A Complete guide to the legality of CBD around the globe including info on whether you may safely travel to from every country with CBD. Whilst the legal standing of recreational cannabis in many nations is white and black, conflicting and confounding laws make the lawful standing of CBD rather complicated. In some nations, some CBD goods are lawful while others are illegal, only compounding the confusion. Regardless if you merely have an interest in the legality of CBD and cannabis in some nations or you would like to travel with CBD from the UK, our country by state guide on the legal standing of CBD provides all the details you want. 

Is CBD lawful globally?

Cannabis is illegal and CBD is legal in many countries around the globe. However, since CBD is an extract from the cannabis plant, its legality is steeped in lots of regulations and legislation that imply that not everyone can grow, produce or purchase the merchandise. Adding to this the fact that every country has its own laws which are always changing seeing cannabis, it is a minefield answering questions regarding the legality of CBD. 

Is CBD legal in Europe?

Regulations by the EU govern the sale of CBD in many European nations. Nonetheless, these nations are allowed to make their own interpretation of the rules as well as well as amount of punishment. The tolerance for cannabis related offense varies greatly from country to country in Europe and, as a result, so does how the legislation on CBD is policed.

Country Is CBD Legal?

Albania = No

Cannabis and some of its byproducts are prohibited in Albania, but plants are present through the country and the legislation isn’t usually enforced. People using cannabis for personal use aren’t usually prosecuted although the legislation still dictates the goods are prohibited. 
For that reason, CBD oil is prohibited in Albania and isn’t worth the danger of importing into the country.

Austria = Yes, with a prescription.

Possession of cannabis was decriminalized in January 2016. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Health has lately issued a ban on the sale of all cosmetic and food products containing CBD unless issued using a medical professional. Without a prescription to your CBD product, it’ll be taken from you in Austria. Regardless of this, CBD oil remains available to buy like an aromatic oil that isn’t for human consumption in certain Austrian shops.

Belarus = No.

Belarus has one of the very restrictive laws across Europe with both recreational and medical use of cannabis being completely prohibited. In law, there’s absolutely no distinction between cannabis or hemp in Belarus and anyone caught growing hemp and selling CBD could be prosecuted with until five years in prison.

Belgium = Yes, with Prescription

Cannabis is illegal in Belgium, but decriminalized for adults over 18 for the possession of up to 3 grams. Cannabis derived medications are legal for medical use, like Sativex. But, Belgium has a very low rate of prosecutions for possession of cannabis and is recognized for being relaxed with CBD things available on the web and in health food stores for many years.

Is CBD legal in Bosnia and Herzegovina = No

Consequently, CBD is illegal without a prescription because of a law made in 1912, however it is not policed. Though a branch of the Bosnian authorities has been made to explore the legalization of cannabis products for medical purposes, all cannabis and by products are prohibited in Bosnia. Consequently, CBD is prohibited in Bosnia.

Bulgaria = Yes

Bulgaria is the first country in Europe to allow the free purchase CBD petroleum products from hemp. This means it’s neither categorised as a supplement or medicine as in the rest of Europe, but as food. CBD is totally lawful in Bulgaria with THC of less than 0.2%

Croatia = Yes

Cannabis is legal in Croatia with a prescription. Possession of cannabis is decriminalized and being caught with a small amount for personal use will result in a fine. All hemp and CBD related products are lawful in Croatia so long as they’ve less than 0.2percent THC and you may safely import and purchase hemp and CBD here. 

Is CBD Legal in Cyprus = Yes

CBD is lawful in regards from industrial hemp and the concentration of THC doesn’t exceed 0.2percent at any time of production. It is travel safely to Cyprus with CBD purchased in the United Kingdom. Recreational cannabis is decriminalized. Possession of up to 10 g and the cultivation of up to 5 plants both are subject to a small fine. The law states that any cannabis product which contains less than 0.3percent of THC is lawful, so CBD oil could be sold and consumed openly in the Czech Republic.

Czechia / Czech Republic = Yes

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