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Check out out Detoxify XXtra Clean complete review 2021 & everything you need to know about Detox XXtra Clean.

The Pros

Consumption is legal.

In the detox market, it comes from a well-respected, trustworthy company.

In general, it does an outstanding job of detoxing the body.

Nice, simple to use, liquid tasting.

It consists of goods that are completely normal.

Shipping is fast and free. It is also possible to make a last-minute order and profit from delivery overnight.


You must obey the letter’s instructions. A single mistake ruins the likelihood that you can pass a drug test.

With this product, you must also drink a great deal of water.

More contaminants than urine are eliminated by fecal matter. Xxtra Clean contains fruit fiber, but through bowel movements, it is unlikely to help you extract THC.

It is not expressly intended to easily delete THC from your device.

Any of the components may cause adverse reactions. Milk thistle, for instance, sometimes induces loss of appetite and nausea.

Complete Review Detoxify Xxtra Clean

Detoxify XXtra Clean

The demand for global detox products is worth over $50 billion. Among the most popular options available are Detox drinks. The detoxification process involves assisting the body to eliminate toxins. Our bodies have multiple pathways through urine, sweat, feces, and the liver that make the operation. Detoxifying supporters believe it cleanses the body and facilitates improved health.

What we’ve found is a rising movement towards the elimination of THC-COOH metabolites from the system using detoxification items. We now have 33 states in America, plus D.C. Enabling recreational or medicinal cannabis. Many employers, however, also punish workers who test positive for THC.

A survey from several years ago indicated that 58% of American employers performed drug testing before and after work.

As certain businesses have been more lenient in the use of cannabis, that proportion has decreased. In California and many other states that allow adult marijuana use, however, employers are still permitted to fire workers for failing a drug test.

The problem with cannabis use is that, depending on the intake rate, THC metabolites remain in the system for days or weeks. Even if you use cannabis only once, for 2-3 days, proof will remain in your system. For chronic users, to test safe, they will need to abstain for weeks.

With jobs on the line, it’s no wonder that people turn to detox drinks in an emergency to clean their system. It is a market in which almost any business can manufacture whatever garbage they want. Customers ought, therefore, to be cautious and select a reputable brand. We will check out Detoxify’s Xxtra Clean product in this review to see if your cash is worth it. We also look at the brand’s other goods briefly.

Who’s detoxifying you?

With more than two decades on the market, Detoxify is a well-known brand in the industry. Aside from Xxtra Clean, it produces a wide range of products. Instant Clean, EverClean, and Mighty Clean are among these. – of these things, as you can imagine, is designed to eliminate toxins from the body. More than ever before, we are more vulnerable to chemical, biological, and environmental contaminants.

We become more vulnerable to illnesses as the level of toxins builds up in our bodies. With its range of cleaning goods, Detoxify aims to change all that. The company is headquartered in Arizona and says that it is the world’s #1 detox product maker. It’s an audacious assertion, but one backed up by big sales. In 1994, the first product hit the market, and the business hasn’t looked back.

It continually engages in research with food scientists, herbalists, and laboratories recognized in the United States, according to the brand. You are not, in essence, getting snake oil for your money. Detox Xxtra Clean focuses on this study, but we will take a quick glance at the other items of Detoxify.

What’s Detoxify Clean Xxtra?

Detoxify Clean is a herbal detox product intended to cleanse your system, like the rest of the Detoxify range, this product isn’t explicitly for trying to flush THC metabolites out of your body, please note. It is becoming famous with people who face drug screening, however.

It consists of a bottle of liquid of 20 fluid ounces with a good tasting tropical taste. Within an hour, it could minimize toxin levels. For up to five hours, Xxtra Clean is potentially useful. Many who want to use it in an emergency may want to use it, as this is when it is at its highest effect, three hours before any test. Essentially, use it 1-6 hours before the exam if you plan to use it to try to beat a drug screening.

How This Functions

For obvious reasons, the company doesn’t recommend Detoxify Xxtra Clean for beating drug checks. Instead, by using any of its goods, it explains how the method of detoxification works. Detoxify points out that the digestive, circulatory, and urinary systems of our body are working to eliminate toxins every day.

Its products increase the efficacy of this method. Detoxify says that within 45-90 minutes, you can reach the Detoxify Zone. This is the optimum point during detox and is when nitrates, pH, and contaminants are below the ideal maximum amount in your body. It is also when the body is at the desired minimum creatine level.

Before cleansing, Detoxify recommends that you can avoid toxins for up to 48 hours before using the product. This will kickstart the process and boost Xxtra Clean’s effectiveness even further. Removing toxins from the body quicker than normal is what the substance does. It is as easy as that.

Instructions & Ingredients

Some primary detoxifying ingredients are found in Xxtra Clean, including:

Ginseng: Mainly used to improve the cardiovascular, metabolic, and immune system.

Hawthorn Berry: This is an ingredient that is herbal and can cure heart disease.

Uva Ursi: Used for kidney and urinary health promotion.

Nettle: Acts as a diuretic to assist with toxin elimination.

Milk Thistle: Used to repair and reduce toxin damage to healthy liver function.

Fruit Fiber: A strong herbal component that is known to bind toxins in the body and also helps in the digestive system to extract them.

Mullein Leaf: Used for improving the respiratory system.

Stevia: Has a strong capacity to purify the system of the body.

Dandelion: Used to promote the function of a healthy liver and gallbladder.

Detoxify doesn’t include guidance on how to cheat a drug test, as we described. However, if you want to pass a drug test, you may do the following:

Abstain from cannabis before preferably using this product for at least 48 hours.

A six-capsule PreCleanse supplement package comes with several requests. 12-24 hours before the exam, use it.

Every two hours, drink up to 20 fluid ounces of liquid before you use the product.

Using the drink 1-5 hours prior to the test; it is ideal for 3 hours.

Before the screening, steer clear of greasy or high-fat food. OTC medicines, excessive medicine, and alcohol should also be avoided.

Consume light meals on the day of the exam and urinate occasionally.

Is Clean Xxtra Effective?

Xxtra Clean supports the urinary system theoretically to create a flushing effect. However, through fecal matter, a large amount of THC is extracted, and this drink does not help with that process.

The problem with detox objects is their unpredictability. And goods that seem to be endorsed by evidence are hit and miss. This is because the bodies of individuals respond to the process differently. Chronic users are also unable to pass a drug screening a few hours before an examination by consuming a bottle of vitamins and herbs.

True consumer reviews are, as always, among the best ways to assess whether a product is worthwhile. Unsurprisingly, the reviews of Xxtra Clean are mixed. For instance, on Amazon, it has 55% 5-star reviews but 27% 1-star reviews! This is par for the course of detox products because they trigger such a difference of opinion. As you can imagine, the bad feedback came mostly from those who failed the exam!

What about the other ingredients in Detoxify?

Detoxify has you covered if you want anything a little different. Here is a short rundown of some of the best sellers for the brand.


This is a 5-day detox program that involves PreCleanse for four days and vigorous cleansing for a day. The pack is composed of 5 x 4 bottles of Fl oz. For five consecutive days, take one a day, and follow it with a glass of 16 oz of water. Drink another five glasses of that kind during the day.

Clean Green

This comes with a good taste of honey tea and contains two x 4 oz bottles. Choose your cleaning day and consume, one immediately after the other, both bottles. Both bottles can be mixed with 16 oz of water. Wait 15 minutes and get 32 ounces of water to drink.

Instant Washing

For someone who doesn’t want to drink extra liquid on top of all the water they use, this is an alternative. There are three capsules in Instant Clean: Cleansing, Nutrient, and Metaboost.

First of all, take the cleaning capsule. Wait 15 minutes and use the Nutrient Pill to follow it. Wait 15 more minutes and pick up the Metaboost. With each capsule, make sure that you drink 20 oz of water. Finish by drinking 16 oz of water for the remainder of the day every two hours.

The above is part of a valuable list of products which also includes:

Mega Clean Washing

Mighty Safe, Mighty

PreCleanse Service

Clean Ready

It is a complete stable of products. Small wonder that there are massive revenue sources for the business.

Where can I buy items from Xxtra Clean & Other Detoxify?

Maybe the best place is directly on the Detoxify platform to make your order. In the last few years, the brand has consistently cut its costs. About two years ago, Xxtra Clean was worth around $49.95. You can purchase it for just $27.99 today. Here is a list of their other goods’ prices:

EverClean: 69.99 dollars

Green Clean: 34.99 dollars

Instant Clean: 34.99 dollars

Mega Clean: 39.99 dollars

Mega Clean NT: 55,99 dollars

Mighty Clean: 63.99 dollars

PreCleanse: $4.99 to $4.999

Ready Clean: 19,99 dollars

Unfortunately, discounts or returns are not provided by the business. However, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase and ask for a replacement, you may contact the brand. Detoxify provides free delivery for 2-3 days on all orders. You benefit from free overnight delivery when your order is worth more than $100.

On a host of third-party websites, you can also find Detoxify goods. Most of them do not give a better price, so if you stick to the brand’s site, it’s best. Amazon is a trustworthy option.

Final thoughts on Detox Xxtra Clean Detoxification

Detoxify’s product collection, like Xxtra safe, is ultimately not a guaranteed way to pass a drug screening. It does not make any such argument in the brand’s defense. You do it at your own risk if you use it to try to wash THC metabolites out of your system. It is unlikely to work if you are a chronic user. It is a toss of a coin for casual or infrequent users. A lot depends on when and how much marijuana you use.

The only surefire way of not testing positive for THC-COOH is to absolutely stop cannabis!

There are many ways and means to pass such a test, and most of them include drinking large quantities of water. As it happens, through feces, most of the toxins that exit the body do so. Hence, before your exam, you are probably better off eating plenty of fiber or taking a laxative. It will definitely lead to an uncomfortable situation, but your chances of keeping your job can increase.

Detoxify is a market leader as far as general detox goods go. Many that use items such as Xxtra Clean for their intended purpose are generally pleased with the outcomes. If you believe detoxing helps you feel better, it is a good option. We wouldn’t recommend putting your confidence in it if you use it to pass a drug test.

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