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Dabbing is a procedure for smoking marijuana that has grown in popularity over the years. Indeed, marijuana users tend to stick to the better-known methods of getting high. However, as a more convenient way to get fast-acting results, more experienced cannabis users have taken to dabbing.

Whether or not you’re a daily dabber, you’ll probably know you need a good dab torch. We’re going to take you through five of our 2021 go-to best dab torches https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butane_torch today.

Best dab torch

What Is Dabbing Cannabis?

You will benefit from a hard-hitting high while dabbing, which is perfect for patients looking for marijuana treatment. There are, of course, dangers linked to dabbing with marijuana. Anyone considering it can, therefore, only use safe, checked items.

So, what about dabbing, exactly? It is the act of consuming concentrated marijuana doses, or ‘dabs.’ By going through the extraction process, sticky oils, also referred to as wax or shatter, become THC and other beneficial cannabinoids. Usually, the process of extraction requires the use of butane or carbon dioxide.

You need something scorching to ingest cannabis concentrate to inhale the mixture, which is normally a nail. You need a torch to reach the appropriate temperature!

Is there a requisite torch for Dab?

You probably think, ‘Why can’t I use a lighter to heat my fingernail? ‘You can get the short response, but it’s less safe, less fun, and much less effective. The temperature of your nail must hit a minimum of over 350 degrees Fahrenheit. A lighter would therefore inevitably fall short of the target and leave you while you’re at it with a cramped-up hand!

Using a best dab torch will allow you to easily reach the necessary temperature. It also helps your heating process to become more precise. A comfortable, healthy, and enjoyable experience is the outcome.

Also, when you learn to regulate your nail temperature, you waste less concentrate and taste more terpenes. You may also invest in an e-nail providing a temperature that is pre-set. A nice torch makes it possible for you to get something out of your focus. Keep in mind, different dabs need different heat.

Viscous dabs typically require a higher degree of heat to completely vaporize. Depending on the type of dab, here is a simple temperature range for your nail:

Wax or Crumble: Fahrenheit 400 to 500 degrees

PHO or BHO: degrees 500 to 700

Shatter or Oil: degrees 700 to 800

In a Decent Dabbing Torch, what to look for

Each person is probably going to want something different. Picking the right torch is down to personal choice, as is the case with many items.

There are a few things that stand out, however, so look for the following when choosing a torch for dabbing.

Precautions & Protection Features

Although dabbing is a clean way of using marijuana, as many torches use butane, there are risks involved. By making sure the plug and nozzle match securely to prevent gas leakage, you will decrease the risk of accidents. For apparent purposes, flammable materials must stay away from the torch.

Now there are dab torches which have an automatic locking feature. Narrow-based lights, however, can get knocked out, a process that can start a fire. Before dabbing, we also suggest purging your torch. Oxygen could be used in a new torch. Even, when using the torch for the first time, do not fill up the chamber. It will extinguish the flame if it isn’t purged, or else it won’t allow the butane to flame up as it should.

Regulation of Temperatures

Controlling the temperature, as we described above, means you can decide the type of aroma and taste you get. A low-temperature dab allows the concentrate to give you more flavor. You benefit from smoother and longer hits as a bonus, too. Alas, in this case, the vapor produced is not especially thick or dense. It has milder effects and can leave behind a bit of emphasis as well.

A high-temperature dab produces much more pleasing vapor clouds, and nearly all of the concentrate is used. It also results, however, in a decreased strength of taste. If you have a self-heating nail, the mechanism is manual. As a consequence, concentrate on stuff like how long to heat the nail, and how long to cool it, that you can manage. To help you achieve the right temperature for your needs, you can also use a timer.

Adequacy for Dabbing Form

Generally speaking, it is safer to pick a torch that easily heats the nail. Proponents of the ‘low and slow’ strategy, however, suggest that you do not need a heavy torch. In certain situations, you just need the nail to hit a temperature of between 350 and 450 degrees. A smoother, more flavorful pull is the effect. On the lungs, it is arguably better than other approaches as well.

If you’re all about vapor, then you’ll probably want a more efficient torch that can heat the nail to 700+ degrees quickly. This method, of course, will ensure that some of your concentration is left behind.

Yet the cold-start method is another type of dabbing. Generally, by pre-heating the nail and applying the concentrate, you can achieve a low-temperature dab. You place the material on a cold nail with the cold-start or reverse procedure. You are better off investing in a banger if you go down this path.

To get the nail to the correct temperature ASAP, you will want a more efficient flame. The nail can be heated to a point where the concentrate bubbles and transforms into vapor in 10 seconds. This technique, however, wastes a lot of focus, and in a session, you are unlikely to get more than a single dab. On the plus hand, if you are stuck for some time, it is ideal.

Form Of Gas

Dab Torches, in general, use butane or propane. The majority of experts believe butane is the best option because it does not affect the taste or aroma of marijuana. Propane torches are often more susceptible to burning too hot, making them a more hazardous alternative. If you use propane, when the nail burns, titanium dioxide is formed. Inhaling it at elevated temperatures will irritate the nose and throat, and it is also a potential carcinogen.


It was normal to see people on YouTube using massive propane tanks during the early days of dabbing. The big flames created by torches like that were eye-opening. Common sense finally prevailed, and people realized they didn’t need a flamethrower. Once the delights of ‘low and slow,’ were sampled by dabbers, the gigantic torch was dropped on the scrapheap.

A 3-4-inch torch is more than enough for most users, in fact. It’s best to have a torch you can carry along on the move with you. When you have a big rig, you will need a 6-inch version. One advantage of a larger torch is that there is more room in the chamber of a butane option, so there is less need to refill it.

Jets of Flame

You’re not going to need more than a single flame jet for the most part. A lot depends, however, on the kind of nail your rig has. For a titanium nail, a small torch with one flame jet is usually appropriate. Nevertheless, the famous quartz banger is available in various thicknesses. To fit well with a single plane, the 2mm alternative is thin enough. You’re going to quickly heat this nail, and it’s easier to do this uniformly. If you prefer the low and slow technique, use a 2mm approach.

4mm is the thickness of the most common quartz banger. You need a flame jet of at least 0.25 inches in diameter and two inches in length at this point. In order to get the most out of a 4mm banger, you would definitely need a larger dab torch with a stand. You need more than one flame jet once you exceed 6mm.

For 2021, Our Top Five Dabbing Torches!

Now, let’s look at the five best torches for dabbing in 2021.

#1: $49.999 Blazer Big Buddy Butane Torch

This is certainly one of the most powerful dabbing torches on the market. It offers a spectacular Fahrenheit flame of 2,500 degrees and a magnificent 60 minutes of continuous burn time. It is an all-in-one, easy to use torch that is also waterproof. The flame height adjuster allows your dabbing sessions to be customized.

For more spice, you can turn between high temperatures and smaller flames. It is as simple as sliding the button to change the temperature.

A quick-fire ignitor button comes with the Blazer Big Buddy Butane Torch, so when you use it, it will ignite automatically. Set the child-proof safety lock once you are finished to keep the torch from unintentionally igniting, or when you drop it. Place the torch on its detachable stand when you are not using it. With a larger nozzle or butane power, there are few torches on the market.

#2-ErrlyBird Torch Art-$290

In a host of cool designs, this unique torch is available. Space Porn, Sloth on a Bong, Puff Puff Pass, and more than a dozen others are what you can get. These are limited-edition prints of original artwork, so when it is not in service, you should admire this torch. Great value for money is also provided by the ErrlyBird Torch Art collection. It reaches a maximum temperature of 2700 degrees Fahrenheit and has a limited warranty of three months as well.

It is compact enough to take you anywhere, and is made of materials of high quality. The ‘Quik-Fire’ ignition device requires you to use one hand to use the torch. Lock the flame in place and, by using the levers on the side, change its size. The reservoir of easy-fill butane means you don’t need to worry about spilling a drop.

#3-Butane Dab Torch Special Blue ‘Terminator’-$355.

In fact, for a number of reasons, customers use this torch, including firing up the BBQ and baking! If you need a powerful and inexpensive dabbing torch, it is an excellent choice, though. The Terminator has automatic ignition like other top-rated torches, so you profit from a quick fire-up time.

Aside from having an adjustable flame, the 90-degree adjustable head of this torch operates from any angle. At seven inches high and 2,25 inches tall, it is a very large torch. It is cordless, however, and lightweight, so easy to transport. It comes with a 4.25-inch wide base as well.

#4 Big Shot Butane Torch Blazer GT8000-$59.999 Big Shot Butane Torch

For the Blazer brand, the second entry sees the slightly expensive Big Shot torch taking center stage. It is a favorite of professional and easy-to-refill dabbers. The GT8000 provides a turbo flame, like the other Blazer option on the list, that reaches a temperature of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can rely on this torch to create a continuous flame for up to 60 minutes. It has a detachable base as well and comes in three color choices. The Big Shot does so less violently, but its flame heats up to the same temperature as the Big Friend. It is more convenient to wear, however, and users with wrist or grip problems prefer to pick the Big Buddy.

#5 Medium Torch Newport, $44,955

One of the most respected in the industry is the Newport brand, so we felt the need to include it here. Although this is a ‘medium’ option, a mini dab torch or a larger version may also be purchased. It comes in colors like pink, silver, or tye-dye.

It has a wide capacity, in general, and is relatively simple to use. Users are also pleased by how easy it is to refill the collection from Newport.

It has a flame that is adjustable, easy to carry, operates at any angle, and is self-igniting. At an excellent price, it is a best dab torch available.

Final Thoughts: What is Your 2021 Go-To Torch?

We do appear to trust our readers when it comes to finding the best products in the industry. Let us know if you have tried any of the torches listed above and give us your opinion. Even, if you have found even better flames, add a comment, not to mention those that clients can steer clear of!

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