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Are you going to eat your dinner on a dirty plate? Will you have a stained glass to drink from? We hope a resounding ‘NO’ is the answer to both questions! Therefore, when we learn that bong owners have no trouble smoking a dirty piece of glass, it really amazes us.

It does not take long to become a toxic dump for a pristine bong, which not only affects the consistency of your smoke; it may also affect your health. Clean it daily if you want to get the most out of your bong. This guide is going to explain how.

How to Clean a Bong for All Bong Owners Details

clean bong with vinegar

The key question when it comes to cleaning a bong is: “How often should I do it?”

This is down to personal preference, but it also relies on how much the system is used. After every single session, some devoted smokers will clean your bong! This is a bit excessive, perhaps. If you are a big smoker, however, it’s not a bad idea to wash it every second day.

Why You Need a Purified Bong

A clean bong protects your wellbeing as well as helps the herb taste better. You invite the possibility of respiratory infection, which will destroy potential sessions if you keep on using a nasty piece. There is also a small risk of developing a lung infection, which for cannabis smokers is bad news!

When using a dirty bong, why are you at risk? That’s supposed to be common sense, but here it goes. Stagnant water is a prime breeding ground for fungus and bacteria in bongs and water pipes. For instance, have you seen black spots without proper ventilation on the ceiling of a bathroom?

A pink film, which is a fungus, may also have been spotted. Fusarium, one of the most common forms, grows in wet areas. Fusarium is also able to kill cannabis plants completely. Mold appears to accumulate around reclaims and percolators, two of the cleaning regions that are most difficult.

In terms of look and colour, mould varies, but it comes in green, black, grey, pink, and white. There’s a risk that if you use a filthy bong, you’re inhaling mould spores; a recipe for illness. If that’s not enough of a justification for regularly cleaning your bong, here are three more:

New Weed Degustation

Ideally, by using a bong, you’ll get a clean and fresh-tasting hit. It makes sense to get your money’s worth, considering the price of marijuana in some states. If you don’t clean your bong, however, you get remnants from previous sessions. In a previous session, you might even inhale the smoke that came through the water that your friend drooled in.

Good news for your respiratory system is that you inhale cleaner smoke. As the flavours come through, you even like the taste of the smoke more.

Smoother Attacks

Did you ever take a rip just to make it so rough on your lungs that you had no choice but to cough? By cleaning your bong, you can lower the chance of this happening. If nothing else, make sure after every session that you change the water. A clean bong also allows the percolator to work at its highest potential. A clogged perc keeps you from smoking smoothly.

High Superior

A clean bong gives the greatest hit you’ll find. A clear path from the bong to your lungs is provided by the THC-laden smoke. You will not get the full benefits of the herb if there is a sticky resin build-up at the side of the base and near the throat.

In the following examples, you can clean your bong. If:, if:

There is a large resin build-up.

The water from the bong is discoloured, brown and smelly.

Within the bong, you can see a slimy video.

A visible grey or white mould fuzz is present on the resin.

There are black or white specks dotting the walls of the tubing.

How to Clean an Alcohol-free Bong

Alcohol is famous for cleaning bongs. Therefore, we agreed that showing you how to clean a bong without rubbing alcohol first would be a brilliant idea. Isopropyl alcohol can be used as a perfectly safe household solvent. There are several consumers, however, who instead choose to learn how to clean a glass bong without alcohol.

It’s a process that takes a little longer, but you’re going to get the job done finally. Firstly, boil enough water in a saucepan to cover the entire bong. First, reduce the heat for 30 minutes to simmer and submerge your bong in water. It is a responsive mechanism.

Too warm and if the water evaporates and leaves part of the piece exposed, the glass may break. Too cold, and no bubbles will release the water. After a half-hour, drain the water and use pipe cleaners and paper towels.

Other options for Bong Cleaning

Using lemon along with boiling water is another standard way of cleaning a glass bong without alcohol. Boil the water once again and apply the lemon juice to the bong. Purified water is recommended by many consumers. If this sounds like you, first make sure that you filter it.

Pour in the bong with the boiling water, shake thoroughly and wait for about five minutes. The acid from the lemon juice helps this process to help get rid of the gunk. Out of the bong, pour the solution and rinse it with warm water.

Another choice is to boil ample water in a saucepan to submerge your bong. Reduce the heat to allow the water to boil and leave the piece for about 30 minutes in the water. To release any bubbles, the water must stay warm enough. Too heavy, however, and it will evaporate and leave the exposed bottle. When the time is up, drain the water, and wait until the glass cools. Lastly, to clean the bong, use paper towels.

In both approaches mentioned above, the main problem is the risk of cracking your bong in hot water. The glass bongs of today ought to be strong enough to withstand the sun. There are other choices if you’d prefer not to take the chance.

The system of 5-Step Salt Cleaning

A lot of bong users swear by the salt’s cleaning ability. As you will see, this is a quick-fire procedure:

Using the mouthpiece, add three or four tablespoons of salt into the bong. The coarser the salt gets, the stronger.

When it is just under the shaft line, fill your bong with warm water.

Cover and start shaking the glass piece with the shaft hole and mouthpiece hole. For a couple of minutes, do this.

Load the polluted water into the shower.

Until you are sure that the piece is clean, keep rinsing with salt and warm water. Rinse at this point until the salt is fully gone.

On the market, there are a few exclusive items that could help clean your bong in a few minutes. If your bong is just mildly dirty, use Randy’s Black Mark to do a 60-second washing. It is made for tobacco pipes, but has a stellar reputation and can clean a bong.

Be sure to shake properly, no matter what chemical cleaner you use. When mixed with salt, even the best commercial cleaners perform best. Shake for a minute until you have the chemical solution and salt in the bong, and rinse after washing.

How to Use Isopropyl Alcohol to Wash a Glass Bong

Now, it is time to concentrate on the time-honored practise of keeping glassware in perfect shape by using isopropyl alcohol. For lighter cleaning, you can use 70 percent alcohol, but heavy users prefer to focus on isopropyl alcohol for 91 percent or 99 percent. Here’s how to use household products to clean a glass bong.

You’ll need the following, aside from alcohol:

Rock salt or table, because it’s coarser. If you apply it to the alcohol, the resin and residue are abrasive, which enhances the cleaning strength of your solution.

Pipe cleaners are great at getting to hard-to-reach spots; wire cleaners are great.

Small cork, cotton, or silk bits to screw the stem in.

Rubber bands if there are several parts in your bong. When you vacuum, they keep the pieces from shaking.

To protect the skin from alcohol, plastic gloves

Time to Clean Up!

Here’s how to clean a glass water bong now that we’ve got the supplies:

With a clear emphasis on the stem and cup, remove all detachable pieces. Make sure every piece is rinsed with hot water to get rid of the inside of the gunge.

To the bong, apply the alcohol and salt. Experienced users suggest that it is important to apply the salt first. Otherwise, it’s dissolved by alcohol, and it goes to waste. Using the fabric/cotton/cork after the isopropyl alcohol has been applied to cover the tube and stem.

Shake it vigorously for a minimum of five minutes with the alcohol and salt in your bong. If you have not closed all of the holes, now is the time for you to regret it! All over the spot, the alcohol will spill.

You must also immerse the pipe for several minutes in the alcohol and salt solution.

You will have to repeat all of the above steps at least once again if you haven’t cleaned your bong in a while. Enable it to soak in the solution for a few hours if your bong is extremely dirty.

When done, dump the solution into the toilet bowl and flush. Soak pipe cleaners in the solution, and use them to scrub your bong’s nooks and crannies.

Add a tiny amount of dish soap for extra shine. Fill your piece with water until the piece is about half full. Shake the soapy water around the section, then plug in all the holes again! Complete the process with a final rinse, after a minute of shaking.

How to Clean a Bong with Silicone

You would be surprised to learn how easy a stained silicone bong is to clean. Any time they use and clean it, consumers of glassware have to be careful. By comparison, cleaning a silicone bong is surprisingly easy, as long as you have a dishwasher!

Bongs made of silicone are light, thin, and last for a very long time. It’s about as difficult to learn how to clean a silicone bong as to find out how to use a phone. You can clean your silicone bong in the dishwasher instead of having to displace resin or waste money on isopropyl alcohol. About why? For they are all but unbreakable.

There are three other easy ways to clean your silicone bong if you do not have a dishwasher:

Freezing: Silicone is immune to cold and heat. Place the dirty piece of food in the freezer for a couple of hours. Crush it up as you take it out and spill the frozen parts that fall out. It gets rid of virtually any solid material. However, floral smokers can still get the scent of tar from the piece.

Alcohol: Silicone, which is exactly what alcohol is, is non-reactive to polar solvents. Fill a warm or cold alcohol bong or rig with silicone (warm alcohol works a bit faster). Immerse the piece overnight in the alcohol solution and rinse with water.

Cleaners Plant-based: Special cleaners with coconut oil and Vitamin E are available. They work as well as alcohol without the problem of destroying the plumbing of your home.

How to Purify Resin From a Bong

You’ve got to learn how to extract resin from a glass bong. The resin taste can overtake the flavour of the terpenes in your cannabis when you allow it to stay. Cleaning the resin out of a bong is not easy, particularly if it’s your first time. A easy technique is to pour some of the alcohol, followed by salt, into the bong.

An growing number of smokers of marijuana want to know how a bong can be washed and the resin saved. It’s still capable of getting you high, after all, and with the cost of cannabis these days, every little thing helps!

Fast & Easy Cleaning Resin

All that you have to do is:

Use boiling water to put the resin-coated glass in a cup. Don’t apply salt or alcohol because you are smoking the resin.

Depending on how much resin you like, the amount of time you leave the piece in the water. You can finally see the resin float up to the top of the cup.

Using cheesecloth to cover a clean jar and pour the water into it.

On top of the fabric, the resin remains, so it is easy to scrape it off. Put it to dry on a sheet of paper.

After you’ve done smoking your cannabis, note, the resin is the stuff left! You can smoke it and get high, but it doesn’t taste especially well.

Without the need for hot water, you can even scrape the resin out of your mug. You need a scraping kit, a lighter, and a pipe with plenty of resin on it (even a paper clip would do!). It’s easy to clean marijuana resin off a bong with these simple instruments.

Scrape the paper clip from the inside of the bong to extract as much resin as possible.

Smack a little of the bowl, and the resin is going to fall out. Doing this over a clean surface is an excellent idea!

Place your lighter’s flame on the bowl’s surface. How thick the glass is depends on the amount of time you need to do this.

It should be easier to scrape out when you heat the resin on the sides of the bottle.

To scrape the inside of the pipe again, use the clip, but be careful not to press too hard so that you do not ruin it.

Take the resin and illuminate it!

How to Purify a Bong Bowl

The next step in our guide is to show you how to clean a portion of a bong tank. It takes a fair degree of care to maintain your bowl in pristine condition. Fortunately, a bong bowl has many methods of washing it out.

The aim is to extract the built-up material, as is the case with scraping resin. A paper clip comes in handy once more. The resin scraping guide can be used as a fast and simple way to clean a piece of bowl for a bong.

If you are not worried about holding the resin, it couldn’t be easier to get rid of the gunge:

Pre-soak the filthy bong bowl with hot water and liquid to wash up. For human use, the chemicals in the fluid are healthy. Indeed, from our dishes, bottles, and cutlery, they get rid of stains. If needed, you can leave the bong in the solution overnight. If you wish to have a cigarette before bedtime, this is perfect!

Place the piece in a resealable Ziploc bag after soaking, and pour rubbing alcohol into the bottle. Ensure that the component is submerged. Ideally, the alcohol would be poured into the bong. Cover and shake vigorously with the jar.

The alcohol would possibly show a brownish colour if the bong is dirty. In that case, you will need to repeat the Ziploc Rinse.

To the bong, apply Epsom Salt while it is still in the Ziploc container. Cover the bag once more and shake it.

Rinse the glass piece thoroughly with hot water to get rid of the remaining gunk. Using Q-tips to handle it if you notice that tiny bits of residue are trapped inside.

How to Clean a Stem Bong

Many who want to learn how to clean a bong’s downstroke soon find it’s a huge pain in the butt. Not only do the holes get clogged, but any section of the stem is also fairly difficult to access. For a glass bong stem, one fast and simple way to clean is to pour salt down the downstem until it is almost finished. Make sure that at this point the downstem is still attached to the bong.

Pour on top of the rubbing alcohol. To allow the isopropyl to pass through the salt, create some suction on the bong. Uh, alert! There is a chance of alcohol fumes being breathed in, so if you have any doubts, do not try this process. Make sure it is well ventilated in the room. Placing your hand over the top of the bong is probably a safer idea. The purpose, note, is to establish suction.

Keep pouring alcohol until all the salt passes in, producing negative pressure in the bong. For a quick cleaning, shake the solution while it is in your bong, and rinse it with hot water. Instead of isopropyl alcohol, those that use this form prefer to use Everclear.

Placing the stem in a Ziploc bag is a simpler and safer way of cleaning the stem of a bong. Fill it with alcohol and salt and shake it for a few minutes. This method may also be used for the quick cleaning of a bowl.

How Vinegar Disinfect a Bong

The dirt-beating mixture of white vinegar and baking soda is an alternate way of cleaning your bong. The method is here:

With warm water, fill the bong. Offer a powerful shake to the piece while the mouthpiece and shaft are sealed. Dispose of water that’s dirty.

Pour baking soda into the mouthpiece, making sure the glass inside clings to it. Don’t start until a significant percentage of the surface area of the bong is sealed.

Enable many hours for the bong to sit; most users leave it overnight.

First, add a couple more baking soda spoons, followed by a cup of vinegar. More might be required for a big bong. Give the bong another shake and close all the holes. It is safer to use the bathtub to do this. The baking soda and vinegar reaction will begin to fizz and overflow.

With a long brush, clean the inside of the bong and marvel as it scrubs away all the dirt.

Rinse the piece of glass with warm water until all the dirt, vinegar, and baking soda dissolve.

To keep your bong reasonably safe, preventive maintenance

The process described above can take ages if you have not cleaned your bong in some time. To keep your piece of glass reasonably clean, it makes sense to participate in preventative maintenance. You don’t have to go through the lengthy and challenging deep cleaning process as a consequence. Here are a few tips on maintenance.

To Handle Hard Water Stains, use lemon juice or vinegar

Hard stains of water are not fun to wash from the interior of a bong. They make a clean bong look disgusting as well. By pouring vinegar into the bong’s bowl and swishing for a few minutes, you can keep them from forming.

Allowing the vinegar to sit for a few minutes at the bottom is a good idea. To rinse, use hot water and allow the bong to dry. A hot water and lemon juice combination can also be used. Swish the solution inside the bong once more. Enable it to sit and rinse for a few minutes, using hot water.

When you use your bong, add lemon juice,

Add a couple of drops of lemon juice to the water while smoking your bong. The enzymes in the juice help break down the nasty resin that builds up inside the bong, in addition to making your water smell fresh. Use just a limited amount; too much can begin to overwhelm the marijuana strain’s taste.

During storage, keep your bong empty.

How many bong users leave the water inside when they end a session is unbelievable. All right, you’re probably stoned out of your mind, but it just takes a couple of seconds for bong water to be poured! Use lemon juice, vinegar, or salt to make a simple rinse. By the time you’ve sobered up, you’ll be shocked at how clean your bong is.

How to clean a bong with water: Conclusion

In short, a water bong has a number of ways to clean it. With a fast rinse, hard soak, or deep cleaning using isopropyl alcohol, you can clean out a glass water bong. There are a couple of bong cleaners on the market designed to help you easily clean your glassware.

Alternatively, for up to two hours, soak the bong with hot water mixed with a liquid cleaner. Don’t you want to spend money on a cleaner that you bought from a store? Clean a DIY bong by soaking it in a solution containing alcohol and salt. It is a tried and trusted form of cleaning, and seasoned users know it almost always gets the job done.

Overall, if you clean your bong as much as possible, it is safest. A simple rinse with natural ingredients after every session will avoid a huge buildup of gunk. Every week, a correct cleaning should help you enjoy smoother and cleaner hits. You don’t need toxic chemicals either!

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