How to ask weed from a friend? Here are few suggestions in this guideline might be useful…

In some form or another, cannabis is now legal in the majority of states. Medical marijuana initiatives are more common than legal recreational use at the moment, but surveys indicate that public sentiment is increasingly shifting.

Now that the tide is turning, we should expect to see more states join the cannabis legalisation campaign. It remains to be seen if cannabis will be legalised at the federal level. Nonetheless, decriminalisation in Portugal and legalisation in Canada indicate that legalising marijuana does not result in global anarchy.

However, as long as people’s access to cannabis is limited, a black market will still exist. People in some legal states are locked out of the cannabis industry, so black-market dealers prosper. We never allow our readers to partake in illegal activities, so this guide to asking your friends for marijuana is only for those who live in states where marijuana is legal.

If you’re wondering how to broach the uncomfortable conversation of asking for marijuana from your friend, read on.

how to ask for weed

Why do you need a buddy to ask for weed?

We urge you, first off, to remember why you’re asking a friend for cannabis. You don’t need to ask anyone else for cannabis if you live in a US state where recreational marijuana is legal. There are always some cases in which, though, you may want to ask someone else.

Some juveniles, for example, may be tempted to ask their older peers to accompany them to a dispensary. However, the restrictions are in effect for a reason, and if you’re under the age of 21, you shouldn’t be using recreational marijuana.

However, some people are simply apprehensive about travelling. We understand – it’s terrifying! You may as well ask them to help out if you have a friend who is educated about cannabis. This way, without the knee-trembling thought of walking into a store with no idea what to do, you get to enjoy your first marijuana encounter.

And if you feel worried about a dispensary, then you may be nervous about asking for a weed from your friend, too. You don’t want to find yourself completely green after all! That’s why you read this article and you’re here. We cover some of the basic terminologies below so that you can ask your friend for cannabis with confidence without turning red in the face.

Get Aware of Cannabis Terminology

Your friend may inquire as to the type of marijuana you want. There are a number of strains, including sativa and indica. Sativas, on the other hand, make you feel euphoric and spacy, while indicas calm your body and gradually put you to sleep. You can get an idea of some of the most common strains by reading the strain reviews on WayofLeaf. If you’re totally lost, however, don’t be afraid to get a suggestion from your mate.

There is plenty of vocabulary to familiarise yourself with, aside from this. There are weights, for instance. Your buddy (or dealer) will need to know how much weed you’re looking for. The short rundown is here:

1 gram is about the right size to fit in a joint. In such amounts, cannabis is not always marketed as it’s a little unnecessary.

Eighth: 8th of an ounce or 3.5 g, respectively.

Half: an ounce and a half, or 14 g.

The maximum sum is normally 28 g per ounce. Of course, you can buy 2 ounces, etc.

You can hear the word ‘dub’ as well. This refers to a twenty-dollar bag of marijuana. It normally weighs about a gramme and is of poor quality. The same is true for a ‘dime’ of marijuana, which is a $10 bag

You can have come across words like ‘dank,”‘ mids,’ and’ regs,’ speaking of efficiency. There are essentially cannabis tiers. Dank cannabis is the best and most expensive, while regs (or schwag) is of low quality. Most individuals prefer mids, which remain affordable while offering a decent high.

How much does it cost to weed?

If you really are a friend of the person you are asking for marijuana, then you do not need to know too much about the price. There’s always a risk, however, that you will get ripped off.

The prices of marijuana differ between states and even cities. Before you buy, it is a matter of doing some research. Legal dispensaries, sadly, appear to sell more costly goods than street dealers. You’re going to be paying for a promise that the weed is potent and won’t make you sick.

For the sake of argument, a pound of marijuana in California costs $257 on average, or $5.97 for a joint. By the way, Oregon’s marijuana is the cheapest, with an average price of $211 per ounce.

How to Get Cannabis from a Friend

Now it’s time to get down to work. The time has come to reach out and make your proposal to your friend. How do you go about it, though? Here are several guidelines

Text a question

The majority of people nowadays communicate via text or social media messaging apps. If you get in touch with friends, it’s probably via a text service. Currently, today, many street dealers work this way.

You’ve got to be careful, though. And if you live in a legal state, law enforcement can be picky about marijuana messages. So, remember to be discreet if you’re messaging your friend and telling them to pick up a quality bud.

Lovers of marijuana will know that thousands of terms for cannabis have arisen from a long history of subtlety. Pot, grass, Mary Jane… no matter what the newest name is, if you use it, you’ll sound more comfortable and confident.

If you’re sending messages to a friend who is a dealer, caution is much more important. “Try a message like, “Hey, are we able to meet later? Asking for cannabis rather than straight-up.

Give a call to them

A phone call is a little better, but it’s still uncomfortable to call and ask for cannabis from a friend. We recommend that you make it clear that you’re able to pay part of the bill instead of asking your buddy to pay for the whole ounce you’re all going to use.

Again, it’s best to be as silent as possible in case anyone notices you. While in many states cannabis is being legalised, there are still plenty of disapproving ears that could get in the way of your good time.

Get in Person Together

In person is probably the best way to ask your buddy for weed. It’s less uncomfortable, first of all. If you’re bored with your friends and want to do something, proposing that you get high is likely to be approved. The rest of the community will relax and enjoy the vibes together until a member has been nominated to pick up.

Now is the perfect time to try cannabis if you’ve never done so before. The best and most fun way to get up is to be with people in a relaxed environment. Plus, when you overdo it and green out, your buddies will be there for you.

By the way, it is often more simple to approach the topic in person than the other approaches we have described. What you’re supposed to do is inquire!

Weed’s final thoughts on telling a friend

There are many circumstances where you might want to ask for weed from a friend, especially if you are new to the cannabis community and are looking for a guide. Fortunately for you, the cannabis culture is incredibly accommodating, and your friend will most certainly happily assist you. It’s quick to ask a friend for weed, as long as you are able to pay your share.

It’s quick to ask a friend for weed, as long as you are able to pay your share.

Please note that there is never anything immoral that we will allow our readers to do. Always ensure that the cannabis laws in your state are reviewed, as marijuana rules are constantly evolving.

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