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Do you have a habit of rolling your joints in the same way every time? If that’s the case, consider branching out because there are many types to choose from. You can get imaginative with everything from the tarantula joint to the triple-barrel joint.

Any of these prototypes tend to be extremely difficult. However, once you understand the measures, it appears to be less intimidating. We’ll show you how to roll a cross joint like a pro in six easy steps in this post. It seems difficult at first, but after a few attempts, you’ll be shocked at how simple it becomes.

Why Do People Smoke Cross Joints?

The most common form of marijuana use is still smoking a joint. Despite the wide range of products available, such as vape juice, edibles, and topicals, this is the case. Old-school weed users, on the other hand, also tend to smoke and invent new ways to roll joints.

Old-school cannabis users also love to smoke and invent new ways to roll joints.

The cross joint became well-known after appearing in the stoner film Pineapple Express. One of the film’s actors, Seth Rogen, is said to have rolled every cross joint himself. The cross joint will help you reach an extreme high in addition to looking fantastic. People with a poor THC tolerance, on the other hand, should avoid it.

What Are the Requirements for Rolling a Cross Joint?

Despite its appearance, rolling a cross joint does not necessitate a large number of objects. Here’s what you’ll require:

Three rolling sheets, ideally a combination of large and small.

a paper clip, a needle, or a piece of wire

The preferred cannabis variety

a milling machine

a pair of scissors

a small piece of cardboard, although this is not needed

What Is a Cross Joint and How Do I Roll One?

1st step

Two joints must be rolled. One has to be a lot bigger than the other. Leave a small empty twist at the tip end after creating the thicker joint. It makes lighting the joint a lot simpler.

Adding a piece of cardboard to the butt end of the cross joints is an optional extra step. Seth Rogen suggests it, but he doesn’t explain why. Most likely, you’re using the cardboard as a mouthpiece. You can use any of the cannabis by burning the joint to the end.

Cut a strip of cardboard up to three inches long and half an inch thick. It should be rolled into a cylindrical shape around the size of the cross joint. After you’ve rolled the joint, apply the cardboard. Remember that this isn’t a required measure, but it can improve your smoking experience.

Step 2:

Using a smaller piece of paper, roll a thinner joint. The quicker it is to make the cross joint, the thinner it is. On both sides, leave an empty twist.

3rd stage

Create a hole through the big joint from one side to the other with a paperclip. Place the hole about three-quarters of the way up from the joint’s foundation. After you’ve made the opening, carefully widen it to the same size as the smaller joint. Pushing the thinner joint through is the target.

Step 4:

Drill a new hole in the smaller joint’s middle. It is not necessary for the hole to be as large as the other joint. Make sure it’s at least twice as big as the clip or needle you used to make the hole.

This hole is crucial because it allows air to flow from the tip of the joint to the back end. If you miss this stage, it will be nearly impossible to smoke a cross joint. Just the ends will burn, and you will be unable to inhale the smoke.

Step 5:

Once the holes are drilled, insert the smaller joint into the larger joint’s opening. Make sure the holes you drilled in the smaller joint match up with the holes you drilled in the larger joint. Take precautions! You could rip one of the joints if you press too hard or too quickly. Continue until the teeny-tiny hole you poked in the thinner joint is encased in the larger joint.

6th step

Your creation should be in the form of a cross at this stage. Two more rolling papers, as well as scissors, are needed. Remove the glue from the papers and wrap them around the point where the thinner joint meets its larger counterpart. If this area is not adequately secured, smoke and air will spill out the sides. As a result, smoking the cross joint becomes more complicated.

Final Thoughts on Cross-Joint Design

When you’re done, you’ll be able to admire your joint rolling abilities. It’s been proposed that using a cross joint requires at least two lighters and the assistance of a mate. This isn’t correct. Toke on the butt end after lighting the empty twist on the thick joint. Then, illuminate the thinner joint’s twist ends. Throughout this step, take light pulls. Since the twists burn quicker than the weed, they can stay lit as you light the rest of the ends.

When you’re finished, you’ll be able to admire your joint rolling abilities.

The cross joint’s proponents argue that it provides a more extreme high. However, apart from anecdotes, there is no justification for this. Try rolling and doing it for yourself to see if it improves your smoking experience. It is, at the very least, pleasing to the eye.

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