In 2017, FAB CBD made its debut. The CBD brand was founded by a team of authentic physical fitness junkies and health nuts that had one goal, to help individuals avoid over the counter medications that are often dangerous.

Fab CBD Review

Instead, they wanted their clients to attempt natural plant based cannabidiol along with other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. The team in FAB CBD Brings Over 25 decades combined experience in the field of health, physical fitness, supplement, and pharmaceutical sector. They’ve been able to develop an impressive line of CBD oils solutions. Their price per milligram works out to an average of $0.07 to $0.13 that is at a low to medium range for CBD goods and is quite reasonably priced. 

FAB CBD uses only hemp grown organically in Colorado areas. The extraction procedure uses CO2 to ensure solvent free products. The majority of their things are complete spectrum so the products are brimming with cannabinoids and terpenes. The tetrahydrocannabinol amount is kept in less than 0.3 percent. They have a CBD isolate goods like their Chews that are free from THC along with other cannabinoids. The isolate contains CBD in a purity of 99 per cent or more. Each of the goods undergo extensive 3rd party lab testing with ProVerde labs. They on a regular basis update the site to reflect the latest lab results. 

Without a doubt, the transparency offered by FAB CBD is impressive and not commonly encountered in a lot of other brands. In our opinion, their educational website, laboratory testing, commitment to quality, and honesty all unite to place FAB CBD on top of the business. 

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30 day money-back guaranteePoint & rewards system for extras savings or discountsVegan friendlySolventless CO2 extractionWell rounded product lineOnly isolate chews available with no other products containing isolateFrequently sells out and you must wait for them to restock


Consumption Method

Tinctures & Drops, Creams & Topicals, Vapes & Liquids, Pets – Tinctures, Gummies & Edibles, Pets – Edibles

Hemp Source

USDA Approved Farm in Colorado

CBD Strength

150 mg – 2400 mg, Oils & Tinctures: 10-40 mg/ml, Gummies & Edibles: 25 mg per piece, Creams & Topicals: 10 mg/ml, Vapes & Liquides: 10 mg/ml

Offers Tastes


Price Per Mg CBD

$0.05 – $2400

Military Veteran Discount


Extract Types

Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Isolate

Money Back Guarantee


Price Range

$24 – $129



CBD Extract Method


Worldwide Shipping


Rate Fab CBD


Table of Contents

  • Manufacturing Process
  • Range of Products
  • Buying Experience
  • Products Reviewed
  • Topical CBD Cream

About Fab CBD. 

FAB CBD is located in Tampa, Florida. But, all the hemp which goes in their merchandise is harvested from Colorado areas. The business was founded in 2017 by a team of health fanatics. In the beginning, the purpose of the team was to provide pure CBD goods to meet the needs of their customers. 

They try to help individuals understand the natural advantages of CBD versus frequently harmful over the counter medications. Their site is packed with info which clearly shows their commitment to CBD and their dedication to helping educate their clients. Though they’re a fairly new player in the CBD market, FAB CBD is making a mark. They’re growing in popularity due in large part to their transparency. Their on-line laboratory results are valued by their clients and help to strengthen the brand’s honored name. FAB CBD uses only CO2 extraction to guarantee a really solvent free item. Their goods experience 3rd batch lab testing with Pro Verde laboratories. The latest batch results are posted online. Products have zero QR codes to get test results for batches never posted on-line you must contact the corporation. Each one the lots display passing levels for the analysis provided also reveals cannabinoid concentrations.

The labels on FAB CBD goods are simple to read. They provide additional facts, possible precautions, and dosage suggestions. Sadly, we can’t compare the precise batch laboratory results to our specific batch of products since the batch numbers don’t match. Depending upon the item, the quantity of CBD per serving does vary. But they state the number on their site and to get more exact CBD content proportions you may check out the laboratory reports. On FAB CBD’s web site, you’ll discover recommended dosages for each one of the products that they sell. Additionally, there are consumption strategies recorded for each item. 

All in all, the labels on their products are very helpful to the consumer. Additionally, the web site is laid out well. Each item has dosage and usage suggestions. There’s vital info on the site that users will discover helpful. 

Manufacturing Process-Fab CBD Review

Even though FAB CBD is currently In Tampa, Florida, I only use organic hemp grown in Colorado areas. Following the hemp is harvested, it’s processed with CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction leaves no additives and renders an entirely pure oil. Each of the products offered by FAB CBD undergoes extensive 3rd party laboratory testing in ProVerde Laboratories. The results are posted on-line and updated frequently. 

They may easily be located under, Lab Reports. But it should be noticed that the laboratory reports are for the most latest batch tested, therefore actual individual laboratory reports aren’t available. Only batch reports are posted on the site. The latest record for FAB CBD oil which we’ve reviewed clearly shows no THC was found along with the CBD content was acceptable. The batch showed no hint of pesticides except Daminozide that was found at 10.00 ppm that’s inside the mandatory 10 limit to pass. Heavy metal content wasn’t tested. We also took a look at the laboratory reports for FAB CBD Chews in order to make our Fab CBD Review more detailed

CBD chewings showed a marginally high level of CBD in 25.75 mg per chew when compared to the 25mg recorded on a bottle of chews. This is only a 3% deviation and is within the acceptable 10 percent limit. High levels of Daminozide were also found inside the chews however, the pesticide content still remained inside the acceptable limitations. For this Fab CBD Review we wanted to compare the laboratory results for an exact batch number, but we were unable to obtain the exact laboratory results. I called client support who demonstrated to be evasive. They advised me to look at their web site to see their most latest batch results. 

The website didn’t offer past results. 

Fab CBD Review-Range of Products. 

The range of goods offered by FAB CBD is remarkable.

The wide range of one of the primary draws of the brand. 

  • Oils: They provide a complete range CBD oil in a wide range of potencies: 300mg, 600mg, and 1200 mg. They don’t offers a natural full spectrum CBD oil, however they do have products that are flavored. You can pick between mint, berries, vanilla and citrus. The oil costs $0.08 to $0.13 per milligram.
  • Gummies: The fruits flavored CBD gummies offered by FAB CBD are fabricated using isolate which suggests they’re 100% free from any THC. Additionally, they’re fruits flavored, gluten-free diet, and non GMO. Each chew contains 25mg of CBD. The total CBD content each jar is 750mg. The gummies typical $0.07 per milligram. 
  • Topical CBD Cream: The Topical CBD Cream includes 600mg of CBD together with hemp extract. It’s an extremely faint blood orange odor which many people find pleasing. It averages $0.06 per mg. 
  • Vegan Superfood: There are 30 servings per jar which are full of over 80 micronutrients. They state that utilizing their hemp superfood helps your body better absorb CBD. The cost for 30 servings is $79. 
  • Vape: Currentlythey are supplying CBD vape pens which are wholly disposable. They’re ready to use instantly from the box. Every one provides 125 portions of CBD and terpenes. They’ve zero VG or PG. The vapes are mixed with MCT oil. The vape pens average $0.15 per milligram.
  •  Pets: FAB CBD provides CBD dog treats for your canine buddy. Each crispy snack comes in 3 flavors: poultry, peanut butter, and salmon. The treats have no THC. Each treat contains 3 milligrams of CBD. The cost per bag is $34. It’s challenging to figure out the specific cost per milligram because they don’t state the number of treats are in every bag. 
  • Bundles: Currently, you can buy packages for extra savings. A bundle of 3 bundles of dog treats prices $87. You can purchase just two of their Vegan Superfood jars for $142. A 3 pack of 1200 mg CBD oil from natural, berry, citrus, mint, or vanilla taste is $253. A 3 pack of their Superfood is $202. A 3 pack of their CBD terpene vape bundle in Calm or Active is $99. Their three bunch of CBD gummies is $151. A 3 pack of their CBD topical lotion in Fresh scent is $125. 

Buying Experience. 

The whole purchasing experience in FAB CBD is easy. For this Fab CBD Review we breakdown the process

You just select the item which you want. In several cases, you are able to choose between flavours and potency. Click the product and add it to the cart. If you’re a newcomer at FAB CBD, then you may want to get into your e-mail on the home page to receive a 15% discount on the total purchase. Whenever you proceed to check out, you’ll be asked to enter a coupon code to acquire the savings. You will be asked to enter your address and name and select a payment method like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. For each dollar you spend, you’ll receive points which you may use towards future savings. You may also earn points by leaving a review, sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Points are given for simple things like liking FAB CBD’s Facebook page.

Whenever you initially enter FAB CBD’s site, you’ll have the option of filing a brief form asking for your e-mail address to acquire an one time 15 percent off your first purchase. There’s also a 30 day money-back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied with the product you purchased. To be able to return the item, you must have return merchandise authorization. If you choose to join the neighborhood by inputting your e-mail info, then you are going to be entitled to additional savings. FAB CBD will often send you discount codes which you may use during the time of purchase. 

Among the things we wanted to find out about FAB CBD is the site. It’s nicely designed and full of helpful details about CBD. The brand is obviously dedicated to educating their clients. There are articles outlining the various types of CBD like full range and isolate. Furthermore, they spend some it’s time to explain the body’s endocannabinoid system and its response to the cannabinoids found in cannabis. The products have customer testimonials that give insight into every item. Whenever you click on one of their products, you can learn about the item, effectiveness, ingredients, and suggested uses. There’s free shipping on any purchase over $89 to some U.S. 

Address. It normally takes 7 to 10 business days to get your goods once you place the order. The labels on the products contain supplementary info and additional product descriptions. They don’t supplying any dosage instructions. Overall, the buying experience is quick and easy. In case you’ve any queries, you can call their US number 855-505-7908 or at the United Kingdom +44 2 0807 7 4992. At the united states, their customer support is available Monday through Friday 10: 00 am to 6: 00 pm CST. You may e-mail customer support at In case you’ve a Facebook account, then you may chat with a client support representative at 

For this Fab CBD Review, I called and talked with customer support to ask them a couple questions regarding shipping. The rep seemed knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I didn’t e-mail the company or talk to them through Facebook chat. I contacted customer support a second time to inquire about my products batch laboratory test results. The latest batch results didn’t match product lot numbers. Nevertheless, the rep just told me to look at the current results to get an idea and didn’t guide me to the previous results to match with my real products. 

Products Reviewed-Fab CBD Review

FAB CBD offers many CBD products. Following are the products we reviewed for our Fab CBD Review

FAB CBD Mint 1200mg Oil


CBD Amount Range

5 mg/ml – 80 mg/ml

Price Range

$24 – $129


Price Per Mg CBD

$0.05 – $0.13

THC Concentration

< 0.3%

CBD Per Serving

From 24 mg

Time to Impact


Offers Tastes


Additional Information

Non-GMO, Organic, Pesticide Free, Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free, CO2

Extract Types

Full Spectrum

Overal Bottle Volume Range

From 30 ml

A complete spectrum oil, FAB CBD Mint 1200 mg oil has no plants like flavor. The golden oil is clear and bright. The mint flavoring well masks the oil’s plant like terpene taste and makes it very palatable. The glass dropper definitely displays the dose, so you never have to wonder about just how much CBD you’re taking. The dropper is simple to use and works wonderfully.

You can store this CBD oil in room average temperature or keep it in the refrigerator. It’ll keep freshness for up to twelve months after you open it. The cost of the item is $99 that works out to $0.13 per milligram. On the label, they suggest filling the dropper half complete and carrying the dosage once or twice per day as required. The labeling went into significant depth. It provides a suggested dosing, supplemental info, amount of CBD, and precautions. 

FAB CBD Citrus 600mg Oil.

 If you love the crisp taste of citrus, then you will adore this 600mg bottle of FAB CBD oil. The taste is refreshing and masks the entire spectrum oil’s natural plant taste. The petroleum is tinted a soft light golden hue. The odor is that of mature citrus. This CBD oil also comes along with a user friendly keypad Glass dripper that clearly measures the CBD so you are able to correctly dose. Store the oil at room average temperature or in the refrigerator. The FAB CBD Citrus 600mg petroleum is $59 per bottle which works out to $0.10 per milligram. To consume the correct dosage, they provide instructions on their site to fill the dropper half complete and utilize once or twice every day. 

In addition, dosing info is published on the label along with additional facts, precautions and amount of CBD. 

CBD Chews. 

If you like soft, tasty chewing gum then you’re going to enjoy these chews. They’re made using a CBD isolate so that the chews are 100% free from any THC. Unlike many gummies which are hard or hard to chew over, these are very soft and easy to chew. Each gummy holds 25mg of CBD. They’re completely gluten-free diet, vegan friendly, and non GMO. Each bottle holds 20 gummies. The bottle is $59 that works out to $0.07 per milligram. 

They don’t provide the recommended dose on their site, but suggest you check with your physician prior to use to determine whether chews are right for you. The label on the gummies, nevertheless, clearly states to utilize one gummy every day. The label on the Vegan AF Gummies clearly shows the Number CBD, Vitamin D3, B12 & Phytocannabinoids. It states that it doesn’t contains any THC or other items like eggs or milk. The supplemental info is printed clearly on the label. 

Topical CBD Cream. 

Each jar contains 600mg of CBD. The item is white cream which goes on smoothly and is quickly absorbed by the epidermis. 

It doesn’t leave behind any oily residues. The light blood orange odor is very pleasing. You may apply it directly to any area of the body that’s aching. This cream also contains a complete spectrum bark infusion. A jar is $49 that works out to $0.06 per milligram. The label of the topical cream states all components together with instructions for use. It says to rub the cream on your skin until completely absorbed.

CBD Vape Pen Active. 

The light-weight orange coloured CBD vape pencil is a terpene mix that provides flavour along with complete range benefits. It contains 250mg each pencil. The disposable pencil arrives ready for use. Its modest size allows you hide it in your pocket. The vape pencil also contains MCT oil. The Active vape pencil is excellent to start the day outside with or to utilize before hitting the gym. The pencil offers 125 servings. The pencil has zero VG or PG. Each vape pencil is $39 which will be $0.16 per milligram because there are 250mg per pencil. 

The box offers clear guidelines regarding how to use the vape pen. It states that you get about 2 milligrams of CBD per draw. The label also shows the components in the pencil and precautions to follow when utilizing the vape pen. 

CBD Vape Pen Calm. 

If you would like to accomplish a deep calm in the end of the afternoon, then why not try the CBD Vape Pen Calm? . It boasts a terpene wealthy CBD mix with 250mg of active material. Each pencil offers 125 servings. It’s no VG or PG and utilizes all natural MCT oil. The blue pencil can be slid to any pocket or purse. 

It’s ready to use directly out from the box. Each vape pencil is $39 which will be $0.16 per milligram. The label lists directions for utilizing the vape pen. In addition, it shows the ingredients and the precautions to follow when utilizing the vape pen.

Dog Treats. 

FAB CBD provides three FAB PETS dog biscuits: Active Immune, Skin & Coat, and Calm & Cool. They can be found in poultry, salmon, or peanut butter flavors. You can break them in half to give to smaller dogs provide an entire one to a huge dog. The crunchy snacks are an ideal supplement for any pooch. 

They’re free from corn, soy, wheat, or milk. Additionally to having CBD additionally they milk thistle, turmeric, passionflower, coconut oil, salmon oil, flavonoids, and supply a wide range of other ingredients like milk thistle, turmeric, passionflower, coconut oil, salmon oil, flavonoids, and much more. A bag of dog treats to get Fido is $34 dollars. It doesn’t say how many crunchy chews are inside the bag, only that each chew contains 10mg of CBD. They indicate the size of a dog 2 treats daily based the size of a dog. The label on the dog treats certainly biscuits.

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