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Consider the following scenario: You’ve got a few grammes of top-shelf marijuana in the kitchen, but there’s a problem! You remember you’re out of rolling papers, and your pipe is on loan to a neighbour. To make matters worse, because it’s late at night and you want to get stoned while listening to Led Zeppelin, all of the local stores are closed.

You frantically search the house for anything with which to smoke An apparently fruitless search turns up nothing but an empty soda can that you failed to recycle that day. Before you throw the can away in disgust, maybe you can channel your inner MacGyver and make a pipe out of it. Does it seem to be impossible? Not if you follow this simple and straightforward guide.

how to smoke crack out of a soda can

Pipe is made up of a can, a screwdriver, a small needle, and your thumb.

If you have a sharp object or two lying around, you can easily make a simple pipe out of a soda can.

Until continuing, rinse the can with warm water and allow it to dry.

Create an indentation on the side of the can opposite the side from which you would smoke with your thumb.

Poke holes in the centre of the can where you’ve made the indentation with a needle, marker, or even a pencil. It doesn’t matter how small the holes are; the more the better. For this, a grate-like pattern fits best.

After that, use a screwdriver or similar implement to create a wide hole on the side. If you’re stuck, a pen could be the solution.

Remove the tab from the can and use a lighter to heat both the smoking area and the surface of the can on the opposite side. The aim of this strategy is to vaporise any chemicals used on the inside of the can before starting to smoke. You can remove the paint from the two relevant areas if you like. Again, heating this paint might make it toxic, so we suggest getting rid of it. This is where sandpaper comes in handy.

Finally, your can pipe is full and ready to use! Place the herb on the indentation, cover the large hole on the opposite side of your cannabis with your thumb, and keep your mouth to the drinking hole in your new pipe. Light your pot, and when the can is full of smoke, it’s time to take a drag!

It’s a useful trick if you’re in desperate need of a marijuana pipe, but it comes with risks. Note that the can is made of aluminium, which when inhaled has been connected to neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s. Although it is difficult to heat the metal to the point that it starts to vaporise with a standard lighter, it does pose some health risks.

The Pipe of Apples

You should use an apple instead of an aluminium can pipe to follow the fundamental concept of the aluminium can pipe.

Take a fresh apple and squish it with a pen to make a tunnel from the apple’s top (stem) to its heart.

Create a second tunnel on the side of the apple that connects to the one in the middle to ensure sufficient airflow.

Line the apple’s natural mould where the stem emerges with aluminium foil. Make holes in the foil and put your marijuana on top.

Light your herb and take a drag through the apple’s side hole. You can make a carb by drilling a third hole on the other side, but you don’t have to. This works much like the can pipe but without the hazards.

How to Make a Water Pipe with Two Cans

We must remind you once more about the hazards of heating metal cans and inhaling the fumes and paint. Two standard sized cans, a can opener, a pair of scissors, a mouthpiece or a glass slide, tape, and water are all you need to make a simple, fast, and inexpensive disposable water pipe.

The two cans should be rinsed and dried. Using the can opener, cut the top end of one can (which becomes the base) and both ends of the other can (which becomes the cylinder). If there are some sharp edges, bend them and tape them to keep your mouth from being sliced as you try to use the can.

Make a hole in your base can wide enough to accommodate the mouthpiece’s stem. Again, be careful not to cut yourself on the corners, and cover any cuts with tape.

Apply more tape to the mouthpiece to ensure it is firmly fixed to the can.

Tape the two cans together to make the chamber for your DIY water pipe.

Prepare by adding water to the point that the stem is barely submerged.

Inhale through the top of the pipe after filling the mouthpiece with herb. When the chamber is absolutely filled with smoke, remove the mouthpiece and enjoy.

Last Thoughts on Do-It-Yourself Pipes

The marijuana industry is known for its imagination, and for decades, weed users have invented bizarre and wonderful ways to ingest their cannabis using whatever household implements they might find. There’s something humorous about using a can to make a hash pipe, but if you don’t have any rolling paper and a lot of high-quality marijuana, it’s easier to make a DIY pipe out of a can than to wait an entire day to get high!

The can pipe is novel, but it comes with its own collection of hazards. You risk cutting yourself on the can or inhaling the paint’s chemicals. In a perfect world, you’d have a pipe or some rolling papers on hand. Alternatively, you can produce a similar impact without the possibility of cuts or chemicals by using an apple.

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