What is the difference between Full Melt Hash and Bubble Hash?

Full melt hash, is a term used to describe the attribute of hash, not automatically a specific kind, though it is most commonly associated with a bubble hash. Bubble hash, made by a process which uses ice water, special bags and a lot of movement to different Cannabis trichomes from the plant matter, is usually graded on a scale from cooking grade to complete melt. As the name suggests, cooking grade bubble hash, that is filled with impurities, isn’t acceptable for smoking.

Next is half a melt, that has a dirtier flavour and is more solid on the throat than complete melt, but remains smokable and may be rosin pressed. Then you have the best kind bubble hash, or complete melt. Full melt hash is not as strong as the waxes and shatters you will find in dispensaries, but it is still tasty, dabbable and much stronger than bong rip. Sadly, the drive for potency and the next huge concentrate has driven bubble hash along with other complete melt the extracts out the door. Some dispensaries around town sells bubble hash, but it’s rarely labeled full melt, anymore, as the term has lost significance. However, we will give you a detailed overview of what full melt hash is and how you can tell between the different qualities.

Solventless hash

Solventless hash, like dry sift and ice water extraction, represents the best quality and least adulterated type of cannabis concentrate. Composed of pure trichome heads, solventless hash provides an extremely pure cannabis experience. Up till the resurrection of rosin, solventless extracts were possibly better classified as resins. With the exception of rosin technology, the objective of solventless extracts such as arid sift and ice water hash is pure glandular trichome head isolation, as the heads contain the generally desired cannabinoids and terpenes.

Nevertheless, solventless extractions aren’t usually 100% free from contaminate, with the exception of rosin. Which implies that complete melts dry sift and ice water hash is extremely tough to achieve without very large quality starting material and experienced hash manufacturer. This is since there are so many technicalities that may affect the finished product. For example, plants that obtained foliar sprays during flower will create subpar hash. Please bear in mind that, so as get the most powerful effect from all of these concentrates. We recommend utilizing a dab rig.

How to Identify Full Melt Hash?

As there’s no replacement for a melt test, a methodical examination of the solventless hash throughout the pressing process will give you an idea as to the quality of the trichomes and the potency of the isolation. Before making a purchase, ask your budtender or caregiver the hash melts, who processed it, how a starting material has been grown, and then microns are available. All this and more info will assist you narrow down on the best quality solventless hash. Bear in mind, the info you receive from a budtender or a caregiver is just the rating that the hash maker gave to the infusion, there is not any replacement for independent laboratory tests to determine composition.

If you see a gram of half melt that grabs your attention, do not be afraid to take it home for a melt test of your very own, or buy it for the sole purpose of rosining it to improve the meltdown. Below are some important features to consider:

Appearance of the hash

Quality hash needs to have a golden colour and a consistency of beach sand if stored properly in a cool environment. When a quality hash was stored at room average temperature or warmer. It may grease up taking on the appearance of a darker, semitransparent oil. Quality hash lacks signs of green, dark brown, or black spots, indicating contamination. Seek out ice water hash and sterile sift with observable heads of trichomes that shine like crystals or diamonds within their jar. Smell.

Quality of the hash

Solventless hash needs to have a strong scent that’s consistent with the starting material. Identifiable, pungent smells are indicative of high terpene content and create strong flavours when smoked or vaporized.

What Micron is Full Melt Hash?

Both ice water hash and sterile sift will be marked with micron or LPI designation, respectively. The number indicates the dimensions of the holes in the screen. Which correlate with the size of the trichome heads in the hash. Sadly, there’s no best micron/LPI with regards to solventless hash. The degree of melt within every micron/LPI is practically always strain dependent. Nevertheless, as a general guideline, the maximum likelihood of full melt solventless hash can be found in the 70&mu, -120&mu, micron range.

Strain of Full Melt Hash

Specific strains are famous for producing a superior hash from both yield and melt standpoint. For instance, Gorilla Adhesive .4, Cookies, and TGA strains have a tendency to make a very greasy and melty solventless hash, whereas citrus dominant strains usually produce drier resin. In addition, organically grown cannabis with no foliar sprays during blossom will usually produce exceptional hash without solvents than their synthetic counterparts.

Grades of Dry Sift

The quality of your dry sift might not fall exactly into one of the following categories. Because these represent the center along with the two extremes. Consequently, numerous hash makers and dispensaries have started to accelerate hash. With the celebrity system, 1 star does not melt and 6 celebrity being full melt/oil. If you’re unsure where your dry sift is determined by the melt spectrum. It is easy to do a fast test at home by dabbing a little sample from your nail and watching the melt. In case it chars, it’s likely one or two celebrity dry sift, if it melts like water leaving minimum residue on the nail, then it’s likely five or six-star hash. Typically, the preferred consumption method depends on the grade of the dry sift.

Full Melt Dry Sift

This grade of hash contains only pure trichome heads and is regarded as ultimate connoisseur grade hash, it ought to be dabbed from a quartz nail. The beginning beach sand consistency could be pressed to a dab prepared sheet for ease of portion control and handling. Though this level of hash could be appreciated in almost any fashion, it’s typically dabbed because it is the best way to maximize taste and effect. Full melt dry sift is among the priciest concentrates, assuming you can’t find it at all

Half Melt Dry Sift

Half melt is much more contaminated and won’t vaporize off of a nail dab form, though some people still choose to do so. Depending upon the degree of melt. We recommend loading half melt dry sift in bowls, twaxing the interior of a joint/blunt, or rosining it. Professional hash makers can clean lower grades of dry sift in a bid to further isolate the trichome heads. Half melt dry sift normally sell at a lower price tag than complete melt.

What is the difference between Bubble Hash and Kief?

It is what is probably in the bottom of your grinder right now. Kief includes a mixture of trichome heads, stalks, and plants material. It’s regarded as the lowest grade of dry sift. And will char instantly upon being dabbed. Therefore, kief is best appreciated through twaxing, on bowls, in joints/blunts, in edibles, or converted into rosin. Kief is the least expensive grade of dry sift and is frequently times very affordable.

Grades of Ice Water Hash

Like a dry sift, ice water hash can also be commonly rated utilizing the celebrity system, 1 star does not melt and 6 celebrity being complete melt/oil. Once more, the favored consumption method depends on the quality or level of melting of the hash.

Total Melt Ice Water Hash

Full melt contains only trichome heads, is very large grade hash and should likewise be dabbed from a quartz nail. You will find it is about the exact same to manage and press into sheets like a dry sift. Due to the purity and quality, we also recommend reserving your bubble hash for home use with an electric nail. Full melt ice water hash is of very large quality and commands both substantial prices.

Half Melt Ice Water Hash (3-4 stars)

Half melt is much more contaminated and will not vaporize as well off of a nail in dab shape. When some people will dab specific grades of half melt ice water hash, we prefer to load it in bowls, twax the inside of a joint/blunt, or rosin it (in essence turning it into oil i.e. complete melt). Half melt ice water hash normally sells at a lower price tag compared to complete melt.

Cooking Grade Hash (1-2 stars)

Cooking grade hash contains the most contaminate (plant matter). It’s known as cooking grade because it’s commonly utilized to make edibles. It will not meltdown, so we wouldn’t urge dabbing or vaporizing cooking grade hash.  Additionally, to its use in edibles, cooking grade hash could be appreciated on bowls, within joints/blunts, or converted to rosin. For reference, cooking grade ice water hash is generally comprised of the extremely low and high microns (i.e. 25μ and 160μ respectively). Cooking grade is the least expensive grade of ice water hash and can be frequently times quite affordable. Considering all grades of water hash use water from the extraction process, it has to vanish prior to consuming. Be sure your ice water hash has been properly dried. To avoid the respiratory irritation brought on by inhaling residual humidity.

CBD Hash Using Organic Hemp Flower

In states without an authorized cannabis program, you may still make your very own solvent-based. Or solventless concentrates using organic hemp blossom instead of traditional cannabis buds. The resulting concentrate is going to be full of CBD along with other beneficial cannabinoids. But without the psychoactive high associated with THC.

We enjoy the sustainably cultivated, non-GMO, federally legal hemp blossom from Canna Comforts. All their diverse varietals look, smells, tastes, and smokes like the top-shelf cannabis strain that inspired it. We like to use Lifter (buy it) for maximum CBD content, but you might also convert some Elektra Kief into half- or full-melt hash utilizing the rosin method, as you’d with a high-THC kief.

What Micron is Full Melt Hash?

Both ice water hash and sterile sift will be marked with micron or LPI designation, respectively. The number indicates the dimensions of the holes in the screen. Which correlate with the size of the trichome heads in the hash. Sadly, there’s no best micron/LPI with regards to solventless hash. The degree of melt within every micron/LPI is practically always strain dependent. Nevertheless, as a general guideline, the maximum likelihood of full melt solventless hash can be found in the 70&mu, -120&mu, micron range.

What did you learn?

  • Solventless extracts are the best quality cannabis concentrates
  • Starting material Is Essential to concentrate quality
  • Engage with your supplier and ask questions regarding the concentrates

With regards to smoking cannabis concentrates, hash is about as old school as it gets. It’s a solventless cannabis concentrate that concentrates on isolating the high-THC trichomes from the rest of the plant material. Once possibly the most frequently used methods of smoking, hash has fallen out from the limelight with the astounding new selection of extraction techniques. But simply because hash is old school, doesn’t mean it’s out-of-date. The industry keeps finding new ways to keep hash relevant in the current concentrate landscape.

This is where things get really enjoyable. Diem Farms is having a brand new method to completely pull the trichome heads straight from plant material, leading to a hash that’s 99 percent trichome heads. The outcome is a dabbable, full melt hash. This stuff is so clean, you can literally just scoop some out and drop it right on your nail. In accordance with the hash evaluation system, our half melt bubble hash is considered 4-star hash while our full pitched hash gets the highest possible rating at 6 stars. This is an extremely clean product that uses absolutely zero solvents like butane, propane, or CO2.

Lowell Full Melt Hash

Instead of utilizing waste and trim, Lowell’s Hash begins with plants that are gathered and quickly new stuck to protect the normally determined oils. The plants at that point go through an ice water hash cycle to gather the trichome heads. Lowell make’s Rosin oils utilizing ice water hash, at that point applying pressure rather than solvents and unstable extraction. The Live Rosin is then age-relieved in little clumps by disturbing and putting away in ideal conditions. The Lowell Dart is an advantageous and simple to utilize instrument, loaded up with excellent Aged Cured Rosin. You can utilize the Lowell Dart anyway you want to burn-through concentrates; dropping it into a spot rig, beating a bowl, covering a joint, or in any event, topping off the Lowell dispensable vape pen. No extra devices important.


You cannot find a cleaner cannabis extract on the market. Some dull, new tips to producing hash are attracting the old dog back in the spotlight. A solventless cannabis focus that you could roll blunts with smoke bowls. And dab straight has a location in each stoners stash box. Whether you are going total half or triple melt, you cannot go wrong, particularly when the starting material is 100% sourced from Diem Farms.

Bubble hash represents some of the finest in solventless cannabis today. This is why rosin pressers love using it for their extractions. But, not all breeds are created equal. Not every strain can cut the mustard because the way it is grown. The strength of the genetics, the inherent terpene profile, and much more all play substantial roles. Even when breeds are able to produce full melt, the likelihood of producing elite bubble hash can render even some of the top names in the game scratching their heads.

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