CBD Legal in Pakistan for Medical and Industrial, Proclaims Fawad Chaudhry

Yes, you read that right, CBD is Legal in Pakistan Officially! The cabinet has approved the first license for medical and industrial use of Hemp, known as Bhang in Urdu, for the Ministry of Science and Technology and PCSIR Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry, has proclaimed on Twitter on Tuesday, and did a press conference on Wednesday. He announced this on his official twitter. Meanwhile, in the press conference, he also claimed that this landmark decision would put Pakistan in the 25 billion dollars Cannabidiol (CBD) industry. He also stated that he plans to gain One Billion Dollar share of this market within three years. This will be the real impact of making CBD Legal in Pakistan

He also posed the reasons for his decisions are three-pronged, i.e., the seed is used to make Hemp Oil, Leaves used to make Medicine, while Fiber made from its Stem. Fiber, he said, is one of the most critical factors, as it has vast textile applications since the growth of cotton is decreasing. He believes that Hemp is a viable replacement for cotton. 

The First stage after CBD is Legalization is the Production of Hemp which will take place in Peshawar, Chakwal, and Jhelum because of their favorable climatic conditions for Hemp’s growth.

To Find out Further on what is Hemp, Cannabis, CBD, CBD Oil, Read Below:

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis refers to three plants with psychoactive properties, known as Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. When the flowers of these plants are harvested and dried, you’re left with one of the most common drugs in the world, which some call marijuana or weed. However, noted that these are extracts from different leaves, while Hemp from which CBD or CBD oil extracted is the other plant leaf.

What is Hemp?

Hemp, also called industrial Hemp, is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species grown specifically for the industrial uses of its derived products: Medicines, Fiber, and Hemp Oil noted that Hemp has lower concentrations of THC, which decreases or eliminates its psychoactive effects.

What is CBD, CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol or CBD oil, as it is widely known, is a chemical compound from the Cannabis sativa plant, which is also known as Hemp, according to the US National Library of Medicine. It’s a naturally occurring substance that’s used in products like oils and edibles to impart a feeling of relaxation and calm. One must point out that CBD, even though extracted from the cannabis plant it cannot get you high since it’s not psychoactive since it contains less than 0.3% of THC in dry weight.
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