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For many Americans, routine narcotics testing is a reality. Numerous businesses, despite the fact that it is now legal in most jurisdictions, continue to search their workers for drugs such as marijuana. And, unfortunately, even though you live in a legal state and enjoy the occasional toke on your days off, you might end up costing your work with a positive drug test.

So, if you have an upcoming drug screening are uncertain if you are going to pass, you might want to consider first taking a home drug test. These kits are available for just a few bucks in drug stores and online, and they have the ability to save you a whole lot of hassle.

Home drug test for weed

But how exactly are home drug testing accurate? Let’s take a peek.

What are Drug Checks at Home?

Home drug tests for weed are commercially affordable kits that can be ordered both online and from drug stores such as CVS and Walgreens. Kits are available for saliva, urine, and hair testing, although the most popular are urine tests by far.

A selection cup, the test itself (a strip, card, or cassette), and instructions for use are normally included with these kits. Some kits also include shipping containers so that, if necessary, you can send the sample off to a lab for further testing. Only if your home drug test comes up positive would you need to send your sample. The laboratory would be able to provide findings that are more detailed and precise.

Home Drug Test Screening Forms

There are several different forms of home drug tests, and one that is best for you will need to be identified. You need to ensure that the kit tests for the substances you believe you can test positive for, as well as determining whether to examine your saliva, urine, or hair.

Many of the medications checked most often by at-home kits include:


Or cocaine

The Fentanyl (including methadone and oxycodone)

About Methamphetamine

About amphetamines



Or benzodiazepines

Barbiturates Barbiturates

Antidepressants tricyclic

Be sure to read the label carefully to ensure that all of the contaminants that you are worried with are protected by the test.

Why Use a Drug Test at Home?

You will want to make sure that your system is safe first, if you know you have a drug test coming up. An inexpensive and easy way to do this is to administer home drug testing. You can relax to some degree and abstain from drug use until after your screening if you test negative. You will know that you need to take more action to detox your system if you test positive.

For parents who believe their child might be using drugs, another potential use for home drug testing is. As a prevention measure, some parents use daily drug testing. Others might implement it if the behavior or mood of their child unexpectedly changes and they think there may be drugs involved.

While your children’s drug testing can sound like a positive idea, there are also plenty of downsides. Urine tests can easily be fooled, and by breaking faith, the implementation of them may well damage your relationship. In addition, there is a lack of substantial proof that random drug testing acts as a preventive measure.

If you decide to go down the substance testing road for your kids, if they should test positive, you should have an action plan ready. Be ready to respectfully address the problem and, if necessary, obtain medical advice. Finally, be mindful that once the positive result has been checked by a laboratory, you can not take any action.

Are Home Drug Testing Precise?

While some home drug tests, such as the First Check kit, claim to be 99 percent accurate, the results of these tests can be affected by various factors. The reliability of home drug testing can be influenced by the following:

If the test is completed inside the ‘accuracy window’

If the test was properly conducted

How the sample or test was held

What had been eaten/drunk prior to the exam

Any other drug taken before the exam, prescribed or over-the-counter (OTC)

Because of these factors, unless a competent lab has retested the sample, a result may not be considered 100 percent correct. Due to the existence of prescription or OTC drugs, a false positive may happen. A false negative may be due to an outdated test, insufficient storage, or too early or too late to perform the test.

The ‘accuracy window’ for a test relies on the drug for which it is being evaluated. It is also affected by the consumption patterns, lifestyle, and metabolism of the person. These are usually the clearance rates for certain widely abused drugs, as a rule.

While these statistics can be used as a general guideline, it should be noted that marijuana THC metabolites can be observed in heavy, daily users for up to 90 days. The rate at which your system clears THC metabolites also depends on your diet and body fat percentage. This is because they are retained in your fat cells and released over time gradually.

What if Positive is your Home Drug Test?

You should send it off for further review if your home prescription test is positive. Though these kits will tell you if your device contains a specific material, they are qualitative, not quantitative. This implies they are unable to show you precisely how much of any given material is present.

This is critical because it will rely on the measurable cut-off thresholds for that specific medication to pass a drug screening (or not). For instance, the cut-off is 50ng/ml for THC.

There are also various things you can do to improve your odds of passing if your home drug test is positive, and you have a screening coming up. Although none of them are guaranteed, the following tips can help you to pass:

When you know you have a test coming up, stop using illegal drugs.

If possible, try to postpone the exam to allow you more time to plan.

Try a detox product at home

To preserve a natural yellow hue, drink plenty of extra water to dilute your urine while taking a vitamin B supplement.

As your study, do not have your first pee of the morning (it will be more concentrated)

Take your sample, not the beginning or end, from the center of your urine stream.

Exercise daily, but stop as exercise releases THC metabolites from fat cells 24 hours before your exam.

To try to decrease body fat, lower your calorie intake

Try synthetic or powdered urine in a pinch to cheat on your test

It is a bit more difficult to pass a saliva, blood, or hair test. Read our related post on The Best Methods of Passing Cannabis Urine and Blood Screens to learn more.

Are Home Drug Testing Precise? Ultimate Thoughts

Home drug tests are fairly effective, ensuring you conduct them properly. Unfortunately, by lowering the precision of the test, there are several variables that may lead to a false positive or negative. A false negative may be triggered by an expired test or by the sample being stored improperly. Similarly, it is difficult to validate a positive result unless it has been tested by a competent laboratory.

If you plan to give home drug testing a shot, first read the directions and make sure you completely understand them. Before you even take your sample, do this, as testing it too soon or too late may affect your results. Pay careful attention to the accuracy window for whatever product you’re testing for, as well as how the test itself is conducted.

Though home drug tests are a helpful instrument to predict whether or not you are likely to pass a screening, they should not be taken as a guarantee. On test day, the only way to be 100% positive that you can succeed is to be completely clean of illegal drugs. Even though this may not be much fun in the short term, it has to be worth it if it preserves your life.

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