What is a One Hitter?

Wondering how to smoke a one-hitter? One hitters are a great addition to almost any consumer’s collection, and if you’re new to cannabis, maybe you’ve never heard about them. These versatile, practical pipes come in a wide selection of fun fashions and cater to smokers who prefer a quick, small hit of their favored flower. If you learn how to use a one-hitter can assist control dosage, conserve your stash, and keep things easy, discreet, and clean. What else is there to know about utilizing these convenient and mobile plumbing?

Different kinds

A one hitter is a small pipe (sometimes known as a “bat” or “chillum”-RRB- that, as the name suggests, retains about one hit of cannabis. In this guide, we will teach you how to smoke a one-hitter. They are available in numerous distinct materials, like metal or glass, and are shaped like a straight tube, with the bowl on one end and the mouthpiece on the other. One hitters may be used as a stand-alone, or they may come as part of a set known as a “dugout.” Dugouts possess a space that retains the bat and space to get pre-ground cannabis, enabling you to twist the end of your one-hitter in the ground flower to easily pack it.

Why people prefer to learn how to smoke a One Hitter?

One hitters and chillums are a favored among many smokers because they’re compact, discreet, and easy to clean. Perfect for a fast solo smoke or hit on the go, the little bowl dimensions of most chillums ensure you conserve your cannabis and smoke efficiently. Storing and packing a one hitter is surprisingly easy when you have the right tools. If you do not own one, we extremely recommend the new Marley Natural Taster, it is very stylish. Take your grinder card and place it on top of an open Pebble container. Then, grab a good bud and gently rub it on the surface of the grinder.

The ground cannabis will fall throughout the holes to the container below for easy filling. You may use your finger to push any residual pieces. Some folks are happy to just shove buds straight to the top of their one hitter entire, but we advise that you acquire a grinder. Your cannabis will burn more evenly, allowing you to get more mileage from the buds, and you’ll have a lesser chance of clogging the piece.

How to Smoke a One Hitter? Step by Step Guide

Here are step-by step instructions showing you how to package and smoke your one hitter or chillum.

  1. Take the one hitter and dip the bowl finish into the Pebble, that is filled with ground cannabis and twist. You’ll probably have to execute this dip and twist-action a few times to get a nicely packaged, longer-lasting bowl. You may use your fingers, the grinder or another flat surface to make a last package of the bowl and remove all dangling pieces of cannabis. Make sure not to pack the bowl of the Hitter too tight or you may unintentionally restrict heat.
  2. Once the one hitter has been packed, slowly bring the fire from a lighter or hemp wick to the bowl and start to inhale, drawing the fire in contact with the bud. This may produce a cherry, allowing you to smoke the rest of the cannabis from bowl without further use of the lighter. We recommend a slow, smooth inhale and exhale to steer clear of Scooby snacks and pointless respiratory irritation or coughing fits. Once the conclusion of the bowl has been smoked, you can blow out the ash or softly tap the hitter against a hard surface to expel the ash.
  3. In our experience, these approaches are perfect for preliminary apparent, but they don’t fully rid the atmosphere path of the stubborn, sticky resin. That is why we suggest constantly carrying a cent of some sort. Are you ready to retire your obsolete dugout to get an odor proof kit? These odor proof smoking kits will completely replace the basic dugout with a discreet kit with lots of space to get a poker, grinder, and also the capacity to take numerous strains at once.

FAQ about How to Smoke a One Hitter

What if I get ash in my mouth while learning How to Smoke a One Hitter?

Try packing the jar of the one who beats alone a bit tighter i.e. Pack a little additional cannabis in there, or employ a tamper to press down on the herb inside the bowl. Follow Step 2 over till you can’t fit any more cannabis into the bowl. This issue is more widespread with fresh or freshly clean one hitters, as they don’t have a sticky resin coating to prevent ash from making its way into your mouth.

How many hits can I get out of a freshly packed one hitter bowl?

This may be dependent on your particular one hitter and how big of an inhalation you take, but, our Hitter holds sufficient ground cannabis for 3-4 solid rips.

How much Cannabis does the Pebble hold once I have learned How to Smoke a One Hitter?

Half a gram per Pebble. In case you are carrying four Pebbles, you will be capable to pack your Hitter 20+ times.

Using Hemp Flower On Your One Hitter

If you’re Looking for symptom relief without the intoxicating effects of THC, consider using an organic, federally legal hemp flower instead of traditional cannabis buds. The non GMO, sustainably grown, batch tested hemp flower from Canna Comforts smokes and vapes beautifully and offer a full spectrum dose of beneficial cannabinoids in every yummy hit. We particularly like Special Sauce and Suver Haze, however, they carry a diverse array of breeds which look, feel, odor, taste, and vape exactly enjoy the top shelf cannabis breeds that motivated themminus the intoxicating effects of THC – so that you can decide that you like best! The one hitter refers to one of the very popular and simplest smoking apparatus out there. These mobile and hardy little pipes are a fan favored for smoking a small quantity of tobacco.

Tips to help you master help How to Smoke a One Hitter

Whether you are on the-go, want to conserve what merchandise you have got. Or just need a better idea of how much you are smoking. Then any seasoned enthusiast has one of those in their toolkit. With that said, they certainly have their upsides and downsides, but that is why we are here to throw some advice and tips your way to ensure your only hitter is a loyal companion for many years to come.

Make sure to load it up

In case you are only starting with one hitters, don’t have any fear, these pipes are really easy whenever you get the hang of them. To pack the bowl, the simplest way is to place your product on a flat surface, turn your pipe perpendicular with the end of the bowl facing down, and push the bowl against your tobacco. You may do that a few times to pack the bowl more tightly, but ensure you do not pack it so well that it restricts airflow.

Is the end in sight?

Many people have some issues knowing when the bowl is lit. Plus they cannot see the end of the bat. In which the magic is occurring, but there is an easy fix. In case you’ve a lighter with a shiny top just like Bic or a Clipper, then you may use the shiny piece as a mirror to see when the bowl is lit. Remember to draw gradually and steadily as you are holding the flame just in front of the bowl. Should you inhale strongly and fast, you run the potential risk of pulling out some of the embers into the mouthpiece.

Are you an amateur fire breather?

The shorter the distance smoke travels, the thicker it’s when it reaches your mouth. Additionally, remember you light something on fire, so you are bound to get some embers and ash which makes their merry way into the rear of your neck. There are some ways to make your experience smoother however. The SilverStick bat has a replaceable natural filter that diffuses the warmth, traps pitch, and also stops these burning off particulates. So which is smoother, but the standard unfiltered pipe is going to be a little harsh.

In case you are working with a normal taster. There are metal screens for you may catch at some smoking stores. Which will catch the largest embers, but they don’t capture tar and finer particulates. This extreme heat may actually scorch your throat. So some pipes have dimples which some claim swirls the warmth and diffuse things a little.

How far would you walk?

One hitters are nothing if not portable. They are so small and discrete; they are most people’s go-to travel companion for smoking on the move.  But doesn’t everything simply fall from the bowl and coat what I love in tobacco you ask? It does not do this because you read this useful guide! One hitters arrive with various secrets to get over this, such as SilverStick comes with an end cap, so that you can pack and go with a couple hits. You may also get a wooden or leather dugout/one hitter box, to take your tobacco, pipe, along with other accessories if you want a little more during your adventure.

Make sure to keep it clean

Your pipe starting to get caked in a gnarly layer of char and leftovers from your past smoke sessions? No worries! These small bats are amazingly tough and super easy to clean! You place the body of the pipe in isopropyl alcohol. Gently swish the alcohol around to make sure it gets in all the crannies and nooks, then allow it to sit. This can disintegrate all the leftovers in the pipe. Also a quick wiping down with a cotton swab and paper towel will end up the job. This isn’t to say you can use alcohol on most of plumbing, so be sure you double check beforehand.

Utilizing One Hitters for Microdosing Cannabis

If you are intrigued in microdosing, but nevertheless like smoking, one hitters are an ideal selection for you. By taking smaller, more correctly sized hits, medical patients and low tolerance consumers may enjoy the pleasant effects of cannabis without too much of the head buzz. It is terrific way to moderate your dosing when smoking. And conquer the day without having to sacrifice too much functionality.

What are the advantages of learning How to use a One Hitter?


One-hitter pipes possess many benefits. Because of its compact size, it is among the very discreet ways to smoke blossom and may easily and quickly be stored out of sight. If a low-key smoke sesh is what you think about, you can’t go wrong with a one-hitter. Unlike a joint, it won’t be left burning an infinite stream of fragrant smoke. And unlike a traditional bowl, it’s not an obvious shape or size–when light a one-hitter. You mimic the identical motion as light a cigarette.


Bats are also great for conserving your stash. When smoking out of a bowl, it’s so easy to pack the entire thing. Depending upon the depth of your own pipe, this could potentially require quite a little blossom. For those that want or need to smoke alone or individuals who simply have a low tolerance. A full bowl may frequently mean a half smoked-bowl, with flavorless, charred marijuana to return to later. One-hitters assist conserve your stash by making every hit a careful action so you’re less inclined to over-pack or over-smoke.

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