CBD oil is rapidly growing into the leading health and health trend. Millions of individuals throughout the world are using this non psychoactive supplement to address specific symptoms and encourage their overall wellness. With that said, the market for CBD petroleum is mostly unregulated. Indeed, there is not much preventing companies from purchasing low quality oils that can be contaminated or contain too small CBD or too much THC. Consequently, it’s very important to do your due diligence when shopping for CBD oil. This is why we researched dozens of CBD petroleum products to assist you find the best ones.

Our recommendations are based on the following criteria:

  • Quality and Purity of the merchandise – Based on third party laboratory testing results. This criterion also includes the method of extraction used, whether it comprises other components, the quality of components used to make the oil and in which the ingredients have been sourced.
  • Value – Cost efficacy of the item, this factor is second in quality.
  • Potency – Just how many milligrams of CBD is from the product.
  • Transparency – Published, easy-to accessibility third party laboratory testing results, comprehensive product pages, product labeling along with other company info such about page, refund policy, etc.
  • Reputation – Based upon what’s known about the business, the folks behind the brand, how transparent they are, the web site along with other factors about the company.
  • Client Service – Availability, responsiveness, how well they answer questions and concerns along with how rapidly and well the item is delivered.

Continue reading for our list of the best CBD oils now available, broken down by overall quality, effectiveness, value, along with other helpful categories.