Meet with a group of passionate growers dedicated to top-of the line berry genetics. As the name suggests, 4 Corners CBD constantly emphasizes that they don’t cut any corners, so controlling 100 percent of their in house production process.

They’ve a straightforward and concentrated 4 Corners CBD product line which isn’t only all natural, but amazingly powerful. We assessed, and also their cannabinoid profile tests show high proportion of CBD per quantity. Kudos on that front. 
Nevertheless, the total security test results are currently lacking according to our methodology, therefore we’d like 4 Corners CBD to cover all bases to rank them higher in the future. 

4 Corners cannabis Brand Review

4 Corners CBD hails from Durango, Colorado and maintains a heightened concentrate on plant genetics. They got their start in 2013 producing products for themselves and expanded their horizons following sharing their powerful CBD oil with family and friends that were amazed at the benefits. Every one of the 4 Corners CBD hemp varieties have been genetically selected for cannabinoid content, terpene ratios, and resistance to mold and insects. 
Any plant material that doesn’t make the last cut is reintegrated into the compost to promote healthful soil and sustainability. 4 Corners CBD prides themselves on performing their entire process in house, from seeds to jar, with total control over production. Their staff has decades of experience working with cannabis, and although we cannot substantiate the claim, they say they were among the first CBD businesses in the entire world. Solvent extraction with sugar cane ethanol is utilized to withdraw whole spectrum CBD from organically grown hemp blossoms. From there, the solution is distilled to further enhance the CBD oil and produces a product that’s then formulated in tinctures and salve. 

4 Corners CBD tests for residual solvents must, however they fall short of receiving the security badge. We were unable to locate a CoA for their CBD balm, and their CBD vape fluid doesn’t have an up-to date test for microbial contaminants. We noticed the CBD content at the SKUs tested is high, which we applaud, but since we’re sticklers on security, we can’t award the badge until all SKUs have tests for both purity and contaminants. 4 Corners CBD is serious about their ingredient sourcing, and it shows in the product line which contains top quality ingredients and zero additives. 
Their principal focus would be 4 Corners CBD tinctures, with a MCT oil variety, a pet line, and avocado oil tinctures, along with their orange label tincture which may be taken on the move or utilized for vaping. Lastly, they make a clean balm with CBD for pain and inflammation to be applied topically. This salve is an easy, all natural blend of coconut oilarray CBD, premium beeswax, anti-oxidants, and terpenes. With regards to CBD topicals, the simpler the better, and we give this one a +.

Bottom Line – 4 Corners Cannabis exhibits extremely intentional processes and provides an extremely clean line of CBD products. They will need to cover more of their bases on testing protocols to receive the Safety Badge, but overall, they’re off to a great start. 

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Badges for “4 Corners Cannabis” 

Quality Verified 
4 Corners CBD sources grown hemp flowers and utilizes solvent extraction with organic sugar cane ethanol to procure their CBD oil. 

Mission Verified 
4 Corners CBD strives to be trailblazers and use the latest technology and advice to produce the best CBD products. 
Innovation Verified. The 4 Corners Cannabis team used their experience in hemp genetics to pioneer their own strong strain. 

We’re consumers of 4 Corners CBD products too and after being fed up with such a CBD landscape we made this to level the playing area. We’d love to assist you in locating the right CBD oil goods that you too can flourish! Got a question? Contact Us. 

4 Corners Cannabis 


9 Responses to 4 Corners CBD Review 

– Jenny Michael, August 7, 2020
this stuff tastes old. Was very inefficient compared with CW. 

-Kristine March 1, 2020
their pet product made my dog violently ill after 1 dose of 5 drops. Immediately contacted them and was told sorry but no returns on opened product. So their 30 day return policy is useless and never trust a company that won’t stand behind their product. 

Sam August 17, 2020
I’ve read that CBD is very good for arthritis, one person asserted that her rheumatoid arthritis has cleared with you product along with Lazarus tincture. I’ve attempted CBD at the past for inflammation, overall I felt worse aching in the morning, have you heard about this happening before? I really would like it to work for me too. 

Eric Paul August 16, 2020
I have arthritis in my entire body. 2 total knee replacements and 1 total shoulder replacement. My hands are horrible with pain. I don’t want to get addicted to painkillers. 
Could you help me? 

Jonathan July 28, 2020
who ranked this?? 4 Corners CBD is great! It’s one of two proceed to CBD oils for me personally. It helped me to get off several medications for pain conditions. If you would like lab reports, phone and ask them for it! Great men and women, great company! 

Suleiman Effendi July 25, 2020
Excellent and healing. Highly recommended 

Richard June 29, 2020
my wife has had back surgery to relieve severe sciatic pain she also has very painful spinal stenosis we purchased 4 Corners CBD product been using it for a week not much relief. Are there some stronger breeds? 

4 Corners Cannabis Reviews

4 Corners CBD Brand Review 

4 Corners Cannabis is a boutique “seed to deal” brand that we consider to be among the most elite with regards to item quality and client assistance. They develop their own cannabis in the 4 Corners CBD locale of Colorado and concentrate their item utilizing natural sugar stick ethanol to guarantee the fullest portrayal of the plant’s all-characteristic hereditary creation. 

Their restrictive hemp strain has been reared explicitly for its high CBD content and is viewed as better than the mass-delivered modern hemp utilized by different brands. The hereditary qualities of their bloom not just gloat elevated levels of cannabinoids including CBD yet in addition have significant levels of terpenes which incredibly increment the viability through the “escort impact.” 

Their costs are on the better quality however the maxim “you get what you pay for” is entirely appropriate here. For their dedicated after of clients who love their excellent item quality and energy for the 

4 Corners CBD business, it’s more than justified, despite all the trouble. The individuals who have attempted different brands without progress or the individuals who are searching for probably the highest caliber CBD items accessible would be shrewd to think about this exceptional brand. 

  • Popular items: Full range of 4 Corners CBD oil drops, vape oil, and topical treatment 
  • Source of hemp: Organically developed on their own homestead in Colorado USA 
  • Extraction technique: Organic food grade ethanol utilizing total range extraction strategies 
  • Tincture transporter oil: MCT (fractionated coconut oil) 
  • Prices: As low as $0.15 per mg of CBD 
  • Shipping cost: Free need delivering on orders over $100 
  • Countries served: U.S. just (every one of the 50 states) 

4 Corners CBD Product Analyses

Oral Tincture

4CC’s most mainstream item is their “blue mark” 4 Corners CBD oil drops. These drops are taken orally and ought to be held under the tongue for 30-60 seconds. This permits the item to assimilate sublingually into your circulatory system through the bodily fluid layers under the tongue. 

Glycerin Tincture

Their “orange name” drops are intended for vaping. They can likewise be taken orally and use VG (vegetable glycerin) as the transporter oil rather than MCT coconut oil. 

Cinnamon Oral Tincture

The “red mark” drops are a seasoned option in contrast to the standard oral tincture. Mixed with naturally extricated cinnamon, this tincture has a sweet and zesty taste with all the viability of the first form. The cinnamon tincture has a glycerin bearer oil so is an extraordinary alternative on the off chance that you are delicate to coconut oil. 

Avocado Oil Tincture

4 Corners CBD drops with virgin natural avocado oil as the transporter oil. Another option to the “blue name” drops for those with a coconut or citrus sensitivity. 

Pet Tincture

4 Corners CBD oil detailed for pets. Like the “blue mark” drops however without limonene. 

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CBD Salve

Topical item that can be applied straightforwardly to the skin. Fixings incorporate hemp remove, coconut oil, beeswax and cancer prevention agents. 

CBD Salve Stick

Intended to be an “in a hurry” adaptation of the 4 Corners CBD balm item. 

CBD Honey Bears

Neighborhood nectar implanted with 4CC’s excellent hemp separate that can be added to nourishments and beverages. 

In the event that you’ve utilized CBD items from 4 Corners Cannabis, if you don’t mind take a couple of moments to compose your own 4 Corners Cannabis audit. Your audit will enable different clients to get educated and discover the CBD items that are directly for them. Much obliged to you! 

Brian Peterson 

Brian Peterson has been a 4 Corners CBD shopper supporter and instructor since 2015. He is the organizer and overseeing supervisor of the site. He’s likewise the lead manager of the CBD Oil Users Group, the biggest CBD bunch on Facebook. His energy is instructing customers so they can settle on their own choices when buying and utilizing CBD items. 

Sam, September 4, 2020 at 5:50 am 

I am a resigned cop and K9 handler. I have my resigned accomplice still with me at age 15. He has degenerative myopathy in his back legs and could scarcely walk. I examined 4 Corners CBD oil since I was edgy to attempt to help him since it was slaughtering me to watch him blur as was he. I just needed the best item for him and all my exploration drove me to 4 Corners CBD. I began giving the pet tincture to him fourteen days back and after around 2-3 days I saw an improvement. Presently a week and a half later his strolling has improved about 75%. It’s genuinely a supernatural occurrence for him and me. He’s ready to walk more distant then he has in a year and really jogs now and again which overwhelms me! This item is astonishing and I would prescribe it to any individual who has a pet. I have enlightened everybody I know regarding 4 Corners CBD!! A debt of gratitude is in order for your items and giving my pooch better personal satisfaction! Paul, my multi year old bulldog likewise has this illness. It’s horrendous to watch. I thought it was only joint pain from the start. I have had him on CBD for around 3 months now and I genuinely feel it’s making a difference. In any event it’s not harming him, and he has much more great days than terrible. 

4 Corners CBD is my #1 go-to item for fibromyalgia, it’s astonishing for all of my fibro side effects and lifts my mind-set also. It’s very a guardian. I additionally gave my doggie who has a horrendous tension of me going to work. She is vastly improved after her first container. It resembles day and night. Much thanks to you. 

Daemon February 1, 2020 at 1:41 am 

Aided immensely for my spinal stenosis torment. 

Samantha January 30, 2020 at 8:34 pm 

I have utilized 4 Corners CBD oil 500mg 15ml for a while to treat ceaseless cerebral pains, weariness, and swollen lymph hubs. I take two drops under my tongue at sleep time. My side effects vanished inside half a month! I feel so much better. Full range CBD was suggested by a homeopathic professional. This item works! 

Yuri, January 17, 20 at 8:14 pm 

I’ve been utilizing 4 Corners CBD from 4 Corners Cannabis for 4 months. I was in an auto collision in 2012 which left me with extreme agony considerably subsequent to having numerous neck and back medical procedures. As a final desperate attempt, I talked with a weed specialist who suggested this for me and I need to state this item truly works.  

Anna December 29, 2018 at 6:10 am 

I used to be the wary one until I chose to pull out all the stops and simply attempt it. When I utilized the topical from 4 Corners CBD on my bunion torment, I was flabbergasted. It was in a flash that I had relief from discomfort. I was sold and extremely cheerful! I likewise utilize this on my hip and low back, particularly during those occasions! 

Joan Bella December 20, 2018 at 6:32 pm 

Superb items and astounding client assistance! 

Boris  December 20, 2018 at 5:54 am 

It’s so superb to see an organization so mindful in regards to their shoppers. 

Shane Ward August 6, 2018 at 12:04 pm 

Up until this point, I’ve just attempted vape fluid from 4 Corners CBD, yet that will be changing very soon! I vaped the fluid in my Joyetech inner self AIO and was in a split second quieted and the agony from my joint inflammation torment decently fast facilitated. I just need two or three puffs to get the entire body tranquility I was searching for. The fluid is on the thicker side however most vape pens can deal with it. If not, weaken it a piece with refined water or another vape juice. I would completely suggest this vape fluid and I can’t stand by to attempt their CBD tincture! 

Eric June 18, 2018 at 9:28 pm 

Love, love, LOVE  4 Corners CBD I’ve been vaping it as a salvage drug for my headaches and it works amazingly well. I’ve likewise discovered that it causes me rest around evening time. 

Tabbeta June 12, 2018 at 9:23 pm 

4 Corners CBD is Amazing! It has given me my life back! I having been vaping for around a month and a half at this point. It has mitigated the nerve torment in my leg and encourages me with sorrow and uneasiness. Likewise not any more back torment, it has given me vitality, and causes me rest. The flavor is stunning and has a sample of hash. Much obliged to you all for the astounding item. 5 stars! 

Kelly Joans February 28, 2018 at 5:32 pm 

At long last! 4 Corners CBD is the bomb! I saw it chipping away at the initial 3-4 drops. I purchased the full range 1000mg blue mark tincture. I experience the ill effects of spinal stenosis, hip, back and leg torment, alongside IBS and tension. It gave me a desensitizing inclination that I can compare to codeine. I’m glad to the point that I requested from 4 Corners and after 2 different brands, I at last have one that works! 

Jack, January 23, 2018 at 6:16 pm 

Much thanks to you to 4 Corners CBD for all the assistance! This item is an extremely great item! They even have their own Facebook page to support their customers! 

Susan, November 7, 2017 at 3:07 pm 

I’ve been utilizing 4 Corners CBD for a long time yet I’ve never discovered one that has given me vitality just as help with discomfort simultaneously, I have tension issues and was concerned that the high inspiring inclination could may cause uneasiness. Be that as it may, I have had zero issues. I’ve been utilizing the sublingual drops for 5 weeks and have been increasingly profitable then I have been since being determined to have various clinical issues. The flavor is phenomenal for me. I taste the citrus with a trace of pepper and it’s the clench hand thing I snatch when I wake up. Much obliged to you folks for giving me numerous less torment days and an increasingly gainful existence without fibro mist. Always appreciative.

4 Corners CBD Review

4 Corners CBD is one of the quickest developing enterprises in the USA at this moment. To some extent, this is because of ongoing enactment that has empowered more individuals than any other time in recent memory to take an interest in the business and attempt it for themselves, yet most of it is because of the sheer measure of individuals that were at that point utilizing it and are currently ready to discover it legitimately. Also, in spite of the fact that we are as yet far off from complete sanctioning, hemp items are as yet being will be being sold on all way of various sites, and physical foundations. 

One organization which you can without much of a stretch find online is 4 Corners CBD, this is a Colorado-based provider that is getting one of the best in class spots to get your items from. In our 4 Corners Cannabis survey we are going to take a gander at what sort of assembling experience the organization have, what quality we can anticipate from the 4 Corners Cannabis CBD oil and why they stand apart from the opposition. So whether you are searching for a particular item to purchase, or are keen on the organization itself, how about we view the 4 Corners Cannabis CBD story. 

Who is 4 Corners Cannabis: A Company of Firsts4?

4 Corners CBD is so named due to their area in the Four Corners district, which is the main spot in the USA where four diverse US states meet at a certain point. This focal area permits them to have the option to offer to a wide range of states – in spite of the fact that the laws on hemp use fluctuate from state to state. However, as there is no outskirt control between states, the individuals who need items in a state where it isn’t lawful can essentially roll over to Colorado, where it is exceptionally lawful! 

The organization is a one of a kind retailer in light of the broad quality control they accommodate their 4 Corners CBD oil. This control is conceivable in light of the fact that they develop their own hemp. By having the option to control the whole procedure from seed to gather, they can cautiously screen every single component of what goes into their items. During our 4 Corners CBD survey we found that, dissimilar to a couple of less legitimate retailers, the organization appears to be resolved to ensure you are settling on an educated decision when you purchase their items. A ‘Learn’ segment is included on their site, offering a wide range of experimentally supported data about the benefits and employments of hemp items by and large. In any case, before you choose to purchase any of their items, make sure to utilize the 4 Corners Cannabis coupon code. 

4 Corners Cannabis Highlights: More Positives 

Things being what they are, what more would we be able to state in this 4 Corners CBD survey? Their FAQ gathers this science down to a couple of effectively clear goodies, to help advise an imminent purchaser, and ensure they recognize what they are getting into. Other than an obviously marked items page and probably a sign that they care about you as something beyond a client, one of the most significant things for a retailer to have is a plainly named lab reports segment. 

In spite of the fact that numerous individuals overlook this part, guarantee the organization you are purchasing has been affirmed authentically from a free research center. In any case, this present organization’s lab reports accompany extra data that really distinguishes the essential smells inside examined groups, just as testing every individual item to guarantee it is absolutely what it says it is. Furthermore, as we have referenced previously, don’t expect any negative 4 Corners Cannabis symptoms on account of the absence of THC in their items. We should inspect a couple of their items and discover what sort of value we can anticipate from their 4 Corners CBD. 

4 Corners CBD Products: Quality versus Quantity

With regards to item assortment, 4 Corners CBD sell some intriguing items that we haven’t seen on numerous different sites – this incorporates the Glycerin and Avocado oil. Be that as it may, they likewise haven’t disregarded the exemplary items, for example, the 4 Corners Cannabis CBD oil. So in truth, you can discover anything you need on the site yet you might be marginally frustrated on the off chance that you are searching for a major assortment of the ‘fun’ items that have been drifting this year. 

Continue with this 4 Corners Cannabis survey to see precisely our opinion of the organization’s scope of oils. 

4 Corners CBD Oil Products 

The organization’s essential item is their 4 Corners CBD Oil, which contains just MCT Oil, CBD concentrate and limonene, which is a normally happening terpene found in citrus natural products. This makes the kind of their tinctures completely normal and charmingly citrusy – making for a more agreeable encounter than with some other, increasingly regular enhanced oils. Their tinctures are accessible in the accompanying sizes, 100mg in a 10ml jug, 250mg in the 15ml jug, 500mg in the 15ml jugs and 1000mg in the 30ml jug. The second and third alternatives are really the equivalent physical fluid substance, implying that the main thing that changes between them is that the third choice offers twice as much hemp remove, so this is an ideal decision for those that require a higher portion. Their costs and sizes are obviously marked, just as a considerable rundown of directions and counsel to make the whole experience of taking their tinctures significantly simpler. 

The enhancing and latent oil utilized in these tinctures are regular fixings that most different retailers use, yet a few people can be sensitive to limonene, just as coconut oil. For those individuals, 4 Corners CBD offers an Avocado Oil Tincture. Their adaptation, which contains a similar measure of hemp separate in decisively a similar proportion, is made utilizing virgin natural avocado oil. Taking into consideration an earthier, if fairly increasingly harsh flavor. This alternative really costs absolutely equivalent to their customary tincture; and comes in similar sizes. You can purchase the 100mg in the 10ml container, 250mg in a 15ml jug, 500mg in the 15ml jug and the 1000mg in the 30ml jug. 

As though you required significantly more assortment, the organization likewise sell a 4 Corners CBD Glycerin oil. The distinction with this oil is the flavor, it has an a lot better taste which many will perceive as a citrus, orange flavor. The flavor of this oil, for the most part is simpler for those difficult these tincture just because – it’s ideal for fledglings. You discover this oil in 3 unique potencies, 100ml in a 10ml container, 250ml in a 15ml jug, 500mg in a 15ml jug and 1000mg in a 30ml jug. 

At long last, they additionally sell another assortment of their tincture that contains no limonene and is planned for pets. What’s weird is that purchasing their pet tincture is altogether less expensive for precisely the same measure of hemp remove, causing it to appear to be far superior to really get yourself their Pet Tincture than to utilize their ordinary tincture. 

Like the customary oils, the Pet 4 Corners CBD Tincture is accessible in four distinct sizes. The 100mg in the 10ml container, 250mg in the 15ml jug, 500mg in the 15ml jug and 1000mg in the 30ml jug. It isn’t certain whether it is an evaluating mistake, yet thinking about that the hemp remove content between both the pet tincture and the normal tincture are correctly the equivalent… for what reason would anybody purchase their customary tincture? 

As should be obvious there are a great deal of 4 Corners Cannabis CBD oils to browse, however shouldn’t something be said about other application strategies? Does the organization sell some other strategies for soaking up other than orally? 

4 Corners CBD Topical Products 

Another range that the organization sell are their 4 Corners Cannabis Topical items. These come in two distinct choices the normal ointment and the stick treatment. Both are produced using a composite of both coconut oil and beeswax, to make it additional smooth on application. They are additionally improved with cell reinforcements and terpenes for enhance, just as the essential hemp remove. The customary pots of treatment have a beautiful fragrance of coconut oil that the site claims you can smell when you open the cover. This item comes in three unique choices, you can buy the 250mg in a 1oz cylinder, a 500mg in a 2oz tub and a 1000mg in a 2oz tub. The stick items are made to be much progressively advantageous to apply, you don’t need to get your fingers clingy! Made with comparative fixings, this convenient measured item comes in only two sizes – the 40mg in a 0.15oz stick and the 80mg in a 0.5oz stick. 

Furthermore, similar to the entirety of their different items, guests to the site can without much of a stretch access the entirety of the treatments lab reports. What’s more, this goes for both the customary and the stick assortment. 

We wish that there were some more client audits on the site for the entirety of the 4 Corners CBD topical. Yet, the audits that are on the site presently, are extremely positive – an extremely extraordinary sign of the positive heading the organization are moving into.

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4 Corners CBD Other Products 

In this way, what other 4 Corners CBD items can we expect? Surprisingly, regardless of the phenomenal notoriety of the organization’s tinctures, there is only one other item at a bargain. In any case, it’s an energizing one! Following the consumable pattern, the organization have discharged their own one of a kind CBD Honey, which arrives in a delightful bear-formed container. The two sizes are the 300mg and the 500mg container. This item is great on the off chance that you need a sweet component to your day, effectively include into your tea or toast, similar to you would with any ordinary nectar. 

The main other thing accessible for buy are some shirts – on the off chance that you can accept that. Each shirt comes embellished with their somewhat one of a kind, owl-like mascot and is accessible in Green, Light Blue or Navy. Each shirt costs a similar measure of cash, $19.99, regardless of the size you pick, and they do really seem as though top notch shirts notwithstanding their 100% cotton content. In any case, it is entirely odd to anticipate that new clients should purchase shirts with their logo on them, particularly when they don’t generally offer any sort of critical assorted variety in their items. 

4 Corners CBD Products Costs: Will You Have Sticky Fingers? 

4 Corners CBD is somewhat of an unusual case of a retailer. They come particularly very much suggested, with numerous clients on such outsider destinations, as TrustPilot, lauding the organization for their tincture’s quality, just as their astounding client care. In any case, on the off chance that you need to purchase some different option from you’re really ordinary temp items then you are in a tough situation. It isn’t altogether a horrible thing, as there is nothing intrinsically amiss with represent considerable authority in a couple of center items, however it is ideal to have a couple of alternatives accessible for those that can’t, or don’t have any desire to take a tincture. 

As of now in time, the organization just boat to clients situated in the US – sorry internationals fans you will need to pause! Uplifting news for those in the US is that all requests are sent utilizing USPS Priority Mail, a cost which you aren’t changed for. What’s more, you ought to be standing by no longer than 2-3 business days for your items – which is productive when contrasted with different organizations. Be that as it may, before you even consider putting in a request you might be interested about the item costs.

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