accepted the decriminalization of medical cannabis, even allowing personal cultivation.

On August 26th, the Paraguayan lower house approved the bill which decriminalizes the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes. Among the promoters of the project, Senator Patrick Kemper, clarified to RFI the project, essentially, focuses on letting people with a health condition, and in need of access to medical cannabis oil, to cultivate the plant for personal use. In these particular case, the bill decriminalizes personal small scale cultivation and possession. It also specifically establishes a double filter path to the medication: the patients need to acquire authorization from both institutions responsible for regulating this activity. 

Cannabis Legal in Paraguay

These entities will be the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare and the National Anti Drug Secretary. The most important contribution of this bill would be to break with the conventional outline of health policies, in a bid to use research and science as a manual to make legislature decisions, leaving aside disbelief and stigmas and, finally, fulfilling the aim of supplying the population with effective, natural and available medical treatments. The pharmaceutical companies encourage the project, but criticize the personal culture since they consider that patients wouldn’t achieve a clean item, highlighting at the same time how this might be utilized as a loophole for commercially purposed cultivation, finally feeding to the black market. 

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Paraguay Drug Problems & Cannabis

The concern about getting a clean merchandise is really valid, since there are differences in between homegrown products and people made at a pro cultivation facility. But, there are a variety of associations of home growers, motivated by the most crucial one, Mama Cultiva, who’ve been refining best practices of controlled personal cultivation for six decades already, with quite favorable outcomes for the treatment of various conditions. As far as the usage for non medicinal. Urposes, Senator Kemper declarations stage towards steps having been taken for strict control. Individuals and houses at which the cultivation will be taking place will be equally pre emptively and randomly searched by police. The challenge is to curb down on the Paraguay smuggling and cartels that may feel threatened by this move.

Generally, at the aforementioned fact of requiring a green light equally from the National Anti Drug Secretary along with the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare together, the arrangement of the regulation appear to have been crafted in an effort to anticipate illicit activities of any kind.

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