Blue Dream CBD – also called Azure Haze – is a potent strain of CBD. This distinctive hybrid is produced by the marriage of two other popular strains – Blueberry and Haze. The outcome is a sativa dominant strain that boasts a strong fruity flavour and uplifting effects. The distinctive taste of the strain has made it popular among daytime users. Who enjoy pungent earthy strains that improve alertness and concentration. Blue Dream CBD is a cannabis seed with fast and vigorous growth, supported by an aggressive root system. The good spacing between its large and thin fan leaves makes for ample light penetration, promoting optimal development. 

Why is it called Blue Dream CBD?

In only 9 weeks, it provides huge terminal website colas heavy. With a high resin count and beautiful purple, blue and silver notes on cold nights. Using science and technology, along with our reproductive instinct. Led to the discovery and isolation of properties of cannabinoids never seen before. Blue Dream CBD’s flavour masterfully mixes strong, sharp tones of sweet berry, citrus and pepper. Providing a mild psychoactive effect, Blue Dream CBD is known for its clear and energizing euphoric sensations. With it, many individuals with low tolerance to cannabis. May have the opportunity to benefit from the numerous therapeutic properties of cannabis. We’re proud to present the new era of functional use of therapeutic cannabis seeds for a wider range of users. In the global cannabis community and beyond to collect and enjoy.

Where Does Blue Dream CBD Come from?

While it is unclear when or where the Blue Dream strain originated. Many assume that it comes from Santa Cruz, CA. It had been developed by combining two popular strains of cannabis – Blueberry and Haze that are indica and sativa, respectively. The outcome is sativa- dominant Blue Dream CBD strain that manifests some of the effects of the relaxed indica strain. Though More on the stimulating side of the spectrum, Blue Dream CBD does manifest quite high degree of control. The stimulant effects are strong yet limited. Letting only the proper vigilance to take control so that you may do without the mental stress and pressure.

The Effects of Blue Dream CBD

The strain is preferred by a large population of CBD users for a number of reasons. Quick to take effect, Blue Dream lends heightened sensation for extended time periods. The strain paves the way for a lightened mood that breeds creativity and razor sharp focus. The sativa dominant hemp flower boosts your energy. Making you feel more motivated and capable of charging through a day’s worth of activities. Without having to stop and rest. Blue Dream CBD is considered a stimulating strain, making it best for all those times of day whenever you may need the extra boost to support your daily activities. Using during night time might not be recommended as the strain is known to curb drowsiness and sleepiness.

One use through daylight hours can be more than enough to help support your everyday tasks. However, if you feel that you may need the extra lift, then a double dose could be in order. Make certain to keep use to a minimum and to avoid overuse particularly whether the affects you reap with a single dose are potent enough to make an impact on your level of activity. With regards to its effect on physical stress, Blue Dream CBD is very subtle. The mild impact could be unnoticeable to most, so it could not be a good option for all those that use CBD for its effects on physical discomfort.

Blue Dream scent profile

Earthy, pungent, and raw, Blue Dream’s flavour profile is deep and rich, with strong bitter notes that take center stage. But following a few puffs, the flavours twist and change, giving rise to a melody of fruity flavours, including blueberry and citrus that complement the bitterness for a pleasant flavour profile. Users that may not be too keen on a strong earthy bitterness could be thrown off by the potent strength of Blue Dream’s darker flavors. In that case, it might better off with Blue Dream CBD as vapor. But for the most potent effects, smoking the strain will produce the greatest manifestation of the hemp’s outcomes.

Smoking also improves the potency of the combination of flavours in the strain, make a more holistic experience that engages all the senses. Physical appearance. The bud’s flowers had a nice shade of light lime green, 95% of the pistils had acquired a very light orange coloring and the visible trichome content was amazing. When looked at under the microscope, the trichomes were all well formed with 25% of the heads amber, 70% milky and 5% remaining clear. The bud’s flowers had a medium dense structure with some fox tailing that I typically see in heavy sativa strains or with heavily dominant

Haze based genetics

A solid 9/10 for bag appeal. When the buds were broken off the stems, I was instantly hit by a distinctive Blueberry Haze odor along with hints of pepper, lemon and pine. Now onto my favored part: the smoke test.

Smoke test

For the purpose of the smoke test, we used both a water pipe\/bong with a flower bowl and my trusty Davinci Vaporizer. This way, we get the complete flavor and the fastest onset of effects. We’ve found vaporization can really bring out the flavours in the final product, retain some precious terpenes and, boy, we were right. I set about to grind up the Blue Dream CBD and proceeded to fill my bowl up. Once filled, I cleared my lungs and took a big rip from the bong. The smoke instantly hit the back of my throat and my taste buds got bombarded with flavors and flavours, the most outstanding flavour being blueberry with a distinctive Haze aftertaste.

Heavy citrus hints on the exhale along with a strong hash aroma. The high was very fast to come on and the hit was heavy as expected from a sativa, but not too overpowering. Typically, the high will be quite intense however this one is a lot more manageable. Perfect for daytime use. As soon as you exhale, you will feel your whole body relax. My seized joints loosened up and my back pain instantly soothed. I am feeling fantastic. As expected, the water bong delivered immediate effect with a nice flavour profile and not too severe on the chest.

Blue Dream CBD and the Vaporizer

Now let’s see what the vaporizer can do! Installed in 365º, F the vapors produced were quite thick. The effects didn’t come on as fast as the water bong, but the vaporizer truly does bring out the full flavours of the flowers. If you are using cannabis marijuana for medical benefits, have chest issues or simply just do not like to smoke combust your herb, then this is a perfect alternative. One facet of a vaporizer I love is the fact that I can start off in a low temperature and increase my temperatures which does deliver a bigger hit but, in my view, some of the flavours are sacrificed. At 365º, F, the tastes coming through are heavily Haze influenced with a hint of sweet blueberry with added spices on the exhale. A very tasty strain like the original Blue Dream.

Final thoughts

This was a completely different experience than I’m I love my high impact sativa strain with a high THC content. So I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the reduced rate of THC, but, given the fantastic medical benefit from the increased CBD, this is a tradeoff I am willing to make. This strain was VERY effective for pain-alleviation, inflammation and worked extremely well against migraines, nervousness and lasted for a solid 2 hours.

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