Hong Kong has it’s first CBD Cafe situated in Tai On Terrace at Sheung Wan. The cafe under the retail name Located, can be a boutique dedicated to the advertising and sales of hemp based cannabinoids.

After gently launching its doors in June 2020, it expects full scale operations from the second quarter of the year, offering up a full menu along with a vast assortment of CBD goods like capsules, oils, body balms as well as CBD dog treats. Aimed at educating Hong Kongers on the advantages of cannabidiol, the staff behind Located is eager for their goals to allow clients have a full comprehension of the chief ingredient they use as part of their health products. 

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Launch of the CBD Cafe:

Even though it’s a natural chemical found in cannabis, cannabidiol is considered 100% legal in Hong Kong. It’s free from psychoactive effects that means clients don’t experience a top and present no danger of addiction even with frequent use and consumption. Advocates of CBD maintain the benefits of controlled use mentioning apparent respite from continual pain, tension and anxiety. It offers better muscle relaxation, sleep and even anti inflammation. Altum International is a cannabinoid innovation system that distributes various CBD goods for the retail, food and beverages market. They’re the staff behind the pioneer dedicated boutique cafe where interested clients can dip their tastebuds in CBD infused foods and beverages like coffee, tea, kombucha, ice pops as well as cakes, bread, and chocolate among others. 

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What to expect from the new Cafe?

The cafe facet of the establishment permits clients to float and enjoy their merchandise on site as well. The business boasts of its on ground platform where people can purchase goods for their special requirements while offering a safe area to find out more about CBD. In an article on the Hong Kong Tatler, Altum International had initially launched two brands at the Hong Kong market under Felix & Co, a business-to consumer site which provides edible and topical CBDs merchandise. Life CBD that’s a business-to business platform which offers CBD in liquid and powder form to several businesses. Life CBD is currently being utilized in beverages as an added ingredient for cold pressed smoothies and juices. According to Fiachra Mullen, advertising director of Altum International, once the boutique and cafe are in full operation, Found has set its goals for hosting workshops and wellness activities for individuals to further enlighten them about CBD. We believe that CBD – and soon other minor cannabinoids, like CBG and CBC – will continue becoming a bigger trend for wellness and health in Hong Kong, assisting folks bring some balance back to their mind and body, at a time when the city needs it the most, Mullen says. This cafe can help people who face multiple issues such as Anxiety, Depression or Inflammation because CBD has proven to be helpful in these circumstances.

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