CBDfx is a well known company in the CBD industry and offers a broad range of products including tinctures, capsules, topicals, edibles, drinks, and vapes.

CBDfx Review

CBDfx pricing though is over the average at the market and is an average of about $0.2 per mg CBD. The buying experience was simple and intuitive, and the checkout process was fast and simple. The products we tested are more than enjoyable and recommended for CBD consumers who’re searching for a solid, good taste and functionality of the product. The company offers 30 days money-back warranty as part of its solid client support, so if you do not like the product you may get your money back, just note it is for unopened products in their original packaging. 

We have visited CBDfx offices in LA for the purpose of this CBDfx Review and were very impressed with their client focus approach, and their efforts to provide consumers the most qualitative product. We were particularly impressed by their huge organized warehouse which can be shown in the video below. 

Read this and more in our CBDfx Review below.

Here is our quick overview of CBDfx pros and cons:

Rock-solid customer service on the phoneWide range of productsIngredients appear to be relatively high qualityProducts all function well and as describedProduced in a cGMP certified facilityClaimed to be “wholly organic” but not USDA certified. However, very few CBD products are.Avg. price of $0.2 per mg CBD, which is pricier than the average price in the market.


Consumption Method

Tinctures & Drops, Vapes & Liquids, Gummies & Edibles, Capsules, Creams & Topicals, Pets – Tinctures, Other

Hemp Source

Kentucky, USA

CBD Strength

15 mg – 600 mg, Oils & Tinctures: 16.6-50mg/ml; Capsules: 25mg per capsule; Gummies & Edibles: 5 mg per gummy; Creams & Topicals: 0.04 – 0.2 mg/gr

Offers Tastes


Price Per Mg CBD

$0.09 – $0.21

Military Veteran Discount


Extract Types

Full Spectrum, Isolate, Broad Spectrum

Money Back Guarantee


Price Range

$6.99 – $174.99


Yes ,One free face serum trials on orders over $100

CBD Extract Method


Worldwide Shipping

USA, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (UK)

Rate CBDfx

Transparency, Accuracy, and Reputation-CBDfx Review

It is hard to find a lot of info regarding the history of this company. That is unsurprising considering this is a fairly new industry, however it must be noted that other CBD companies offer much more info about themselves than what may be easily found on CBDfx’s website. CBDfx operates under the umbrella of NEwhere, Inc., a company that specializes in e pens and vape products and appears to be based in Chatsworth, California. 

Founded in 2012, this company is privately held and also operates under the company name Mad Hatter Juice. In 2018, Mad Hatter Juice was hit with a letter from the FTC noting that their product was misbranded and that they were engaged with unfair or deceptive promotion practices. In addition to that, there’s little info to find about it business online. Nevertheless, during our visit in their offices for the CBDfx Review, they have shared info regarding the history of the business and it is available in the video above. In their credit, they offer a dedicated telephone number, e-mail, and mailing address for client support. 

Additionally, they’ve an easy-to use contact form that allows for a quick connection. We found that their best method of communication was by phone. While our call was originally answered with a recorded message, the short menu rapidly directed us to a living person in less than a minute. Their FAQ leaves a lot to be desired. With simply a handful of questions, 50% of which answer generic CBD questions, their FAQ likely doesn’t answer all your questions. The person over the telephone, however, although slightly abrupt when asked about the nature and origin of the business, was friendly and knowledgeable with respect to general questions regarding the products.

You may, however, find more answers on the packages themselves. For instance, info on the package includes statements declaring that the products are made in the USA. Nevertheless, over the telephone, a client representative told us that their raw materials were grown in Holland, but processed in the US. When visiting CBDfx offices in LA, the team explained that it was truly a mistake and apologized for the misunderstanding, and clarified that their hemp is grown in Kentucky, USA. 

Here are a few pictures from our visit, you can see their impressive warehouse. Whilst the box does not indicate a CBD or THC concentration, their web site does state that their products all test beneath the limit of 0.3% THC limit for hemp products made in the USA. To prove their claims, they’ve their products analyzed by Pharm Labs in San Diego, the company provides laboratory results through a QR code on the package itself. Every batch of items is tested so that older laboratory reports on the site still correspond to hemp extracts inside the products that you receive. 

When these lots run out, new batches take their place and fresh laboratory reports are updated to be on the site. In accordance with link to test results of their MCT oil, this product contains negligible amounts of THC and just over 2% CBD. Interestingly, the test of their 500mg oil tincture oil showed that there is a discrepancy between how much CBD each dropper full would provide. The box label indicates the expected concentration of 16.5 mg of CBD per mL, but the results showed a whopping 20.22 mg\/mL, which is 22.5% variance and over the acceptable 10%. On their About Us page, they claim that their products are derived from fully organic hemp plants, but they are not USDA certified. 

The manufacturing process sets the tone for the entire operation. The manner wherein the raw material is grown and sourced directly impacts every facet of the final product which goes to market. From legal and licensed producers to frequently audited manufacturing facilities to 3rd party lab results, it is important to have detailed info at all levels of the production process in order to completely understand a product. CBDfx uses Kentucky, United States grown hemp and CO2 extraction. It’s being shipped to a CGMP and FDA inspected facility that creates their products to pharmaceutical standards. CBDfx does a good job of creating delicious products in a broad range of categories. 

For instance, their vape pens come in strain labeled or colour focused varieties. Pricing starts as low as $14.99 and vape pens come in packs which may save consumers up to $30. Furthermore, their edibles come in yummy gummies and delicious sublingual strips. A spending budget collection of gummies starts at less than $10 and their most expensive edibles go up to $59.99 for 300 mg of CBD.

They even offers a CBD wax that contains 30% CBD oil and 300 mg of pure CBD in an one gram packet for just under $50. For individuals that want CBD for their pets, CBDfx has a line dedicated to them. They are sold in small, medium, and large breed bottles which are priced at $39.99, $59.99, and $89.99, respectively. CBDfx’s bundles are probably the best choices for consumers, as they offer great value for the dollar. Their best deal is likely to be the package that contains 3 bottles of their CBD tincture oil for just $174.99. That is like getting one bottle at 50% off just for buying in large quantities. 

This product will be ideal for a first time consumer if they know they would like to try a few different flavours before settling on a favored product. Price of their flagship tincture oil. CBDFx CBD oil tinctures vary from $74.99-$174.99. This range of prices sets them in the average to high range for this kind of product. Their lower range of prices offerings provide consumers with a 500mg portion of CBD in a 30 mL bottle. The highest range collection offers consumers a set of 3 of 500mg bottles. Their 1, 000mg and 1, 500mg tincture oils are priced in the middle range at $124.99 and $159.99, respectively.

So, their oils are sold at a relatively average market price of:

  • $0.149/mg of CBD for a 500mg bottle
  • $0.125/mg of CBD for a 1000mg bottle
  • $0.107/mg of CBD for a 1500mg bottle

Most of their website content is quite clear concerning product pricing. Shipping charges may be easily found throughout the checkout process. CBDfx provides the consumer with shipping selections including comparatively cheap methods as well as more pricey high-speed options.

The user-interface worked smoothly during the transaction process. That’s because they’ve a relatively clean web site that’s simple to navigate as we found for our CBDfx Review.

An extra bonus was the addition of a free sample product to our checkout cart as we were selecting our shipping option. While they don’t offer overnight shipping as an option, we selected their fastest method and received our package in 3 business days

We purchased the bundle of products together for this CBDfx Review, because it delivered great value for its price. In this article, we’ll be looking mainly at one of the CBDfx oils as a representative example of the tincture line. we’ll next rapidly discuss the other products in the bundle.

Blue Raspberry vape pen

First, our package included a Blue Raspberry vape pen that delivers a plume of CBD vapor with the taste of blue snow cones.

A light-up tip lets you know that the vape pen is working, as if the burst of flavour wasn’t a sufficient indicator as soon as you begin drawing.

Chill Shot Lemonade

Next, their Chill Shot Lemonade product provides a strong dose of CBD with the flavour of your favored lemon sports drink. It’s refreshing, sweet, and provides doses of 20 mg of CBD per bottle.

Gummies with 5 mg of CBD each

Next, we opened the two pouches in our bundle. One contained gummies with 5 mg of CBD each. They tasted a bit like tapioca but the label indicated that they were made mainly with spirulina and turmeric.

Gel capsules

The other packet had a handful of gel capsules. Small, squishy, tasteless, and loaded with CBD, they deliver a rapid dose of 25 mg of CBD.

500 mg CBD tincture oil

Within their array of oils, CBDfx has varied their approach to naming their products. One line is plainly labeled as a combination of MCT oil and CBD oil, nothing more. Others have a trifecta of flavours blended together to make the extracted cannabinoids more tolerable on the palette.

The unit itself comes out from the box looking quite clean. To the touch, it feels substantial, the glass is sturdy and the lid seems professionally manufactured.

What’s in this product?

CBD Tincture-CBDfx Review

CBD Amount Range

16.6 mg/ml – 50 mg/ml

Price Range

$59.99 – $119.99


Price Per Mg CBD

$0.08 – $0.12

THC Concentration

< 0.3%

CBD Per Serving


Time to Impact


Offers Tastes


Additional Information

Non-GMO, Organic, Pesticide Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, CO2

Extract Types

Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Isolate

Overal Bottle Volume Range

From 30 ml

In accordance with the label on the box of the 500 mg CBD tincture oil, it consists of a proprietary blend of full spectrum hemp CBD and MCT oil derived from coconut. Although not indicated on the box, client support informed us that all of their products are recovered using CO2. The packaging was clean and embellished with enticing branding. The product stood out beautifully in it is clean glass bottle. The instructions state that consumers should take one ml of the product, put it under the tongue and allow it sits for a minute as it dissolves in your system. 

Lastly, swallowing the rest will send CBD directly into the stomach. The oil is semi viscous, clear, and displays a slight yellow hue. Just in case it gets into the wrong hands, the lid is equipped with a childproof system. Furthermore, the dropper it is attached to is labeled with an easy-to see indicator that allows the consumer know how much oil they’ve dosed. This unflavored version can be difficult for some consumers to manage. It is incredibly earthy and could overwhelm first time CBD consumers. Fortunately, its flavored counterparts are available on the CBDfx web site for the same price. If you are shopping the MCT oil line of CBDfx’s tinctures, you will find a variety of sizes and packages at select from. For instance, you can start with a bottle as small as 500 mg and work your way up to 1, 500 mg in a single bottle. While you are free to buy only one kind of oil, like we did, for this CBDfx Review, CBDfx offers generous discount rates for purchases of bundles of CBD oil tinctures.

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