As Chief Marketing Officer of pioneering topical brand, Papa & Barkley, Kimberly Dillon helped re brand cannabis infused topicals as wellness products, not only weed solutions. This is the theory she used behind formulating Frigg CBD. She took the company away from cannabis-related events and toward yoga studios, identifying the clients intrigued in top quality balms were not waiting in line at no cost dabs in a cannabis cup. From the time she departed Papa & Barkley, she was Chief Marketing Officer and the firm had gone from $1, 000/month in earnings to numerous millions in yearly revenue.

However, Dillon had always planned to found something out of her very own in the industry. This summer, she found Frigg CBD, a health line designed to soothe the impacts of anxiety, both outside and within. It also fills an integral gap in cannabis body and skin care, an emptiness that highlights the implications of a lack of diversity in the sector: the haircare rituals of girls of colour. I talked with Kimberly on the inspiration behind the Frigg CBD, placing weed lubricant in your hair and the future of cannabis tendencies. 

As somebody who grew up in Colorado, did you’ve a pretty rich relationship with weed prior to working at the industry? . KD: This is really embarrassing. I didn’t really try weed till I was 32. D.A.R.E. Really worked for me. I come from a really conservative, Christian family. Once I discovered cannabis, it was real, severe 180 degree flip for me. However, I think it is made my trip even more interesting. How did you first end up in Papa and Barkley? . Back in 2013 or 2014, I was working a corporate job at Clorox and stopping by the medical dispensary after to treat my anxiety. 

One of my colleagues started dating a man who went on to co found Uber. I found that and it was like, why am I sitting at Clorox? . I am in SF. Everyone’s starting companies. I do not know how to program, but I know bud is going to be something. I was also a conservative Christian woman who’d just discovered weed a sexy 18 months before. I did not know anything about the industry. So I chose to join another person’s Company before I began one of my own. I combined Papa & Barkley as VP of marketing, when it was only five people producing subjects in the multicooker at the founder’s house kitchen.

You kicked off Frigg CBD with face oil, a tea, and a hair. Hair maintenance particularly remains a truly new realm in this industry. What made you go there? . This is an aggressive market. So I looked for white space, and that white space turned out to be Black space. Once I tried talking to my buddies, they weren’t that intrigued in new skincare solutions. However they spend $1, 000 on weaves and more about remedies for itchy scalp. I’d heard about a cannabis lube that numerous Black girls mentioned applying marijuana infused oil to their braids after getting their hair done to relieve the tension. 

I realized what a prime chance it was to get more individuals of colour involved with the conversation. Haircare and skincare are a massive part of the day-to day lives of Black women, Indian women, and nearly all women of colour. This became a way to talk to a community which my competitors were not talking to. What inspired the name Frigg CBD? . To paint the picture: I am high, seeing a Marvel picture, And I begin to wonder who is birthing all of these superheroes. The type of thought that only come when you are large. I started exploring who raised Thor, and it was a female named Frigg. 

I continue reading, and learned she was a goddess of intuition, a goddess that worked with plants and was a healer, and that was referenced in association with a community of women who were known to dabble in hemp. I was like I’m purchasing this website domain name for something.’ . I am able to see that connection to legend and myth. My very first impression of the richly hued gold and purple packaging was that it felt luxurious, ritualistic, and a small ancient. So a lot of the CBD brands out there are a little.dry. Products can be powerful without looking so clinical. 

I’m attracted towards Eastern self maintenance clinics, Turkish baths, Korean spas, Indian ayurveda, it is more vibrant and loud. More indulgent. White wellness is all Don’t consume! Don’t drink! It is just not enjoyable. I need more celebration and ceremony in my self care. What’s the feedback been so far? . One woman said she felt like Cleopatra. I was so pleased to hear it generated an emotion like this. Whenever you begin something new, you’ve so many doubts, but we have already sold from one product. Any feedback we have heard which was crucial was useful and sincere, such as people indicating a pump applicator here or a sleeping aid component there, and that is precisely the type of community environment I would like to create. 

What do you see coming for the industry? . When I jump ahead two years, or four, depending upon how COVID goes, I think we are going to see more action in the food and drink arena. We have studded candies and sparkling water. But not really a whole lot more!

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