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The relationship between marijuana and munchies is equivalent to that of eggs and bacon. The idea that the cannabis causes the consumer to turn to snacks instantly for someone with even a casual awareness of marijuana is ingrained in the mind.

We are the first to agree that particular strains have certain unnecessary side effects attached to them. One symptom of smoke, however, that we can’t get enough of is the good old-fashioned munchies!

It is a truism in certain ways. Certain strains of cannabis cause you to become incredibly hungry. In this case, being caught short without snacks while high is a royal pain. You probably have no need to go to the supermarket and buy food if you’re completely baked.

Hence, when the munchies strike, you must have a steady supply of snacks to hand. We outline five of the best foods to eat while being high in this guide. We’ll have a few honourable mentions as well. Next, let’s look at certain strains of marijuana that are likely to cause pangs of hunger and others that do not.

Almost Guaranteed Cannabis Strains to Induce Munchies

While everyone is different, some strains are more likely than others to contribute to munchies. We have an article that gives us a scientific insight into why we get munchies. It is because of how THC communicates with the brain, in summary.

The cannabinoid attaches to the brain’s receptors and affects two hormones, ghrelin and leptin, linked to appetite. Changes in these hormones stimulate appetite and give the body signals that more food is needed. This happens whether or not you need more food. Here are five strains that are likely to send you to the cupboard or refrigerator:

About lavender

Jack Herer Herer

Kush Mazar Afghan Kush Vital

Strains Of Marijuana Possibly at Bay to Keep Hunger

Let’s say you look at your weight, or you have a tendency to forget about stocking snacks. Maybe the summer months are coming, and you want to have a beach-ready look. After the pre-bedtime joint, you might ruin a period of disciplined dieting by feasting on junk food.

When those hunger pangs take place, it’s not uncommon to stuff more than 1,500 calories into your body. If you are repelled by this notion, it will behove you to look for marijuana that will not trigger the munchies.

For the work, the best cannabis strains are those high in CBD and THCV. There has been a suggestion recently that CBD is potentially a beneficial weight loss supplement. Studies indicate that this non-intoxicating cannabinoid facilitates this mechanism in the following ways:

Lowers appetite, which contributes to a reduced intake of calories.

It normalises the levels of insulin to help the body burn fat.

Supports our mitochondrial and metabolic fitness.

A 2010 research published in Neuropsychology by Morgan et al., looked at marijuana and appetite. It found that low THC strains of marijuana smokers who used high CBD had a decreased attention bias to triggers for food and drugs. Compared to those who consumed high THC, this is low for CBD strains. The existence of CBD, in effect, decreases appetite.

Another cannabinoid renowned for appetite suppression is THCV. The trouble is, in most cannabis types, you only find it in minimal amounts. Here are a few strains of marijuana with a higher THCV level than the average:

Moby Dick Red Congolese for Congolese

The #1 Power Plant of Jack the Ripper Skunk

However, here is a range of foods to enjoy if you don’t mind having the munchies or actively supporting the process.

best food when high
Colorful Mexican nachos with chicken black olives melted cheese jalapenos and more

#1. Pizza-The Snack Legendary

Have you ever wondered why pizza is addictive AND so delicious? It turns out that a scientific explanation exists. Did you know that fatty, sweet, rich, and complex foods are attracted to humans? Meat toppings are rich (and fatty) in pizza, cheese is fatty, and typically the sauce is sweet.

The toppings also include glutamate in addition to this holy trinity of ingredients. In cheese, onions, bacon, and pepperoni, you will usually find this compound. When glutamate hits our senses, our brains get excited and we want more. Because of this compound, our mouths often water in anticipation of the next taste.

Latest information suggests that Americans eat the equivalent of 350 slices per second collectively!

There are also flavour compounds in cheese and tomato sauce, which taste better when consumed together. It is like they have a ‘entourage influence’ of their own. And another reason we enjoy pizza is that the oven turns brown and crispy. This is down to a pair of chemical reactions: the Maillard Reaction and caramelization.

Pizza makes a wide selection of options. The fact that they can get it shipped to their door is extremely convenient as far as marijuana customers are concerned.

#2. Ice Cream-The King of Dessert

The logical next move is to follow it with something sweet once you have the savoury topped with pizza. Ice cream ticks virtually all the boxes that are right. It’s cold, creamy, and with hundreds of flavours available. For every palette, there is really a sense of taste. Separating high-quality ice cream from its less acceptable counterparts is the trick here. Most individuals prefer to rely on a brand such as Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen-Dazs

When making the perfect ice cream, there is a lot to remember. The first step is pasteurisation, after assembling the raw ingredients. Get it wrong, and an overcooked flavour can be created. It is during the process of homogenization that there may really be issues. It is then that those dreaded crystals of ice cream come into play, and they mess up the texture.

Add stabilisers to labels. These are chemical proteins that prevent most crystals from forming. Occasionally, however, even the strongest stabilisers struggle to do their job. Also, if a company allows too much air to get whipped into the cream, instead of ice cream, the result becomes a frozen milk dessert. Due to thawing and freezing, there is also the question of lactose molecules spreading.

So, the next time you choose ice cream when high, you at least have an understanding of how much work it’s going to do. Now you even know why ice cream doesn’t taste amazing when it gets thawed after you refreeze it.

#3. The Salty Treat’s Potato Chips

There is a rational explanation why you can not resist snacking on potato chips, just like pizza. A lot of the salt quality has to do with it. A research by Bolhius et al., published in March 2016 in The Journal of Nutrition, looked at how salt influences appetite. 48 volunteers were recruited by the Australian study and their taste sensitivity was tested.

For four weeks, the group ate numerous lunches once a week. There were distinct amounts of fat and salt in the meals. The researchers found that the addition of salt to the meals improved how good the food was perceived to be by the volunteers. Salt induced people, regardless of how much fat was in the meal, to eat 11 percent more calories.

It becomes easier to see why many people find it hard to stop at one, when you add in the satisfying crunch of the chips. You lower your inhibitions as far as cannabis use is concerned, and self-control theoretically becomes a problem. You eat a huge packet of chips all of a sudden, but you feel so fine afterwards.

#4. Chocolate, The Snack Must-Have

Just guess what? There’s a scientific explanation why we all enjoy chocolate! One study found that allowing chocolate to melt in your mouth slowly provides an improvement in brain activity and heart rate as perfect as a passionate kiss! The feeling lasts four times longer, however.

Often, anandamide, a feel-good chemical occurring naturally in the brain, is found in chocolate. The THC present in cannabis is similar. The chocolate chemical helps the brain’s natural anandamide last longer, so we get a high chocolate stretch. Anecdotal studies say that it is also very pleasurable to add chocolate to one’s current high.

You benefit from extra antioxidants when you pick dark chocolate. You should recognise that chocolate is among the most flavorful foods in the world. You’ve got it covered, if you like tart, nutty, earthy, smoky, or caramel notes.

Even those who specialise in mixing chocolate and cannabis are there. For instance, with Marionberry Kush, milk chocolate goes well. Super Lemon Haze, meanwhile, is fine with white chocolate.

#5. Cheeseburger-The Stoner Munchies’ Big Daddy

The reasons we enjoy cheeseburgers are close to why pizza is adored. You’ve got a blend of fatty beef, cheese, a number of different sauces, and a sweet bun. There is a major difference, of course, in the standard of burgers available.

In spite of the comparatively poor quality of the ingredients, a staggering number of individuals are drawn to fast food.

Chains such as Five Guys have become famous because they concentrate on what clients want. They also only sell burgers and hot dogs and, according to their loyal fans, have mastered them. There are potentially 250,000 combinations of 15 topping options! More significantly, the beef quality is outstanding.

There are hundreds of options, of course. Another favourite is the In-N-Out Burger, much like Wendy’s and Carl’s Jr. There are plenty of choices to suit your preferences if you don’t like beef or are a vegetarian. Best of all, you can pick up the phone, and it will bring several outlets to your house.

The Best Munchies Final Thoughts

You may have a group of hungry, and disappointed, stoners on your hands if you don’t have food at any pot get-together.

Similarly, it is helpful to be prepared if you are by yourself and get the feeling of hunger. The last thing you want is to start checking your cupboards and desperately eating out-of-date food!

Stock up on the above ingredients, and when the munchies come knocking, get ready to treat yourself. Here are a few ideas for more:

Cookie Dough- It is sold as a snack by several pizza places

When all you want is bread and something sweet, Nutella

Cinnamon Rolls- Perfect for cottonmouth tackling

Oreos-Outstanding at any moment

Cheez Wiz- When you can barely move

Donuts & Ice Cream- Brace yourself for a sugar coma

Kraft Dinner Fast & quick

Using pop-tarts as a bread substitute; add Nutella if you feel naughty.

When you want to pretend to be a chef, Top Ramen

Chocolate Brownies—Unless you want to overdo it, skip the THC kind!

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