CHEEBA CHEWS is one of the United States’ best known edible brands. Check out Cheeba chews reviews full explained in this review.In a wide variety of flavours, it offers high-THC and high-CBD chews. The product selection available to customers depends on where they live. CHEEBA CHEWS, unlike many other firms, strives to have regular doses at all times.

Cheeba chews reviews

Cheeba Chews Quick Summary Pros

Each chew is relatively thin, and many of them can be carried on your person at once.

For most patients, the Quad Dose is more than enough, whereas the Deca Dose can satisfy even the most seasoned aficionado of marijuana.

For those that don’t want an intoxicating high, CBD https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabidiol chews are now available.

Each batch is carefully produced by Cheeba Chews, so every single chew provides a consistent amount of THC or CBD.

There are a large number of alternatives available, including hybrid, sativa, and indica-dominant chews, along with high-THC and high-CBD varieties.


We found that the chews have grainy solids, which can make them less than enjoyable to eat for certain individuals.

There is a lingering aftertaste, but everyone would agree that paying for such a reliable and dependable edible is a small price.

They’re not vegan-friendly.

Policy returns aren’t the best.

Read on for the full analysis of Cheeba Chews, or look at some of our favourite edibles below:

Complete analysis by Cheeba Chews

In the mainstream, marijuana is now, and hemp has followed. For farmers with the appropriate licence to grow low-THC hemp in most states, it is now legal. Millions of individuals are fond of consuming cannabis or vaporising CBD oil. The demand for edibles, however, is also booming. Brands like Cheeba Chews understand the demand and also sell edibles that include a choice that is high and non-intoxicating.

We look at the range of edibles on sale from the company in this in-depth Cheeba Chews study. This guide takes a look at the company’s THC and CBD chews on sale. We are trying to decide how much you should eat in a healthy way. We also provide advice on making a DIY edible “Cheeba Chews-style” from your home’s comforts.

Cheeba chews, what are they?

Marijuana edibles were first produced by this brand in 2009. “High Times once described the products of Cheeba Chews as “America’s favourite edible. Three Cannabis Cups have been won by Cheeba Chews and are available in the following states:

From Colorado

Nevada (California)


The brand has a stellar reputation for its products’ quality and durability, which come in an incredible range of flavours and varieties.

It was surprised by what it discovered when High Times magazine went to the company’s “modern kitchen” in Denver. A massive, industrial-scale plant was planned. Instead, its workers saw a small kitchen of 600 square feet with a few small offices situated near the all-important “cooking site.” Even back then, Cheeba Chews produced 50,000 candies a week in early 2016, a figure that has swelled as the brand has spread to Nevada and Oklahoma in recent years.

While living in Colorado, James Howler, founder and CEO of Cheeba Chews, started the business back in 2009. He found that, with a total lack of consistency in doses, the edibles available were badly flawed. They couldn’t trust the market even though people wanted to try them out. Compared with the next one, one batch could have a different potency.

Howler was a licenced medicinal grower, so a lot of marijuana was available to him. Cheeba Chews aims to manufacture edibles that people can rely on, according to him. One of the top priorities is consistency of dosage and potency. He also says that while experimenting and preparing their chews, the business goes the extra mile. This helps the edibles of the company preserve their noteworthy effects.

Speedy Expansion

In recent years, the business has grown greatly, but it remains privately owned and is completely self-funded. Howler was proud to point out when interviewed in 2016 that the brand had not taken any investment or credit funds because he wanted it to grow organically. Cheeba Chews grew again after marijuana became legalised in Colorado. There were additional states added to the ledger. The brand has hundreds of managers and an executive team now.

However, after marijuana was made legal for recreational use in the state, the company had to reconsider its entire product portfolio. Cheeba Chews waited to see if, with the new regulations, the edibles industry was set to shift. It ended up being an important decision.

Any recreational marijuana legislation specified that the edible had to be supplied in single-doses of 10 mg and protected in child-resistant packaging. In some areas, they also limited the THC to 100mg per product.

The company employed an engineering company to build a specific machine capable of handling the thickness of the blend of Cheeba Chews. In the end, the brand produced a multi-dose kit divided into 10 mg THC increments with chews. However, depending on where you live, you can now buy more substantial quantities of THC.

What’s offered by Cheeba Chews?

On the Cheeba Chews website, there is a multitude of infused edibles available. However, a lot depends on your state. The argument of ‘consistency’ by the organisation is important. It’s all too popular for marketers to make statements in the world of edibles that their products can’t match.

THC counts that are much higher than the actual figure are advertised by a fair number of edibles. It is prevalent for cannabinoids to settle at the bottom in larger batches. From product to product, this can make for some wildly different potencies.

Cheeba Chews is distinct, and compared to its competitors, its lab outcomes are remarkable. Try the Deca Dose Cheeba Chew if you are looking for something with a little extra ‘kick,’ as it contains a whopping 175 mg of THC in total. We can tell you first-hand that these children are extremely potent, so be careful if you have a poor tolerance for weeds! It oozes hash oil and costs $18-$22 generally.

There are also packs of Cheeba Chews in Colorado and Nevada, which contain eight x 10 mg chews. Such packs cost about $12-$14, and versions of THC and CBD are available. Sativa Chocolate Taffy, Indica Chocolate Taffy, Hybrid Caramel and Cheeba Chews Pure CBD Chocolate Taffy are among the flavours. A ‘medical’ version of the Quad Dose is available. In a single chew, it contains 70mg of THC.

Colorado Springs residents can get chews with up to 500mg of THC for around $40, among other locations! Chocolate Taffy, Caramel, and Fruit Taffy are among the flavours. Sensibly use these!

Cheeba Chews’ Choices on CBD

A number of CBD chews containing a maximum of 0.3 percent THC are also available for the company. Cannabidiol comes from hemp cultivated in the United States of America. Organic alcohol extraction is utilised by Cheeba Chews. It argues that, in contrast, CO2 extraction consumes too much fuel.

It offers chewing packs of different sizes; each one contains 25 mg of CBD. Five flavours exist:

Taffy Strawberry

Taffy Chocolate

Taffy Caramel

Taffy Sour Apple

Taffy Orange

There’s just 10-11 calories per chew; fantastic news for weight watchers! The chews are already split into a bowl, making them easy to weigh. Place the packet in the fridge for around one minute if you find that the taffy is too soft. Sugar, glucose syrup, and chocolate liquor are part of the list of ingredients. The taffy also includes soy and milk, so before continuing, keep this detail in mind.

Sizes & Costs

The Cheeba Chews CBD CBD Material Cheeba Chews

4 x 25mg of (100mg total CBD)

10 x 25mg of (250mg total CBD)

20 x 25mg (total CBD of 500mg) Price

$12.99, $21.99, $39.999, $39.999

How many cheeba chews are you able to eat safely?

The response is based on several variables. You can eat more if you eat the CBD version than if you use the THC alternative. However, even with CBD, you should start with a maximum of one chew a day. Until determining if you need more, wait 1-2 hours.

As for the THC option, it depends on your tolerance to marijuana. There may be about 60-70mg of THC in a joint. Some individuals have a LOT more, though. Even so, the ‘Deca Dose’ has a value of 2-3 typical joints. Do NOT eat any of it at once if you purchase a 500mg THC edible. The results are potentially dire. Imagine slipping into a frightening state of anxiety and paranoia caused by THC!

In addition, both the Quad Dose and the Deca Dose will last for many hours at high doses. Although it typically takes longer (compared to smoking) for edibles to take effect, the overall impact is usually greater. A novice error is to assume that the edible is not kicking in, and continue to eat more after an hour or so.

As such, you can eat half the edible first for all items from Cheeba Chews. Before eating the other portion, wait at least an hour (preferably longer). Do that only if you don’t feel any real impact. Decrease this to a quarter (or even less) if you are using the Deca Dose, especially if you have a low tolerance.

10-25 mg of THC is adequate to relax the muscles and help sleep for people with an average to poor tolerance. The high can last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, but with larger doses, this period increases markedly.

The most efficient way to make Cheeba Chews

With high-quality cannabis oil added, Cheeba Chews are essentially Tootsie Rolls. You’re not going to have access to the real thing if you don’t live in California, Colorado, Oklahoma, or Nevada. You should try and make your own at home, however.

All you need is a cooking spray flavoured with butter or butter, a Pyrex baking pan (8 x 8 inches is best) and the following three ingredients:

One bag of minis from Tootsie Roll

If you want to chew hemp, a limit of 10 g of high grade hash oil or CBD oil

A tablespoon of condensed milk that has been sweetened

Follow this recipe step-by-step to make DIY Cheeba Chews when you have all of the above.

Melt the Tootsie Rolls in a low-heat crockpot, periodically stirring the pot.

When you have melted the candy, add the oil and milk.

For two minutes, swirl the concoction. To ensure the oil mixes with the candy as much as possible, you need the milk to spread uniformly.

Grease with butter the interior of the Pyrex pan and pour the concoction into it.

Enable the mixture to cool and position it for a minimum of two hours in the refrigerator.

Break it into pieces until the mixture is set correctly. Depending on how much THC/CBD you want in each one, you can get up to 50 chews per batch.

Where can I buy cheeba chews from?

On the official website and on countless third-party pages, you can find Cheeba Chews. If you want the CBD edition, go to www.hempcheebachews.com. Details relating only to the website of Hemp Cheeba Chews is as follows.

There is not much time for unhappy clients to respond. You have to do so within seven days of obtaining it if you want to return your product. The brand accepts unopened returns only. A 20 percent restocking fee is charged on any returns outside of this timeframe. In addition, Cheeba Chews only accepts returns and refunds on goods purchased on the official website.

Check the terms and conditions if you buy from a third-party.

Should you try Cheeba Chews? The Final Verdict

Overall, a better alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis is Cheeba Chews. In recent years, their cost has fallen, and the THC options are now fairly priced. When opposed to rival brands that market edibles such as gummies, their CBD chews are also on the ‘okay’ side in pricing terms.

They are a lavish treat for most people, rather than something they can rely on every day. It is fair to assume, if nothing else, that Cheeba Chews is arguably the best producer of edibles in the United States. With every batch, the firm offers consistent doses. We strongly recommend their edibles if you would rather eat your weed or hemp than smoke it or vaporise it.

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