Another amazing way to consume a little weed is bubbler bong, check out how to smoke a bubbler in this complete guide.

There are only too ways today to ingest cannabis. You can roll a traditional joint, light a splif, load a bong, use a steamroller or chillum, or simply pack a bowl in a pipe. The bubbler bong is one form that is very common among marijuana customers. And if you haven’t used one yet, you’re really missing out, actually.

The bubbler bong may not be an intuitive choice to enjoy some cannabis with for those just dipping their toes into the sea of cannabis, but it is actually simpler to use this device than it may seem. We not only clarify what exactly a bubbler bong is in this post, but we also walk you through the process of using one so that the next time you come face-to-face with a bubbler bong, you can smoke your pot like a champ.

Keep reading to find out how to use a champion-like bubbler bong to get the most out of your marijuana…

What’s a Bubbler Bong, exactly?

Bubbler bongs, also referred to as simply bubblers, contain water, just like plain old bongs. The bubbler bong is a happy medium between the classic pipe of blown glass and a giant bong in many ways. When compared to a bong, what makes bubblers a little more preferable at times is their more compact size.

How to smoke a bubbler

The bubbler bong uses a percolation device, much like a bong does, which helps clear the smoke and funnel it through the piece of glass so that you are left with silky smooth deliciousness by the time you get the hit. Yum! Some say that bubblers make their weed taste so much better because the water really has a purifying effect that allows you to get the full strength of the flavors that you wanted to pick up that day, naturally present in whatever herb strain.

The compact shape and size, which is actually incredibly simple to clean, is another element in the bubbler that makes it more convenient than the bong. Cannabis glass needs to be washed out on a regular basis and failure to do so can lead to health issues, such as lung problems and infections.

Try to clean your paraphernalia at least once every 1-2 weeks, depending on how much you smoke, to stop getting sick. Every day or two, some people want to give their glass a thorough cleaning, but for some, this could feel like overkill. When deciding how much your bubbler, pipe, or bong should be washed, use discretion.

The Bubbler Bong’s Roots

Although the bubbler’s true roots are not fully clear, it is believed that this more modern adaptation of the bong (which, by the way, has been around for thousands of years and was derived from the Thai word baung) probably came to fruition because some guy wanted a more convenient, portable bong that he could use more conveniently.

The Bubbler was, therefore, born. This guy was certainly so impressed with his development that he began to show all his mates, and people ended up loving the concept so much with time that it just stuck like glue. The bubbler is not incredibly old, unlike the pipe and the bong, and actually came along only in the 20th century.

A Bubbler Bong’s Anatomy

Let’s delve into the anatomy of this cleverly designed device in order to get a complete image of what a bubbler bong is for those who have never seen it. A mouthpiece linked to a stem is contained in the top of a bubbler, which is normally bent at a slight angle. The stem then attaches to the bowl where you will need to fill your marijuana, and the water chamber where the H2O is stored is below the stem and bowl, giving its aqueous consistency to the bubbler bong.

Some bubblers also have a carb where air can be regulated, but this feature is not included in all of them. Just a very limited amount of water will carry the bowl itself, which is only enough to smooth out your weed’s hits without being inconvenient too.

Bongs often contain so much water, for instance, that they can spill and become a mess; nobody likes spilled, dirty bong water. The addition of water often chills down the temperature of the smoke on top of filtering your smoke out, making it quite a fun experience.

What you need to hear about how to make use of a Bubbler Bong

It’s actually very easy to use a bubbler bong, but it’s nice to know what you’re getting yourself into and what you can expect. Using a bubbler bong would feel pretty normal if you’ve ever smoked out of a bong or pipe before. If you don’t have one, we’ll simply illustrate what you’ll need to do:

Fill up your filtered water bubbler so that the water chamber fills up to the point where the stem’s bottom meets. Make sure that the bubbler does not overfill; this will only reduce the experience.

With freshly ground cannabis, pack the attached cup. Be sure to choose a strain you love-with this pure type of smoking encounter, you will not regret it.

Keep the piece and put your finger, usually the thumb, over the opening hole, if your bubbler has a carb.

Place your mouth over the bubbler’s upper opening. Keep your mouth there as you go in the bowl to light up your ground cannabis.

Hold your thumb or finger over the carb as you light up the weed. Remove your thumb after you have pulled the hit for a few seconds (some people want to wait 10 or more seconds), and take a big inhale.

The longer you drag the hit over the carb with your thumb, the bigger your hit will be, so start off smaller if you’re not used to smoking a bong or bubbler.

If you’ve cleared the smoke and taken your hit, by taking another short inhale, pull out some of the smoke that may be left within the bottle.

Be sure to drain the water when you’re finished using the bubbler and give it a fast clean with alcohol and salt if you like.

You can also wait a couple more times before you’ve used a bubbler to give it a deeper clean. Throw out all of the burned particles of cannabis in the bowl that are cached (finished). To keep it cleaner, give the bowl a quick wipe with a cloth as well.

Enjoy your smooth, velvety and amazing highs!

Final thoughts about how to use a Champ Like a Bubbler Bong

Well, there you got it. It’s really that simple. The bubbler bong not only provides a delicious, softer hitting alternative to other cannabis smoking strategies, it is also a convenient way to consume some marijuana and a brilliant choice when you want to share with a group of friends because it is so easy to move around the bubbler itself. Just make sure nobody ends up pocketing the lighter for you.

If you’ve never had a shot of the bubbler bong before, we strongly recommend that you give it a go because it’s a device that you’ll want to try out at least once in your life, particularly if you love cannabis.

As always, we hope that this article is not only insightful and educational, but also entertaining. It is important to note that it is the sole duty of the patient to consume marijuana and discretion should be taken.

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